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Age of Sigmar: How to Play Slaves to Darkness

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Feb 22 2024

Today we look into the Chaos worshipping Slaves to Darkness from Age of Sigmar. If you can’t beat’em, you haven’t applied enough spikes…

The Slaves to Darkness are powerful mortals dedicated to the dark pantheon of Chaos Gods. On the battlefield, they seek to earn their patron deity’s favor, perhaps even ascending to daemonhood. Here are some quick and dirty tips for bringing magical mayhem to the battlefield.

Who are the Slaves to Darkness?

Slaves to Darkness are the mortal followers of the Chaos gods, from barbaric warriors riding across burning plains or hidden cultists plotting the downfall of their own city.  Their Tribes are the most prevalent human culture in the Mortal Realms, with many of them numbering in the hundreds of thousands.

Across all the Mortal Realms creatures of all races and hues may turn to the dark gods. Many are their reasons and excuses, but their path can only end three ways: by death, by becoming a Chaos Spawn or by the ascension to immortality as a Daemon Prince.

Why Play Slaves to Darkness?

Slaves to Darkness is an aesthetically pleasing faction (if you like spikes!) that excels in close combat and has a versatile array of buffs in the Marks of Chaos. In addition to a solid core of heavily-armored beefcakes, Slaves to Darkness also has a wide array of interesting, esoteric units and monsters originally created for the Warcry game (with such units as The Unmade or Mindstealer Sphiranx).


  • Close combat
  • A large variety of play with the same models thanks to Chaos Marks and Subfaction variety
  • Modern and diverse plastic model range


  • Shooting (you have next to none)
  • Numbers (unless spamming Marauders or Warbands, it is a near guarantee you’ll be outnumbered!)

Signature Rules
The following rules apply to all Slaves to Darkness armies.

  • Marks of Chaos – Most units in the army can have a Mark, which will greatly impact how they play. Can provide everything from the -1 wound units with the Mark of Nurgle to extra attacks for charging Mark of Khorne units.
  • Eye of the Gods – Roll 2d6 and gain a random effect as the Chaos Gods observe their mighty deeds!
  • Vows of Darkness – a couple of sweet, unique heroic actions!

Slaves to Darkness Signature Units


The massive centerpiece and overall commander of Chaos, Archaon is one of the most solid ‘God-tier’ models.

Chaos Sorcerer Lord

Your backline support caster. He has Oracular Visions ability to buff up a friendly unit with a little resilience. In addition his Daemonic Power spell is pretty good for buffing a nearby unit, which is good to keep a screen between him and the multitude of threats that will want his head.

 Slaves to Darkness Gaunt Summoner

Another solid caster with a nice native bonus to cast AND two casts/dispells.

Chaos Chosen

The anvil your enemy will break on. Keep them near your Sorcerer Lord for buff purposes. They are a GREAT target for Daemonic Power.



Essentially a unit of Chaos Lords on Daemonic Steeds, Varanguard are faster and punchier than just about anything else you’ve got (besides the big man that is).

Chaos Knights

An amazingly fast, hard-hitting, and resilient Battleline option. All other cavalry wishes they were packing the punch like Chaos Knights do!

Corvus Cabal

These shadowy Cultists are an excellent sneaky Battleline choice for the heavy-hitting forces of Chaos.

Sample Army (2K pts)

Allegiance: Slaves to Darkness
– Damned Legion: Knights of the Empty Throne
– Grand Strategy: None Chosen
– Triumphs:

Chaos Sorcerer Lord

6 x Varanguard
– 6x Fellspear
– Mark of Chaos: Khorne
– Reinforced x 1

6 x Varanguard
– 6x Fellspear
– Mark of Chaos: Khorne
– Reinforced x 1


10 x Chaos Knights
– Mark of Chaos: Nurgle
– Ensorcelled Banner: The Eroding Icon
– Reinforced x 1

5 x Chaos Marauder Horsemen
– Axes & Shield

3 x Ogroid Theridons

How to Play Slaves to Darkness

Hit hard and keep your foot on the gas to get into combat, and you should be alright. You have mobility in your cavalry and lots of units that get a charge bonus. Mark of Nurgle will make you surprisingly resilient.

For the Everchosen!



Author: Allen Campbell
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