Kickstarter: DeepWars – Blood Reef

BloodReef1AntiMatter Games has turned to Kickstarter to fund a new faction and rules supplement for their DeepWars skirmish game.

I first heard of DeepWars a few years back when I saw some starter sets at a game store. The unique setting and premise of an undersea miniatures game intrigued me, but I’ve never quite taken the plunge. That could change now that AntiMatter Games are on Kickstarter with a new faction, supplement, and the eventual release of DeepWars 2.5 Edition.

DeepWars and its companion game ShadowSea are set in a fantastical alternate 17th century, in a vast underground ocean full of prehistoric beasts, sea nymphs, and merfolk. The various factions are at war over the many ancient relics and sunken treasures beneath the waves, and the game emphasizes long-running campaigns and scenarios.

The main focus of this crowdfunding effort is the new Blood Reef expansion book. In addition to the usual round of new models, rules, and scenarios, this expansion adds the Nereids of Blood Reef faction, their Sea Goblin allies, and various aquatic warbeasts for them to unless on their enemies. Perhaps the most striking miniature for this new faction is the terrifying Beast of Blood Reef, a massive battle-scarred shark on a scenic 50mm base, complete with an old harpoon jammed into his side.

The Kickstarter is in its final week and has blazed through many of its stretch goals already. The $45 pledge level gets you the Nereid starter set of four miniatures with PDFs of the DeepWars, Blood Reef, and Painting Scaly Beasts books if you just want to dip your toes into the game. The $130 pledge is the perfect two-player bundle and includes the Nereid starter, one other DeepWars starter of your choice, The Beast of Blood Reef, and both physical and digital versions of the three books mentioned above. You can grab various other DeepWars and ShadowSea miniatures through the add-ons, as well as some lovely mats and coral terrain to play your games on. The 240mm-long rotting whale carcass in particular would make a spectacular addition to your underwater expeditions.

Blood Reef Kickstarter


Anyone want to dive into the dangerous oceans of DeepWars?   


  • Local Ork

    That looks like one of most interesting games catered towards promising demographic of absolutely freaking nobody.

    I like sculpts tho.

  • Frank Underwood

    I realise the paradox in saying mermaids shouldn’t be sexy but must they have butt-tails?
    Not so bad in the grand scheme of things but the proliferation of plastic porn is getting on my nerves.
    I’m all for more women and minorities in wargaming (a decent percentage of all guardsmen/cultist/fire warrior units should be women) but must they all be running into battle with their exposed and generous proportions colliding with their supermodel faces?

    • LordRao

      But Frank Underwood is a mysogenist.

      • Frank Underwood

        But I’m not?

    • Hedwerx

      Tau are androgynous though aren’t they?

      • Frank Underwood

        There’s a female Tau in the Ghostkeel

        • Hedwerx

          So barring a ‘Y’ slit in their face instead of an ‘I’ their isn’t really any obvious difference bodywise between male and female Tau.

          Don’t the Strike team and Breacher team sprues also have female heads on them? I’m sure I’ve seen them.

          • Frank Underwood

            I’m sure you’re right.

  • Aezeal

    Weird positioning on that guardian of the reef, itch between shoulder blades? I don’t like the shark in anyway either. The underwater space marine isn’t all that either.
    The captain is acceptable.

  • polyquaternium7


    • Hedwerx

      The Dethklok one. ‘Cause their animators can lip synch.

  • LordKrungharr

    I really love the underwater scenery and backstory of this game. Everything looked amazing at Adepticon. Wish I would’ve had time to demo it 🙁

  • nurglitch

    Are there any squid or octopus or cuttlefish models upcoming?