GW: New Releases 3-19-2016 “First Looks”


The Extremis Chamber is open and here come the Stardrakes!

It’s a pretty light weekend for Games Workshop but at least we get to see the new Stardrake in all it’s magnificent glory!

via Games Workshop


99120218008_StormcastStardrake01 99020218024_DrakeswornTemple02 99120218008_StormcastStardrake03 99120218008_StormcastStardrake05

This is a massive new kit – I can’t wait to see what other hobbyist are going to do with it! I’m really interested in the wings and if they are re-positional or not. I’m sure with some creative cutting and green stuff they will be. I do like the different weapon options but I’m also hopeful that the rider can be bit-bashed and bit-swapped with some of the the other stormcast kits. I’m not a huge fan of the “I’m playing Polo” stance with the hammer. I AM a big fan of the body of the dragon –  it looks more like the Fyreslayer’s Magmadroth with the beefier, elongated look. I think these new kits are a vast improvement over the old dragons:

99120210011_LordonDragonNEW03I know it’s a High Elf Dragon…But I’ll take the Stardrake over it. We’ve come a long way.

The Horus Heresy: Eye of Terra


The Realmgate Wars: The Beast of Cartha (audio drama)



As I said, light week from Games Workshop. Maybe they are gearing up for something BIG in the next couple of weeks…


What’s your take on the Stardrake? How do you feel about the changes to the “Dragon” design?

  • Rasmus Høgh Nørskov

    After seeing the 360 picture, I don’t think I will change the pose of the front legs after all. Looks like it has much detail to it, when you look closer.

    • Xodis

      Agreed, new pics make the model look much better.

      • Axis Mundi

        Yeah, it’s amazing how bad an angle they chose for ALL the publicity pictures – I’ve gone from hating it to being quite impressed now I’ve seen the 360. With a less cartoony paint job I think it could look really good. Still not a great fan of the elephant-like front leg articulation, but it’s not the train wreck I thought it would be.

  • SundaySilence

    I like it. Not enough to have more than one but I do like them.

  • LordRao

    I was amused by the fact that the author shows a vastly superior model of a HE Dragon (that is actually, you know, a dragon) and then says we have come a long way since then. These Stardrakes are sooooooo bad… as are most of the Stormcast releases.

    • Commissar Molotov

      It’s gotta be some sort of trick. Who could prefer the Star-chunk over that lovely, graceful model?

    • Andersp90 .

      I disagree. The HE and DE dragons look anorexic and inbreed.

      • Tim Kennedy

        They could be pulled from different forms of dragon, with the elfen ones being more of the flying fast kind, with the Stardrake being a powerhouse kind, if you follow me.

        • Andersp90 .

          I know what you are getting at. But when I look at the stats for the star dragon or black dragon, and then look at the models (and the models just look so goofy).. yhea.. Forge world got it right IMHO.

          • Tim Kennedy

            Yeah, the Magma Dragon is prob the best IMHO

          • Andersp90 .

            I prefer the fire dragon. But each to his own. 🙂

    • Draconian

      I disagree. Although the pose is maybe a bit awkward, I think the Star Drake is a big step up from the HE dragon. Still not as good as the PP’s Archangel though.

    • Barimbino

      Lol, you mean the worms with wings? Those things were a disgrace to all dragons. I’d rather have these new ones than the old ones. Look at my tiny arms and legs. I’m a flying wiener dog!

      • LordRao

        The HE Dragon looks like it can fly. This drake is just a lump of flesh. Absolutely terrible.

    • taithays

      Based on the stardrakes, new HE dragons will be massive if they make new models 😀 which I’m sure they will.

  • Ira Clements

    Get rid of the Masters of the Universe armor and give it some new wings and get rid of the dumb Stormcast rider it might be a good model. I would consider buying one to just see if I could do something to make it better. It looks like someone designed a decent dragon model and then let his 10 year old son add the embellishments.

    • dave long island

      Lol right on

  • Orodruin

    If it’s possible to build it without the armor it could look pretty good.

  • standardleft

    Ok now I understand how that leg works.

  • ieyke

    They’re really just phoning it in nowadays on the model designs, eh?

    • DeathBy SnuSnu

      What? You don’t think Dragons need knee armor? Yeah…the modern GW stuff is all horrible to me. OTT models that look like a Fantasy version of china Lladro figures…

  • Benderisgreat

    The Ultramarines use dragons now? It’ll be tough to fit that in a Land Raider…

  • Tim Kennedy

    Now that there are better pics out, i like the Stardrake

  • Andersp90 .

    Too bad much of the armor can’t be removed. Would have made a brilliant mount for a HE prince. 🙁

  • Draconian

    Even with the awkward legs and clunky armor, I think the Star Drake is a step up from previous GW dragons. Still a long way off from the Hordes Archangel though.

  • euansmith

    When you ride a massive blue dragon, do you really need a big stick to shake at people too?

    • NovaeVox

      Lower your neck! I want to hit them with my sword!

      –HEY!!! Stop eating my worthy adversaries!!!

    • georgelabour

      When you’re already compensating with a dragon between your legs there’s no reason to stop the over the top.

  • Gunther Clone C

    Glad I was wrong about those front legs. In the WD pics, they looks like they were bending backwards with that pauldron. Now that I’ve seen the 360 model, it looks incredible. May have to grab one and mount a Skaven on it and warpstone it out because Clan Molder. 🙂

  • Captain Raptor

    Those legs 🙁 Was that seriously the most natural pose they could think of? Standing like an idiot on some rubble. I’ll take the Elven dragons over this abomination any day.

  • Painjunky

    After seeing the 360 pic its still a chubby sigmarine on a chubby awkward looking dragon… for $240 AU!

    • minowaman

      Yeah.. See the problem with WHFB was the high buy in cost. This is much better.

  • georgelabour

    I don’t care for the lightning bolts on the wings, and hope those would be optional adornements.

    I’d also say I’d prefer rounded pauldrons over the blocky ones but don’t mind those.

    Especially as rounded ones would have the angryhammer folks going ‘lol ultradragonines’ and then accuse GW of trying to make money off of their efforts.

  • minowaman

    it costs $240 here so uh.. no. Also the fact that it has a space marine on its back and is wearing pauldrons is pretty funny.