Unboxing: Deadzone 2nd Edition Starter Set

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Want to see exactly what you get in the new Deadzone 2nd Editon box?  Come see!

From Mantic:

With an updated edition of the Deadzone rules comes an updated starter set. The new Deadzone 2nd Edition Starter Set  is designed to be the perfect entry point for new players as well as a great re-introduction for veterans of the 1st edition of the game.


It contains everything you need to play:

  • A beautiful hardback rulebook that contains rules and stats for all of the factions in the Deadzone game.
  • Command dice and D8
  • Modular Battlezones Terrain and gaming mat
  • New Counters
  • 11 elite Enforcer miniatures
  • 10 stalwart Forge Fathers

The Miniatures

There are two factions to choose from in the box – Enforcers and Forge Fathers.

The Forge Fathers Strike Team consists of 10 Steel Warriors, who can also be built as Huscarls or Stormrage Veterans. They can choose from many different weapons, including Forge hammers, Hailstorm Autocannons, Missile Launchers, Flamers or Magma rifles.


The Enforcers Strike Team consists of:

  • 5 Enforcers, (who can also be built as Assault Enforcers, Enforcer Specialists, or Enforcer Sergeants)
  • 5 Pathfinders, (who can also be built as Pathfinder Specialists or Pathfinder Sergeants)
  • 1 D.O.G. drone with a burst laser.

The is a wide variety of weapons included, such as Burst Lasers, Incinerators, Tag rifles, sniper rifles or wrist blades and pistols. There are additional accessories like pouches too.



All of these models are high quality sprued hard plastic allowing you to customise your models and get them ready for combat as quickly as possible. If you own models from 1st edition, then you will be happy to see the brand new Pathfinders and Steel Warriors found in this box set to add to your Strike Teams.

The Battlefield

The battlefield is an essential part of the Deadzone experience. Sniping from great heights, bouncing from cover to cover, ducking down behind your captain’s eye and blazing away at your opponent – the battlefield lends the game atmosphere and that cinematic feel you’ve come to expect from Deadzone.

DZ-contentsThe battlefield is brought to life through a combination of ruined Battlezone terrain tiles and intact walls and barricades. The terrain is modular – you can build it however you like. Just simple use ‘click’ the connector in or push them out to build your construction. If you want to have a larger board or to add more scenery, then additional mats and Battlezones terrain kits are available to purchase separately.


The Rules

One of the key things we wanted from Deadzone 2nd Edition was to make it easier to get playing. The Deadzone 2nd Edition Starter Set includes the complete hardback rulebook which includes an introduction scenario that can be played using the models and terrain in the box as well as:

  • Force Lists for all seven factions in Deadzone: Enforcers, Forge Fathers, Plague, Marauders, Rebs and Veer-myn
  • Background information
  • Core rules
  • Special Rules
  • Missions
  • A full campaign system for running linked game with friends or at a club.
DZ-bookThere are also two sets of dice you will need for the game included in the box. Eight sided dice are used to roll for most of the games rules, with six special six-sided command dice being use to represent Orders. You can purchase additional dice separately if you find that you need more.

If you’re thinking of entering a Deadzone, or are surprised to find your homeworld suddenly placed under containment protocol, then this is the perfect place to get started!

Deadzone 2nd Edition Starter Set £49.99

What do you think of the 2nd Edition Starter Set?

  • rtheom

    Lookin’ pretty spiffy, movin’ to sprues. I hope they simplified the rules quite a bit. I really liked the basic concept of the game, but there was an awful lot to keep track of as well. It’s good they replaced the cards, too. A cool idea, but very out of place. I just wonder how they’re going to rework the Plague dudes, since they needed those cards to get their mutations.

    • Tyr

      Mutations are now a special command dice result with the 1A leader. A one-turn random bonus.

      • DocNacho

        All the flavour of the original with half the fat! So happy to see the cards gone. I can hardly wait for my pledge to come in.

        • Crisra13

          Couldn’t have said it better myself.

      • rtheom

        Ah okay. Not as interesting or funny as the old ones, especially since you could effectively cripple a dude, but that should work.

        • Tyr

          I dunno, crippling your models is never a good idea, imo. Never played mutations apart from the initial three.

    • petrow84

      I’ve played a couple of small-point matches, and I can say, nearly every change they made in the game was for the good of it.

      The main changes:
      – Dice tests are simplified, double/triple successes are gone
      – Shooting became MUCH deadlier, cover is gone (or permanent?), you either get a clear shot, or a standard shot (or none at all)
      – Armour has been decreased in general, Enforcers are now AV1, Peacekeepers AV2, etc. (no worries, AP on basic weapons became very rare)
      – Stats simplified, no more parallel abilities (Marksman-Sniper, Tough-Really Tough, etc.)
      – New FOC, 1 Leader only, 1 Spec after every Troop, 1 Vehicle after every 3 Troops
      – New Leader Abilities (like the mutation at the plague)
      – Missions are now drawn BEFORE assembling your team (finally)
      – Overhauled aggression, models are now either on alert, or pinned
      – New wound system, as many wounds as your Size
      – Simplified action list, Move/Sprint, Shoot, Fight, Stand up, Special. All the previous actions (Climb, Break-off, etc.) were folded into these categories.

      On the less-bright side: there’s an awful lot of inconsistencies in the weapon lists, if you want to customize the equipment of your troops, some unclear rules (like, blast/frag) and a few, glaring point imbalance (Enforcer Peacekeeper Captain too expensive, Marauder Warlord too cheap, etc.), but nothing that a FAQ won’t help.

      As for the factions, Plague and Rebs definitely became stronger. Forge Fathers became more expensive, Enforcers remained roughly the same. As for the others, I’ve no experience.

      Overall, quite an enjoyable game, well worth its money.

      • rtheom

        Oh good, all of those changes do sound like exactly what I wanted.

        Yeah, I really like the game, but the biggest problem I had was teaching it to new folks with as many rules as it had. The response usually became something along the lines of “Why don’t we just play 40K if there are so many rules.” :p (No one said that, but it was very heavily implied.)

  • georgelabour

    Hoping to see an all space turtles option for a force list at some point. That’s the only other thing that kept me from investing in the system’s 1st edition.