Aaron Aleong Speaks – The Truth Behind Adepticon 2016

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Come see our Adepticon 2016 wrapup, complete with interviews from Aaron Aleong and Chris Mehrstedt the 40k event co-coordinator.

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Another Long War Two-Fer is HERE – Checkout our fantastical webcast and new and exciting podcast of table-top wargaming awesomeness.

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Team Long War: From left to right: Kenny Boucher, Stephen Fore, Rob Baer, and Mike Haspil


How good of an event is Adepticon? It’s literally the pinnacle of tabletop events for our hobby. Checkout our BIGGER and BETTER Adepticon weekend wrapup episode and with some special guests as well.

Adepticon 2016 Review: w/ Special Guest Aaron Aleong & Chris Mehrstedt Long War Episode 46


  • denzark

    Yet again… post a video, no clicky, no money. Write a written review, would read and click through. If we wanted your podcast we would probably have subscribed by now.

    • Ryan

      LOL! right?

    • Pyrrhus of Epirus

      you clicked on this anyway, why should they change anything? they got what they wanted out of the submission, i doubt once you click on it and they get the add revenue if they care if you listened or not.

  • Frank Underwood

    Now… I love the fine gentlemen at the Long War.
    Why must everything be a secret, or ‘the truth’?
    You make it sound like there was some terrible conspiracy.
    It doesn’t make me more likely to click – just roll my eyes…

    • Orodruin

      Yeah, I have the same problem. I like these guys, especially Kenny and his content, but the way they sell themselves turns me off. I don’t mean they shouldn’t advertise, but exactly like you said… all the “secret” stuff. Just isn’t necessary.

      Definitely include some written articles from time to time guys.

  • Boltstein

    Rob Baert Mall cop

  • Aaron you said it affected you and that’s what really matters. All the super badasses have some taint. Welcome to the club Holmes. : )