BREAKING: Age of Sigmar Ironjaws – Minis & Art


Come get a peek within the covers of this weekend’s Battletome Ironjaws. There are new Orruk images afoot.

IronJawz Battletome

The forces of destruction are coming this weekend!

images via 4-20-2016


The bones – THEY GLOW!ironjaws-8


Bring it Archaon!


All upper body all the time!


Not Cult of Speed…



Not Evil Sunz


Can you really ever feel sorry for the undead?

~More Age of Sigmar soon!


  • Crevab

    I can feel sorry for the undead

    • Was about to say the same.

    • Tyris

      Especially the Tomb Kings.

  • OolonColluphid

    It took almost a year for GW to release decent Age of Sigmar models.

    • Unless you look at the Gruntas, or the oversized shoulder pads, or the completely un-orky flat & smooth surfaces of their armor. Even the Maw-Krushas look like scaly toads with weird wings tacked on.

      I quite like the Shaman, though.

      • DeadlyYellow

        I thought the troops were just garishly painted Black Orcs?

        • There are some Black Orcs in the background, but all the models they focus on are new kits.

    • Randy Randalman

      They’ve released nothing but good models for almost a year.

      The Bloodbound are the best Chaos models to date.

      Clearly Archaon is a terrible model…/sarcasm

      The Stormcast Eternals are brilliant. Especially the Dracoth and Stardrake.

      The Varanguard are great.

      The Fyreslayers are the only ones that look odd to me thus far.

      • Nice use of sarcasm.

        • euansmith

          Archaon IS the Everchosen; so that iconography is just the Chaos equivalent of Corporate Sponsorship. Archaon is the NASCAR Champion of Chaos… or is NASCAR the Lord of Dead?

        • ZeeLobby

          Completely agree.

        • Dave

          Agreed, Archaon looks a little too busy and the two-tail thing like they did with the skaven rat-daemon things (cant remember their name) just looks bad at a conceptual level.

          I think a good example of a large chaos model is the Glottkin. It has the same “skulls in skin” effect as the Archaon model but at least makes more sense for a scion of Nurgle.

      • TweetleBeetle, is that you?

        • ZeeLobby

          OMG. Is he now operating on multiple accounts, or was he finally banned and returned?

          • euansmith

            Cut off one head and two more shall take its place! Hail Tweetle!

      • Adrien Fowl

        The fyreslayers are the ones that unsettle me since they naked dwarves with big helmets!

        • Gunther Clone C

          And gold runes literally melted INTO their skin. Masochists much?

        • Seienchin

          Lets agree that we dont want a fireslayer behind us at burning man

        • euansmith

          F’nurr f’nurr

      • Matthew Dymond

        I actually despise the Archaon model.

        • Shardak

          It’s too busy and like almost all of the Age of Sigmar models completely lacks a line of action.

      • Gunther Clone C

        I agree with most of your praise, but the “Slaughterpriest with Hackblade and Wrath-hammer” has to be one of the coolest looking models GW has put out in a long time IMO; I picked it up and I don’t even like Chaos (rat-things don’t need false gods).

    • Heinz Fiction

      You don’t happen to have pictures of those decent models, do you? Because I don’t see them here…

  • TheMawr

    Is it just me or does the last picture look as if the orc boss is totally confusing his shoulder decoration skull for an enemy ? the other undead dont even care about him anymore and seem to be looking and moving straight past him “yeah, it will take a while before he figures it out” 🙂

    • LordRao

      No, it’s not just you.

    • ZeeLobby

      Ignore the hater. I thought the same thing. Oddly angled.

    • frankelee

      Well he is an orc… I mean an ork… I mean an Orruk.

  • Moses Jones

    Those miniatures are so bad. I’m glad that some of you like them, but there is no way I would spend my money on that crap.

    • Monnster

      The Kings of War range is where its at amiright?

      Could you please point me at a game with the huge and diverse pantheon of expertly crafted models, that appeals to all players differing aesthetic sensibilities (As of course any miniature game worth its salt is expected to do)? I can’t wait to bask in this mythical games glory!

      Does it turn one into a contemptuous pr1ck over time or immediately?

      • Warhammer Fantasy. There, I said it.

        Age of Sigmar doesn’t scratch that itch anymore. I mean, all their models for the system (not reboxes) have been catering to the same aesthetic sensibilities.

        All the models are overblown, muscled (either directly or via armor), bulky and full of superficial detail that completely overbalances the miniatures. They have also been a massive step down from the kits of old, and have few to no configurable options for putting together, and are hard to convert.

        GW’s designers really don’t know subtlety in design anymore.

        • standardleft

          I’ve got a lot of the newer kits, and though their style might not be to your tastes, the kits are superior to the old sprues.

          They have some interesting snap fit parts, better moulding and I’ve found much easier to assemble covert and paint.

          What would you say is the best example of the old style of models kits?

          I’d say it would be the amazing blight king sprues, but they seem more Age of Sigmar than Fantasy.

          • LordRao

            Easier to convert? Really? What kist do you refer to? It’s an honest question.

            I ask because I’ve only put the AoS stuff from the starter set together, and those are all essentially monopose figs. Sure, you can choose to put on a weapon arm or a banner arm, but there is no further conversion possible, unless you really start cutting it up. It’s a lot like painting by numbers, imho.

          • standardleft

            Oh yeah. The starter set is pretty hard to convert. I had trouble even trying to swap out the livery on the Stormcast models.

            I don’t think the starter set is any harder to convert than previous ones. I think potentially the clanrats of the island of blood kit, would be the easiest models to convert, though I haven’t tried.

            I have bought the prosecutor, liberator and several hero kits, and they function a lot like the contemporary spacemarine kits. The size of the armour makes it relatively straight forward to repose, though some people might have trouble getting a smooth finish over the cuts.

            I’ve done some head, wing and weapon swaps. As well as reposing one to look like he is landing.

            Im also making some Nurgle varanguard atm, using the blight king sprue. The size makes sculpting the details a bit easier than my previous dwarf army conversions.

            The spikes are my main gripe though. I keep stabbing myself.

            The larger monster kits look much harder to convert. There is a lot of limiting armour panels that leave large gaps when removed. I hope they create kits like the Araknarok (which has so many fun pieces).

            In regards to painting. I think the new style is definitely aiming to make painting an army easier. The troops are very easy to paint by numbers (with the guides) while the heroes are detailed and ‘organic’ enough to create something special.

          • euansmith

            Cutting the shields off the IoB Clanrats is a right pain.

  • MightyOrang

    Why do the AOS models look like crappy versions of the 40K models? Don’t they know we can tell the difference?

    * except for the chaos models – and the wyvern itself — those are are badass.

  • JN7

    Most of those models look like 40K orks. =(

    • Old zogwort

      I kinda made peace with the fact that GW murdered wfb.
      AoS is not a replacement for it nor something that I consider a game. I own a snakebite army who are lacking new models. This fits perfectly. They can sell them as the new AoS dwarfs for I care all they are to me is my new snakebite conversion bits.

  • Aaron Hawthorn

    Its a bit unfair that Orks get to use Meganobz in a fantasy setting.

    • euansmith

      “Gordrakk, dem sneaky Stormcatz uv got some bow-twangin’ Judy-kay-turz!”

      “No wurries! Bring up dat Lootaz! Letz see ‘ow dat goldun armour duz ‘gainst Defgunnz!”

  • Okay, the red paintjob I like more

  • Old zogwort

    I really like that new terrain 😀

  • Old zogwort

    That glowing bones ork really makes me wanting to make an Ork Airfield with him guiding the planes.

    • MightyOrang

      That’s a perfect use for that model.

  • Moose

    Truly the undead have seen the end to this travesty of a game

  • MikeHollstrom

    The guy holding the two glowy sticks reminds me of thos flag waving guys at aircraft carriers :p
    Apart from that, those are some really reallt nice models

  • standardleft

    Pig riders look a lot better than what was shown from the 2d pics.

    I wonder if they were sculpted with perspective turned off.

  • Tenpoletudor

    Would love to Eldar Exodite that Wyvern thing up. Maybe put a FirePrism turret on it or something equally wacky.

    • TheMawr

      Yup, it was my plan from the first preview picture too, perfect alien-dinosaurusy-dragon vibe to me 🙂 Though in general with their current design choices … I really wonder if GW might actually make exodites this time or, looking at the AoS threatment to dwarves and orcs so far.. maybe Aelfs might become just that.

  • standardleft

    Wonder what they would look like painted up as Uruk Hai?

  • kaptinscuzgob

    skipping leg day all day erry day

  • Nani Sore

    I have no use for the models but I think they are quite nice.

  • Guy

    Overall i like em. The design is a little bit too on the power armour side but still pretty cool. That wizard tho, amazing.

  • Thrawn

    Beautiful models, shame the game is such crap, no one in our community plays AoS, so if I have no one to play with I’ll pass (I’m not a fan of the new rules anyways, it’s hard to go from chess to checkers).

  • Fungrim


    Oh wait, it’s still cool to hate AoS? Despite the success of SCGT and Adepticon? Oh, oh……

    • Thrawn

      What? You mean the success of one tournament, whereas every other Warhammer tournament is now defunk? There hasn’t been a Warhammer tournament in Ontario since AoS came out. I’m not being cool, I’m stating a fact. AoS is a terrible game, it’s over simplistic, not challenging and boring. Our entire community (about 100 guys in Ontario) has just stopped playing AoS, nothing to do with cool, just personal preference.

      • Fungrim

        Ontario must be wayyyy cool.

        • Thrawn

          Way to actually say something pertinent to our conversation Donald Trump.

          • Fungrim

            No problem Julius Caesar.

  • eldarconvert .

    I don’t like World of Warcraft.

  • eldarconvert .

    has any one seen that new total war vid of bretonnia vs vampire counts in a multi-player battle?

  • LordCastellan Vas

    Can the absurd basement-trolls who are still nerd-raging about Age of Sigmar after a year on the market just go away and find something else to carp about? It’s really tired and it’s starting to get actually sad. These models are dope, and I love playing this game, and I scroll down to see some comments about the new figs and I have to see the same tired, copy-and-pasted comments from last summer, over and over again. Is it obsessive conpulsive disorder? Is it the satisfaction of being angry about something utterly inconsequential in the world? Or is it crushing loneliness finding expression in the desperate need for vindication through shared negativity (about what is essentially a toy company)? Please, in the interest of minimizing the signal to noise ratio for people who actually play these games, and because it has become genuinely pathetic, I BEG of you, move on with your lives. You know who you are.

    • standardleft

      Just ignore them. Be thankful they are not the people who you are playing with.

  • Zack Seiders

    To be fair the red paint job suits the orcs alot better than the yellow paint I saw. 3 models that did caught my eye was the maw krusha, shaman and the brutes. (Soon I get some of the new black orcs “know they have a different name but don’t care” I am planing to make them look like orky knights (silverish armor, red shoulders) Save for shamman, he is going to look similar to the old shaman model I had.

  • frankelee

    If that’s what you’re into.

  • Draconian

    Some of these are looking pretty good actually. Better than the Stormcasts in my opinion.

  • gordon ashacker

    Not Orcs…….

  • Hrudian

    Much better…

    • Zack Seiders

      That is what type of color I have visioned except red shoulder pads and silver in most areas (weapons get more in detail) bone guy is glowing red and shaman will look like my old shaman model I have. Maw crusher will either be black with green high lights or black/green color with blue stripes.