The Collector’s Edition w/ a Secret – Codex Dark Angels



Take a trip to the 40k Dark Side with the Dark Angels Reclusiam Collector’s Edition! It’s the codex with a “secret”, come see!

This was an awesome set that came out in 2015 and limited to only 900 copies. The kit comes with a 160 page full color Codex, 36 tactical objective Cards for Maelstrom, 6 metal objective markers (which make a resounding clink when you put them on the table), 6 Psychic Power Cards, and a “secret” hidden 38 page data slate for Cypher which they never put out digitally.

The collectors set box is bigger than most of the supplement ones we’ve seen recently and has stunning gold leaf foil over it. The box is a solid piece with all the heraldry for the Dark Angles various companies and even the Techmarine as well.



The codex itself is very well done, and is trimmed in  brass foil trim the edges of all the pages. It’s even got a nice battle cry on the back,

“This shall be our day of reckoning. Look not to the shame of the past but to the glory of the future. We shall wash away the stain of our dishonor in the hot blood of our enemies.”



Underneath the codex is the swag section with the great looking coins, the psychic cards and the tactical objectives.



This is where most people might stop, you might not see the cut out section on the side. And even if you tug on it, it doesn’t pull out very easily. Nonetheless, the foam section does pop out and reveals the cool little section about Cypher. It’s sits inside very snug and doesn’t wiggle around much either so it’s not like you’d really notice it.



The Cypher book is made of a really nice card material; it’s a bit thicker than a soft back book, almost like, well, a playing card. The pages inside are normal codex quality.



If you have the Dataslate: Cypher, the first part is pretty much the same regarding his history and origins. His rules are obviously included; as he’s had several versions including the advent calendar one. Then in the back, it has all the altar of war missions.

It’s a cool 38-page mini codex.


Of course, this sold out super quick, we knew this wasn’t going to last very long. So, for those folks who weren’t able to get their hands on this I’m glad I was able to get this on loan to share this with you guys. I hope you enjoyed it!

The Collector’s Edition w/ A Secret – Codex Dark Angels


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  • flyingtam

    Probably the best Collector’s Edition codex GW has ever put out.

    • WellSpokenMan

      Well, if you don’t count needing errata due to poor proofreading against it. If people are buying a product dight unseen, they should be able to expect some level of quality control, imo.

      • flyingtam

        This was very true of the previous incarnation of the DA CE. This one wasn’t as bad. The mistakes in this one where the same as the ones in the regular codex. I still stand by my statement: Best CE GW has put out to date. It’s just that the bar is so low…

  • minowaman

    As much as i enjoy making fun of GW and space marines, that is pretty cool.

  • Muninwing

    this only proves that they are still capable of a quality release with well-thought-out form and structure.

    meaning that there needs to be some other reason as to why all their products are not of this quality.

  • Madlants

    Picture of Cypher.
    Rules and background for Cypher not actually in rulebook.
    Sliiightly false advertising there.

    • BT

      Sure they are, they have a photo of his rules and cost above. Did you even read the artical?

  • Shawn

    I’d be interested in knowing if Cypher’s rules are any different than the digital release. It’s neat that they included him in a “hidden” manner. A cool bonus for DA players.

    • amaximus167

      Yeah, except he’s not suppose to work with the DAs…

      • flyingtam

        Funny thing is, when you play his formation, you declare if he is Dark Angels or Chaos.

        • amaximus167

          Huh, weird. Being that the DA hate him more than just about anything else. Is it purely for the ability to run him with a group of ‘fallen’ that more closely resemble DA, or is he a choice for an actual, legit DA army?

      • Shawn

        Well, after reading the first Dark Angels book by Gav Thorp, I’m more than half-convinced that the Cypher and the Fallen aren’t the Heretics, but the current DA Chapter is.

        • amaximus167

          But, the captured Fallen could be lying!

          • Shawn

            Could be yes, but doubtful, I think, becuase even a space-marine would be hard pressed to resist that kind of torture. Oh, and torture, along with the secrets, make the DA look even worse.

    • Spike Rs

      One of the only differences I see is that you can choose to have him be faction CSM or DA. In the Digi Dataslate he is only CSM

      • Shawn

        Thanks Spike. That’s an interesting difference. Does it say that Cypher is hidden from the rest of the army if you use him. That is no one in the rest of the DA knows that Cypher is hiding out with them?

        • flyingtam

          Under “Including Cypher in your Army”, “Faction: Cypher has either the Chaos Space Marines or Dark Angel’s Faction for the duration of each game (choose before deployment). Cypher can be included in one of the detachments listed above (snip: In a Battle Forged Army, Cypher can be included in a Chaos Space Marines Detachment or a Detachment from one of the Armies of the Imperium, but not in a Detachment that includes the Dark Angel’s Faction) even though he might have a different Faction to that Detachment’s other models- he is an exception to a Detachment’s Restrictions stating that all units in the Detachment must have the same faction.” Pg. 22 of his pamphlet. Incidentally, he doesn’t take up any slots in a Detachment’s Force Organization.

          • Shawn

            Ahh, okay. I understand that better now, thanks. Have you run him before flyingtam? If so, how effective was he for you? I’ve always like Cypher so much that I even made my own custom model.

          • flyingtam

            I haven’t ran this iteration of him. He looks like fun, but the Chaos Chosen he runs with are pretty bad. He has a unique formation where he can take 1-3 units of Chosen, but they can’t take any marks, gifts, or icons of Chaos. The real kicker: They can’t take dedicated transports either. The formation advantage is that they get to use his leadership of 10.

          • Shawn

            That’s the version I think is in the digital version. It makes sense to me that they don’t get any icons or marks. I don’t think the Fallen are really Chaos Marines, just HH legionaires who have been tossed about in the warp for roughly 10k years.

  • Dennis J. Pechavar

    It was the first Collectors Editions I was truly tempted to buy. Sadly it had sold out before I could get a copy. The wife was happy, myself less so. 😉

  • Davor Mackovic

    I tried to get this, I missed it by being a few seconds late on the refresh. Because of this, I gave up on GW for a long while. I mean if GW doesn’t want me to buy their stuff, then I may as well quit. Slowly getting back in now.

  • JP

    The new Cypher model will be an empty base with a question mark on it.

  • Deathwing

    Wait. This is the internets. your not suppose to admit your wrong and being civil is completely against all internets posting rules. Everything everyone says has to be taken as FACT even if two people post conflicting “facts”.