GW: Next Week’s Products, Prices & Teaser- CONFIRMED



There’s Orruks and more this week gamers. Grab your wallets and get ready to meet the forces of Destruction!

Products & Prices

My what a bit mouth you have!

images via scanner 4-18-2016





Prices via  Archibald_TK 

– Maw-Krusha (1 model) 90€ / £65 / $110
Comes with either a Megaboss or Gordrakk the Fist of Gork on top. Apparently the Krusha itself has two heads options. Few aesthetic differences overall.

– Gore-Gruntas (3 models) 67€ / £48 / $79
Huge Boar riders. They are… different? You have to see them for yourselves but I fear they will not be that well received. It appears that those are not 3 different models, but two, one of them being repeated twice. No weapons options and they really all look similar.

– Brutes (5 models) 42€ / £30 / $50
Heavier than Black Orcs, can be built with either two weapons or a two handed one.

– Megaboss 34€ / £24 / $40

– Weirdnob Shaman 28€ / £20 / $33

– Warchanter 26€ / £18.5 / $30

– Ardboys (15 models) 45€ / £32 / $53
Repackaged Black Orcs with round bases.

– Battletome Ironjawz (128p) 28€ / £20 / $33
14 Warscrolls and Battalions

– Grand Alliance Destruction (112p) 14€ / £10 / $16.5
12 factions, 61 Warscrolls, minus at least 7 for the Ironjaws that’s 54 remaining for the old range, place your bets.

New Citadel Dice $8.25 20 dice available in blue, green, red, grey, white and black.


There is the last Grand Alliance book – just as expected.  It’s $16.50, the same price as Grand Alliance Death, so I would expect it to be another skinny one.  That rounds out all the 4 great factions of Age of Sigmar.  I’m sure there will be a couple weeks of new minis, and the announcement of the last set of old Warhammer Fantasy miniature cancellations coming along shortly.

The Teaser:


“Dakka Dakka Dakka Dakka! Zzap, Kapow, Krakoooooooom!”

I think there are more forces of Destruction on the way – maybe with lightning!

New Orruks Roundup

go look – more pics…

~So what do you think of new beastie?


  • Dan Wilson

    Dakka suggests space orks IMO….

    • Erik Setzer

      As does zzap, kapow, kakoooooooom.

      • Bradley Macduff

        in fact all of these weapons are typically found on lootas, flash gitz, mechboyz, and orky vehicles.

        im thinking plastic kanz repackage from stormklaw, a new mechboy, maybe new lootas

        • Erik Setzer

          “plastic kanz repackage from stormklaw”

          You mean these guys?

          New Mekboy is a possibility. Doubt it on Lootas, since it’s a solid kit for Lootas and Burna Boyz both.

          One option might be some bundle sets for Orks like Space Marines got. It’d be a way for them to try to move the hideously and brain-cell-destroying-ly priced Mek Gunz.

  • Alistair Collins

    Euro, Pound and US$ highlighted, no Aussie dollar. Although I expect the usual Australia Tax price hike, it’s a shame that BOLS doesn’t list the AUD amounts like it does for the other currencies.

    • We can’t math high enough to show what it would cost you down under.

  • Re: Dice 1s are skulls…I play IG. Anything that usually leads to casualties

    • Drpx

      I still have a set of black dice with the Aquilla 1s on them. Everybody swore that those dice were jinxed and the little eagle just loved to show his two-heads.

      • Necky

        I have those same Aquila dice. They’re terrible

      • Mike X

        I have those, and the ones with the Mechanicum symbol. They tend to roll 1s the majority of the time, but apparently all of GW’s dice have that problem.


        • As a counterpoint, I did a similar analysis with admittedly a smaller sample size but deliberately rolling them as I do during gaming. None of the GW dice produced distributions that were statistically distinguishable from random.

          • Severius_Tolluck

            We used a micrometer and measured them, GW dice are not even on all sides on the vast majority of their dice, so that slightly weighs them towards certain outcomes. Very unfortunate.

        • euansmith

          You can try floating them in salt saturated water to check the balance. Of course, this will only show up physical imperfections and not the taint of chaos that robs you of your rightful victory on the table of battle.

          • eMtoN

            That is awesome. I’m now going to do this to my entire dice collection so I can get rid of the bad un’s.

          • Shawn

            Ahh, good to see evidence of my suspicions. In my area Euan some of the 40k players were rolling exceptionally well (impossibly well at times) all the time with their chessex dice. I conducted an experiment with the store owner’s permission and did a rolling experiment with several samples of chessex dice. In each set I rolled a handful of dice 15 times for several different sets of the small d6s and I did the same for the larger standard size dice. I rolled four or better more often than not in 15 rolls for each of the smaller sets. Additionally, 6 came up more frequently than when I did doing the same experiment on the larger set dice. I think the only way to get truly balanced six-siders is to use casino dice. My solution was to buy a set of my own chessex dice!

          • euansmith

            The give away might be when your opponent’s dice have all been drawn from different sets; the mixed colours might hint at their high-rolling status 😉

          • Shawn

            No kidding. It was really crazy, I’d see people rolling a lot of 4-6s in a handful of dice just for saves and I’m like how is that possible? Each time the answer was the same: New Dice, Chessex Dice. I’d like to crack open some of them like the video showed.

  • DeanKhaine

    Im more excited to see what is coming out for Space Orks. Please be wartrak/warbuggies

    • That’ll be the day!

    • Socrates Kentaro Matsuura

      gork willing brother!

      • bobrunnicles

        I think you mean Mork, my friend….

  • ZeeLobby

    Ugh, still no symbol on the 6… when will they learn, WHEN!?!?!?!

    • Shawn

      You can get chessex to make you some dice pretty cheap. I got my own custome “Iron Gauntlet” dice for my Iron Hands inexpensive. I drew the design, made sure it was my own creating and not infringe on anyone’s IP, and Chessex made them. They’re larger, standard size dice becuase at that time they couldn’t make the small ones, but the design is on the 6. Everyone assumes it’s on the one though, lol because of their experience with GW dice. For 25 dice I paied $32 US Dollars and that included shipping and handling.

      • euansmith

        Blimey, that price is pretty impressive!

        I like going to the Chessex stand at gaming shows and burying my paws in the boxes of dice.

        • Shawn

          Go for it Euan! Then you can show off your dice to your friends with the graphic ON the 6! That price I paid is roughly 22.25 pounds according to Google’s current rate exchange.

      • ZeeLobby

        Yeah. I’ve been looking at doing this. I just play too many armies, haha. Not sure which I would get.

        • Shawn

          Make your own designs Zee. All you got to do is draw a picture, scan it. You may have to change it into a format that the dice-maker can use to imprint on the die which is what I had to do. Got ten armies, no problem. Draw ten icons, just make sure they’re not copywrited images and you’re good to go.

          • ZeeLobby

            I really should. Just combine each of the 10 factions i play into one symbol…. muahahahaHaHaHAHA. That might be too much, I’ll think of something. If/when I do it, i’ll post a pic to one of your responses, haha.

          • Shawn

            that would be cool.

          • DeadlyYellow

            Well GW did combine nine factions into one book.

            Hurr hurr CSM joke.

    • Mike X

      I feel you. Plus I just learned the other day that GW dice are twice as likely to roll 1s than other dice.

      • ZeeLobby

        Yeah. And it’s not that often that you’re trying to roll ones. It just seems silly that they’re still doing it…

        • bobrunnicles

          Battlefront learned very early on with the Flames of War dice that folks want the unit/faction symbol etc on the SIX face and not the one, because you should WANT to see the symbol come up, not groan in dismay when it does. GW still have yet to learn this it seems.

          • ZeeLobby

            It’s just crazy. They’d sell so much more.

          • SacTownBrian

            But skulls for the ones seems so appropriate.

          • ZeeLobby

            I’d rather think of them as the casualties I’m inflicting on others than the guys I’m losing.

  • StingrayP226

    I hope the Space Orks are getting a new Codex that buffs them up to the level of the other 7th edition factions (IE Eldar, Marines, Necrons, and AdMech). Would be great to see them more… I don’t play them but other’s creativity with the models is just awesome.

    • Andrew Webb

      Yeah. Orks definitely need a buff. So do Chaos SM, Nids, DE, and Blood Angels

    • Christie Bryden

      get back in line, chaos have been waiting for a new codex far longer than you.

      • EnTyme

        You also need far more work than the Ork dex. I would expect your update to take longer.

      • StingrayP226

        I think Chaos should come first as well, and I will never play Orks. Hpwever I am a huge fan of the Thousand Sons and Tzeentch side of chaos. I would love to see a proper CSM codex with rules for different legions (like the Thousand Sons).

        I wish GW would stop with the loyalist Marines. Seriously they have gotten enough love already. Yes they are money makers, but GW cannot ignore other factions to release yet another Zzzz Marine codex/suppliment/something. All they will do is burn those players out…

        • Christie Bryden

          my main hope that the reason they are hesitant to do is s that the release of the legions is planned as a end times nagashi level event, think major villain returning with a massive story event that shakes the core of the setting, the apperance of one of the legions would be the best example of that.

          I also play thousand sons, or at least I did, iv been so disatisfied with the chaos releases of late that iv put them on hiatus till CSM legions get a proper book, working on my tau till then.

  • Alexander Slizewski

    I’m going to buy two boxes of Ard Boyz; $50.00 for 15 models with all those options is a steal.

  • benn grimm

    So we should expect some 40k Orks and…a disturbed vigilante from the 60s, dressed in a black cape and mask?

  • Dan Wilson

    Just…for the love of all things… who chose that yellow colour scheme?

    • euansmith

      Dem iz da Himperiul Fistz.

  • shabbadoo

    Dos this mean we will be getting a small sprue/new kit with the standard Mek Gun weapons (i.e. zzap gun, kannon, lobba) THAT SHOULD HAVE COME IN THE ?#$%@&! Mek Gunz box to begin with perhaps?

  • euansmith

    Are there any pictures of the Brutes out yet? A bigger Orc sounds fun.

    • GulMek

      The last orruks post on the front page had pics

  • Oh for feth’s sake. ANOTHER one of these without the Black Library releases. Great.

  • JP

    “Marvel at our latest innovation in random number generation”?

    What are they? An 1800’s traveling snake oil salesman trying to convince inbred hicks that an elixir made of raccoon urine, rhinoceros horns, albatross eggs, and dolphin foreskins can do everything from regrowing hair to curing blindness?

  • blackbloodshaman

    my wallet is fine, right where it is, thanks