BoLS Bonus: LVO 2016 Round-Up Tour!



The BoLS Crew was at LVO 2016  the fastest growing tabletop tourney out there – join us on our whirl-wind tour!

The Las Vegas Open is a runaway success.  Almost doubling in size each year 2016 was a critical mass moment.  With over 300 players in a single 40K event and over 100 at the Warmachine tournament, plus hundreds of others for everything else from Warhammer to X-Wing, Infinity, Dropzone Commander and more – it is now a destination event on your yearly gaming calendar.

Come with BoLS as we walk you through the event at Bally in Las Vegas and give you a feel for the size, sounds, and energy of the LVO.

We wrap up our tour with an interview with the Reece Robbins, the man behind the LVO himself.

BoLS had a blast and will be back year after year.

~ If you can make it, come on down and join the tabletop / Las Vegas fun – you won’t regret it!


  • Pretty fun event. Cant wait for next year.

  • Reece Robbins

    Awesome to have you, buddy! Thank you for the great video.

  • jbaidacoff

    Had a great time. You don’t need to bring a cheesy army. I went 3-3 and ended up 163rd. So what. I had fun. Met lots of nice people I share the hobby with. Hedged my bets on the last day and signed up for the 40k narrative play. Also a lot of fun. Bought some funky stuff for making scenery with pop cans and a F.A.T. Mat at discount. Everyone’s a winner.