Mantic: Enter the Deadzone – Containment

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Today take a tour of the major races of Mantic’s Deadzone, the deadly Enforcers, formidable Forge Fathers & inscrutable Asterians.

Last time we learned of the origins of the Deadzones, today Mantic shows off  the forces you may encounter within them…

The Enforcers


The Enforcers are the Council of Seven’s dedicated army. They are unquestionably loyal and almost dogmatic in their execution of orders. The Enforcers aren’t bound by law of any kind and will go to any means to see their mission objectives achieved. This can be anything from the liquidation of an errant corporation, to the strike and seizure of vital assets for the Council. One of the Enforcer’s most important duties is establishing Containment protocols. Wyverns and Drakons, craft exclusively built for the Enforcer fleets, are used to blockade a quarantined world and ensure that nothing gets in, or, more importantly, nothing leaves.

MG_Deadzone_Infestation_Kickstarter_5When deployed into a Deadzone, their sophisticated armour protects them from alien contagions or hazardous environments, not to mention enemy fire. The more lightly equipped Pathfinders are used as forward scouts, identifying and tagging vital targets, or reconnoitering enemy forces and terrain. With advanced, built-in thrusters and additional support in the form of Striders and Jetbikes, the Enforcers are an elite, highly mobile force, able to operate in any Deadzone.

The Forge Fathers

forgefathers-veermynOne of the so-called ‘Elder races’, the Forge Fathers are one of the few races who surpass the GCPS’ level of technology. They are long-lived and slow to act, but stubborn and dedicated to a fault. Shrewd capitalists, they will trade their technology and resources with anyone – at a high price. They are secretive and insular and take precautions to ensure that while others may use their technology, they retain both the engineering knowledge and best pieces for themselves. All traded devices are fitted with safeguards to ensure that any attempt to access their inner workings will result in the devices’ destruction.

MGDZF02-1 DZ FORGE FATHER BROKKR BOOSTER-isoHumanity and the Forge Fathers have an uneasy alliance. They will just as soon fire on each other as they would willingly trade and while there are constant border skirmishes, neither the Council of Seven, nor the Forge Father Star Realm can risk open war for now. Planets under Containment Protocol are often rich in mineral wealth – which the Forge Fathers will exploit if they can. Enterprising Brokkrs will risk the dangers of a Deadzone to run a profit and whilst the Star Realm doesn’t officially condone these actions, neither does it deny them. These are rogue operatives,  working without the permission of their commanders. It’s highly unlikely that the rumours about them being backed up by armoured troops or an Iron Ancestor are true…

The Asterians

DZ-asterianstarterThe enigmatic beings known as Asterians are ancient. They see themselves as the galaxy’s caretakers, striving for balance in all things. Mankind’s aggressive and thoughtless expansion into the galaxy has driven the Asterians to take action, especially with the outbreak of the Plague. Their motives are always hidden, favouring ploys and cat’s paws rather than acting directly. When they must, they will deploy with technology far beyond the GCPS’ understanding, striking with precision and efficiency.

kalyshi_groupWith the infectious Plague or disease-ridden Veer-myn present in many Deadzones, the Asterians are unwilling to deploy in the flesh. They operate through remotely-controlled droids known as ‘Cyphers’. These are highly advanced, bio-mechanical constructs with nervous systems capable of replicating the movements of a real body. Coupled with devastating weaponry and AI-controlled drones, the Cypher Clades are well equipped to tackle the worse threats. For some, however, the thrill of combat is too strong to resist. The ferocious Kalyshi, fighting with what they perceive as traditional Asterian methods, are less detached than their brethren. They prefer direct action and intervention, bringing them into more conflicts with the other races in the galaxy.

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Welcome to the Deadzone, enjoy your stay.


  • Agent OfBolas

    they are better and better with each release!

  • Drpx

    Just in case 40k gets Sigmarized….there’s already a place for Squat players.

    • petrow84

      Brokkrs are awesome. Damn shame, they’re restic instead of a well-deserved hard plastic release.

      • It’s a bit of a shame they got passed over, but Steel Warriors are going to be more important in Warpath, so I can understand their decision. Have always been rather surprised they did Forge Guard in plastic first.

  • dave long island

    Which one of those minis is Christopher Walken?

  • ZeeLobby

    Have to say, excited to get my kickstarter for this. I like that there’s so many alternatives out there these days.

  • Talos2

    Are these new versions of old models or has mantic found a painter that can paint detail that isn’t there

    • Some new, some old, some recently painted some done 18 momths ago. Mantic figures have -never- lacked detail. Some marred by irritating mold lines, some not quote as sharp as it could be (plastic goblins first run and some of the earliest Dreadball teams) if you go back far enough.

      They have certainly found some better painters though, and left time in their schedules so they can turn down sub-standard work and get it re-done rather than just living with it.