Skorne: Extoller Advocate 101


The immortals are already dead.  But this guy makes them deader!


Who is He?

This is the new unit attachment for Skorne Immortals.  He really opens up there abilities with things like incorporeal and boosting capabilities. For 2 points the price is right.

What does He Do?

The Extoller Advocate does a lot.  His card can barely contain all his rules.  He has a Magic Reach staff.  A magic spirit eye gun that works just like the extoller solos. Lets take a look at each of his immortal helpful abilities.:

Deathboon– Immortals and the advocate  can boost attack and damage rolls for the price of a soul.  This makes the immortals dangerous to higher defense models and can do decent damage even while just advancing. The downside is it is a limited resource as you only have so many souls.

Sacrificial Pawn–  This should keep the extoller somewhat safe from ranged attacks.  Immortals being sacked to have high armor so the can probably shrug off most firepower.   This wont keep him safe from spells, blast damage, or electricity bouncing about.  Keep him in a safe spot.

Shepherd- This guy can hold up to 5 soul tokens.  He gets one each time an immortal dies from the result of an enemy attack.  This is the fuel for the Deathboon ability.

Soul Mastery– For the price of one soul a piece you can buff up the immortals.  The first buff Grave Mist gives your defense a +2 buff.  The immortals defense was average before so this can really help out against low MAT troops trying to fight back. The second buff is Spirit Walker.  This makes the immortals Incorporeal thus giving them the ability to ignore non magic free strikes and charge through models and terrain.

Vengeance– The extoller also has the units ability to move and attack if any of his buddies have died.


Who wants Advocates?

Both Zaals will probably want to include this new UA if they are going to field an immortal unit.  Zaal already has some synergies rather it be giving bonus armor or having Ancestral guardians floating around.

Makeda 1 should think about these guys.  Defenders Ward combined with the Soulmaster: Grave mist could make these guys a legendary headache.  Savagery also is a great way to get these guys up the board.  Combined with the Ancestral guardian movement buff and Savagery that is some serious advancing.

If you are considering taking Immortals , definitely consider the Extoler Advocate.

What do you think BOLS of the new Immortals UA?  Will he be joining your statue legion?  Please share in your comments below.


  • WildWingZero

    Not entirely accurate….Deathboon only allows rerolls, while Shepard allows boosting for the Advocate only. Otherwise yeah I’m already fielding them and finding huge success in my Zaal2 list.

  • zeno666

    One of the reason I got into Skorne was because I love the look and fluff behind the immortals.
    They where good, but with this guy, they got quite nasty 🙂

  • kensaix

    does the UA itself also benefit from Spirit Walker or just the statues?

    • WildWingZero

      They all benefit, so this becomes crazy with both effects on him too.

  • Richard Mitchell

    A more metal version of Emperor Qin’s army? Station.