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Star Wars: The Empire’s Most Common Terror Weapon – The TIE Bomber Breakdown

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Jun 13 2021

Let’s talk about the weapon the Empire used to spread terror on the local level and punish all who opposed it, the TIE Bomber.

The TIE Bomber has sown terror throughout the Empire’s iron-fisted control over the galaxy. It was cheaply manufactured, but more heavily armed and armored than the TIE fighters whose line led to their development. The TIE/sa Bomber’s two-podded frame has wrought countless campaigns of destruction across the galaxy.

TIE Bomber

The TIE Bomber Design

The TIE bomber distinguishes itself right away from its counterparts. Unlike the TIE/ln fighters that came before it, it bore inclined wings. It shared a flight silhouette with the TIE Advance. And like its counterpart, the wings maximized its speed and maneuverability while allowing it to carry heavy ordnance into combat.

Ordnance was the order of the day with TIE Bombers. Its secondary pod was dedicated to carrying heavy munitions. In addition to the dual laser cannons that were forward-mounted, the TIE/sa Bomber typically carried both concussion missile and proton torpedos. It also carried orbital mines, proton bombs, and even the occasional stormtroopers. The proton bombs would prove to be incredibly devastating in both aerial and space combats.

The Ship in Action

The unique armament of TIE bombers made them suited to taking on heavy targets in any environment. They were maneuverable enough to fly attack runs on capital ships, and were often used to carpet bomb hulls of frigates. Or they were used to decimate cities in ground fighting. This was often a precursor to more serious bombardment. A wave of TIE bombers could pave the way for a Star Destroyer fusillade, and this left cities in ruins.

TIE Bomber

Of course, TIE bombers weren’t relegated to bombing runs only. While they were primarily used to attack hard targets like refineries or cruisers. We see them in action during the battle of Vidian or in an attack on Ryloth. Many were present aboard the Death Star during the Battle of Yavin, and were even seen pursuing the Milennium Falcon shortly after the Battle of Hoth. The Bombers also played a role in Operation Cinder, so both Empire and Rebellion alike have felt the wrath of a TIE bomber.

What TIE vessel do you think is the deadliest?


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