The emperor’s beard #79: The map is non-canon

79 the map is non-canon tassels

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  • Dave Scammell

    This would just be a simple ‘huh..?’ comic, but the inexplicable mammaries pushes it straight into ‘what the sweet f*** is going on here?!’

    • Dave Bacon

      I feel it is the combination of aforementioned glands and the hitler ‘tache that really make this one stand out.

    • Ben_S

      This is what would happen if Slaanesh was more prominent in AoS.

  • Artist might want to re-think the smoking habits Oô

    • benn grimm

      Less crack, more jacket? 😉

    • Warrior_of_Sound

      im really high and i still didnt get it or maybe I did and it just didnt do it for me

  • euansmith

    A game which combines, C’thulhu, Hitler, Blackadder and Cheese… please do tell me more.

    • benn grimm

      How about ‘Inglorious Basterds in Space vs C’thulhu? You’ve seen them off Hitler, now tentacle face gets his(it’s?)…;)

  • NeinNeinNein

    the “comic” part in Webcomic is highly misleading.

  • Porty1119

    I am so very deeply confused right now.

  • nurglitch


  • Alex Xzay Ljung

    Age of Sigmar?

  • Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation

    Cool. I have games like this all the time. In my dreams.