BREAKING: GW Announces Warhammer Quest Silver Tower!

Warhammer Quest Silver Tower-title

Get in here and take a look at the Age of Sigmar Heroquest Game teaser from GW.  Tzeentch Sees you puny mortal!

In Stores May 21st! 

The “Big Spread”:

Silver Tower-spread


Heroes sighted:

  • Stormcast Eternal
  • Human Barbarian
  • Priest of Sigmar
  • Dwarf Warrior

Foes spotted:

First up is the giant many eyed sorceror in the center background, now let’s look at Tzeentch’s other minions:


Looks like “a boss”, perhaps a Daemon Prince of Tzeentch


Pink Horrors – I’m sure his blue brothers are lurking around the corner.


Tzeenthian cultist/warrior of some type – odd looking helmet there.


OH MY!!! The BIRDMEN appear at last.  This officially settles the score between the rumormongers on our side of the fence who reported they were coming and “other bloggers” who swore up and down they didn’t exist.


~Look for more on Silver Tower all week. 



  • Erik Giersdorf

    There’s a weird yellow horror off on the left.

    • Doug Olson

      You mean a Flamer of Tzeentch?

      • EmperorOfMankind

        Nope they are brimstone horrors

  • Karl Marinier

    The Stormcast looking a glorious sided by the barbarian that leaking 80s all over the place

    • Matt Craufurd

      That 80s barbarian has sold me on this game. I’m definitely getting it now.

      • Gunther Clone C

        I totally want to re-purpose the barbarian for some Pathfinder fun times. 🙂

      • Agent OfBolas

        but game is sitll missing 80s mage, 80s elf archer and classic 80s dwarf instead of this “Aos flaming guy”


        I think I will stick to my 80s version.

  • Xodis

    Looks like it could be awesome, blending the classic Priest of Sigmar and Barbarian with the new Stormcast and Fyreslayer could be the bridge the torn community needs.

  • Eldon Cowgur

    Damn, Horned Birdmen, somebody told GW my secret weakness.

    • dave long island


  • dave long island

    Money, so long. It’s been nice knowing you. I hope you were comfortable in the short time we were together. I wish I’d gotten to know you better. But, alas, it is time we parted ways and said goodbye. ‘Cuz it’s time for WHQ Silver Tower, baby!!

  • elShoggotho

    Still wondering when AoS will go the way of Mechwarrior: Dark Age. I sincerely hope that they pull the plug before it sinks the ship.

    • georgelabour

      You mean redone a few years later by some of the original team and made utterly awesome for a revamped update to the older original game’s progressing storyline?

      Or do you mean with fragile pre painted plastics that are randomly sorted in a way so you never get even the common version of the one unit you’re after?

      • cudgel

        Good for us that all signs point to the former.

    • wibbling

      Not going t happen. If you don’t like it, don’t play it. Either way, move on.

      • Erik Setzer

        NEVER say “not gonna happen” about any scenario. AoS exists because GW messed up their sales plan (still won’t fix key parts of it) with Warhammer Fantasy Battles, a game that had been running strong for over 30 years, that basically helped build their company, with a setting so popular there’s still board, card, and computer games being churned out for it… but all of that was cast aside by the company. Even GW managers never believed they’d actually scrap their original core game and replace it with something entirely different.

        Plus, y’know, all those Specialist Games they killed, and it’s taken them years to admit that was a dumb move. People didn’t expect them to just up and drop those games, either. Especially as Space Marine (aka “Epic”) had been going strong since the late 80s.

        So you can never say something isn’t going to happen now. You can hope that it won’t. But remember AoS exists because GW did something unthinkable. NEVER get comfortable. We all know now that if GW decides AoS isn’t making enough profit – doesn’t even need to lose money – they can and will kill it without a second thought (and without even talking to their managers to get a clue on whether it’s a good idea or bad idea).

        • Randy Randalman

          That isn’t going to happen, and you are sorely lacking in information. It also wouldn’t go down like that under this CEO.

          • Erik Setzer

            All of the information I posted was accurate, I’m not “lacking” in information (certainly not “sorely”), this CEO *would* do something like that (since you are “sorely lacking in information,” let me remind you Rountree was CEO at the time WFB was killed off and AoS hit shelves), and Kirby still has plenty of say on the Board (who sway the CEO more than the CEO sways them).

            I’m not saying AoS will be canceled, so unwad your panties and stop moaning and pissing and jumping to defend it. I’m saying that you shouldn’t claim it will never happen, because AoS exists because they just killed their original core game that had existed over 30 years, which is an entirely accurate statement. The way AoS came into being is proof itself that you cannot say GW would never opt to kill off a major line.

            If you have a problem with reality, take it up with… I don’t know, God? Kirby? Rountree? But reality is that you cannot 100% say GW won’t cancel a game, right after they did just that.

            (And since I see no benefit to it, I’m not going to hope for AoS’s cancellation, especially as I know how that feels after WFB, BFG, Necromunda, Mordheim, GorkaMorka, Space Marine, etc. There is nothing to be gained in cheering for something that would cause misery to others.)

          • Shadowlord

            Butthurting much?

          • Alpharius

            He’s not wrong, you just have no argument so you’re acting like a child. Grow up.

          • Shadowlord

            Basementing much?

        • Shadowlord

          Did you copy/paste this comment because it looks suspiciously similar to your other gazillion posts?

          • elShoggotho

            IQ <50 much?

          • Shadowlord

            Being a groupie much?

  • DeadlyYellow

    I can’t get past how dumb the barbarian looks swinging a sword like that.

    • cudgel

      I didn’t even realize he was swinging his sword till you mentioned it, it looks like he was posing for the picture and a daemon just leapt under his sword….

    • Azrell

      How else would he be able to stand in the classic GW bow legged stance?

      Just for fun pick up a space marine model, now try and stand like the model is in front of a mirror.

      • cudgel

        Its like they are all cowboys ?!??!?

    • James Tompsett

      He looks awesome.

  • Chris. K Cook

    _A_ Birdman..

    Might just be a boss mutant/champion.

    • Lord Stark

      I see two in the picture.

      • Chris. K Cook

        Yeah I saw the other one after I posted this…

  • Aaditya Rangan

    This looks amazing!
    So far i’ve been really enjoying Age of Sigmar’s narrative campaigns and emphasis on world-building: This game looks like it builds on those themes in a new way!
    – Adi.

  • luke snell

    man if this doesn’t rattle my teenage bells and whistles from the early 90’s!
    GW is having an applaud-worthy year thus far. Psyched for this!

    • Vorsun

      Listen, I’m excited as the next person, but keep your rattling ‘teenage bells and whistles’ to yourself. This is a family establishment and nobody wants to see that.

      • Shadowlord

        Speak for yourself! Whip them out luke!

        • zemlod

          Pics or it didn’t happen!

      • luke snell

        ha! us forty-somethings will take any bell and whistling rattling we can get.

  • minowaman

    I can’t help but imagine the barbarian leaning over to the dwarf and saying “what is that space marine doing here? Is he lost?”

  • SacTownBrian

    I’m super excited for this release. Fantasy is my first love and this looks to,have some awesome models. If the game is fun and we get some AOS rules for the heroes that will be even better.

  • Sebastian Gordon

    Looks like the Lord of Change is imitating the dwarf that is attacking it.

  • Karru

    I don’t think this will be the one that gets me to AoS, but judging from their previous boardgame releases, I can safely say I’ll be getting this one for sure.

  • This is the most excited I’ve been for a GW release since they announced the return of Blood Bowl.

    • Seienchin

      Yeah but then again its the tower/labyrinth of tzeentch… this makes the phantom pain of having list warhammer fantasy much much bigger… How awesome would this have been in the old world… 🙁

      • Very true, but I take good news wherever I can get it. The fact this includes tzeentch content sells it for me. I’ve no doubt I will be modding the game to use in the old world setting.

  • Siegfried VII

    Well I think this is great news and I feel nostalgia as games like Hero-Quest is what got me to the miniature world back when I was boy… I’ll definitely be getting this!! 😀

  • benn grimm

    Filthy mortal Oik; Daemons to the left, daemons to the right…. quick sarge, call down an orbital bombardment…

    Mr Stormcast; I can’t. I keep telling you, I’m not a space marine…this is a medieval fantasy world…

    Filthy mortal Oik; How about some terminators then? At least a flamer…?

    Mr Stormcast; (sighs and gets out bolter) Will this do?

    (whole party cheers)

    Grubby little mortal Oik; Wish we’d had you on the team in 90’s, man that game was hard…

    • ZeeLobby

      Yeah. He is like glaringly out of place. A ragtag group of adventurers… + IMMORTAL GOD! I was also hoping AoS humans weren’t just muscle bound barbarians, but alas. The Age of Sausage is all about muscly men.

      • benn grimm

        Lol, Age of Sausage…best name for it yet…) Yeah totally with you on new Tzeentch models…)

      • Randy Randalman

        He doesn’t look out of place when there’s a Demon Prince and birdmen running around. Furthermore, muscle bound people makes sense when the models are about adventuring warriors and not average citizens running a fruit cart.

        • ZeeLobby

          The original quest games seemed to do fine fighting daemons without needing a giant plate armor warrior. And the comparison was to the other party members, not the enemies. Games like this are always meant to be a group struggling to overcome greater odds, but the stormcast is like throwing a space marine in the mix. The power levels between him and the rest of the crew are massive.

          And this whole concept of warriors = massive muscles is a flawed one. There are plenty of great fighters both in fiction and non-fiction who weren’t massive beefcakes. In fact the majority of warriors throughout history aren’t.

          I’m sorry that I want a humanizing aspect back in the universe. Was really hoping this would deliver. Maybe one of the other characters are more down to earth and its not all just epic awesome dudes vs bad guys.

          • reynor

            Maybe he’s a really crappy Stormcast Eternal? Like the Rincewind of Stormcast Eternals.

          • ZeeLobby

            Haha, that’d actually be kind of funny. “Lol, yeah, we told him to go in alone. What a tool”

          • Severius_Tolluck

            Why he has been in this silver spire for forty years and has failed to reach even level one!

          • ZeeLobby

            LoL. I think it’d be helarious if due to poor design there was a loop in floor levels. “Well, this has been our 8th day playing. Today we face the pink horrors yet again!”

          • Severius_Tolluck

            oh so many Terry Pratchet jokes to make… wonder if someone gets turned into an orangutan

          • kloosterboer

            Uh. There was a giant plate armored warrior in WHQ. Two of them, actually. And also a bare chested, loin cloth wearing muscle bound barbarian. And pit fighter, whose muscles had muscles.

            Just sayin’.

      • DeadlyYellow

        Sigmar will build a wall and make the Khornites pay for it!
        Sigmar will make Azyr great again!
        Vote Sigmar 2016!

  • Kijg

    Has it been pointed out and discussed that it was uploaded ages ago?
    Uploaded on Mar 29, 2016

    • Nevaks

      And? So they made the video ahead of the launch date. Not exactly exciting news.

    • Erik Setzer

      Probably was private until they needed to release it to the public. They’ve done the same with other videos. Their April Fools video went up a week before April Fools, but wasn’t made private until it was time to show it off.

      Also, since when is five weeks “ages ago?”

      • IngenuityGap

        Since the internet became the guiding force in our lives.

  • Manwiththedogs

    I’m liking those birdmen.

  • euansmith

    “Okay, chaps, here is the plan. You take out the Daemon Prince and you take out the cultist, while I take out the rest and the Chaos Marauder does that cool pose thing and watches my back…”

    “I keep tellin’ you, I no stinkin’ Chaos Marauder! I Northern Barbarian for Chaos Wastes!”

    • cudgel

      Sigmarines = Trump supporters confirmed !

  • wibbling

    It all looks very exciting. I wonder if they’ll release the models separately?

    • euansmith

      One would hope that GW would be careful when making the sprues so that the Tzeench stuff could be repackaged as some sort of units for AoS.

      • Randy Randalman

        Their cast and CAD tech allows them to re-slice almost anything. They won’t have to be careful at all.

    • benn grimm

      Maybe, like cultists they will, maybe like Deff koptaz they won’t… Tzeentch knows…

      • Severius_Tolluck

        obligatory “All according to Plan”

  • They had me sold at the barbarian.

    No. let’s be honest here. they had me sold at “Warhammer Quest”. and this comes from a 40K fan.

  • Dan Wilson

    Excited for the first of gws fantasy boardgame style releases although after the progressive all inclusive marketing they did with battle for vedros, I’m a little disappointed that there is no female character presence on the front. A dark elf sorceress or a wood elf ranger or something would have gone a long way.

  • jasonsation

    Weird if there was no Wizard archetype in the game for the players?

  • jasonsation

    Are the birdmen new Beastmen? Similar Gor horns.

    • Lewis Anderson

      beast men for each chaos faction? Could GW be moving towards a HUGE Chaos release… BEastman for all the gods… These boardgame factions have a lot of depth, stealer army was amazing

    • Countdiscount

      Tzangore is the name for Tzeentch dedicated Beast Men

  • Crevab

    Designer 1: Tzeentch’s got birds, right?
    2: Yeah, a few
    1: You know what else is a bird? A Mo-hawk!
    2: Mohawks for all the new guys!

  • nuggy

    I seriously hope that’s not the new design for the LoC and just a deamon prince. It would be so annoying now that we finally get birdmen if the removed the big old deamonbird.
    Other then that I cant wait to get my hands on this!

    • Randy Randalman

      There is positively no way that is a Lord of Change. It’s just hate-mongering to assume GW would go that route.

  • Ironside_Online

    Two things:

    1. This could be a great shot in the arm for Age of Sigmar.

    2. The “Age of Sigmar *Heroquest* Game teaser”!?!!

  • Erik Setzer

    So… it’s a painting. We have no idea about actual game contents and are speculating on contents based on a painting. No clue what the gameplay is like or anything, no photos of the contents or anything.

    But hey, I guess that’s great for websites that post five stories trying to break down clues from paintings.

    • Brian Griffith

      Well ah… box art typically does depict the contents on GW products. Almost exactly in most cases.

  • Tim Kennedy

    Depending on the £ this may the the first GW product i will purchase in the past 2 years

    • Randy Randalman

      Whew! I’m glad you needed to announce that.

      • Shadowlord

        Agreed! I can sleep like a baby now.

  • Decaramas

    Any rumors in the rule set? Based in the old one or build from the ground up? Hoping the former as i have found the recent games to be on the light side rules wise for me

    • Randy Randalman

      If there were, they would have been posted.

  • Joshua Ng

    Do you notice the guy inbetween the barbarian and the stormcast??? is that an aelf ?

    • nuggy

      Thats a chaos warrior for sure.

  • Talos2

    This is the kind of thing that should be at warhammer fest, a week early for those that are bothering to go. Bet it isn’t

  • Alexander Lucard

    It’ll be interesting to see how much this costs. Make no mistake though – I’m buying it.

    About the only thing I’d change is swapping out the Barbarian for a Kroxigor or the Cleric for a Skink Starpriest just to have all three major sides of the Order Grand Alliance represented. Right now, it’s three humans and a Fyreslayer Dwarf.

    • L M

      £95 RRP

  • Admiral Raptor

    Need to see how many miniatures per $ come in this set. All other concerns are secondary. That being said if it follows similar rules to the the original WHQ it’s the one GW board game that I might actually play instead of just ransacking for the miniatures.

    Also I need birdmen. The horns are a bit of a disappointment though. I really just want an army of skeksis.

  • Dave Grimes

    This will be th 1st boxed game ill have bought in 20 years. Really excited! Hope theres an elf character. (Or witch elf!) Still hav no interest in sigmarines tho

  • the_wheel_turns

    I’ll keep my old copy of WHQ, all the expansions and extra characters instead. The great thing about the original WHQ is the setting, the old world, the historic and vast lore and the ability to cross over with Warhammer Roleplay. Combine this with the vast catalogue of old miniatures and it’s impossible to come close to it.

    The new version will be set during Age of Sigmar with it’s awful setting and it will lack the vast possibilities.

    So I’ll pass.

    • Andreas Peahc

      Why would you have to give away your old copy of WHQ and the expansions if you bought the new version?

      • Countdiscount

        He wouldn’t, it’s just an excuse to complain about AoS.

  • Seb

    Can’t help but think the other players are XP boosting off the high level Stormcast player. Typical.

    I hope this variation brings the same level of gameplay, board tiles art, exloration and background lore that had me collect, create content and design more tiles and characters for 20yrs.

    No pressure. 😉 ;P

  • ted1138

    Can’t make out much in this pic, and since I’ve never played the original, not sure how much it differs, but…

  • Agent OfBolas

    Sigmarite in Warhammer Quest???

    OMFG end of the world …

  • Owen Wells

    While my heart wants this to be like classic WHQ and I will rejoice if it is my gut tells me this is going to be more like fantasy themed relic than anything else. And sig marines are still stupid no matter what you put them in, if I wanted yet another take on dude in huge suit of vaguely angelic themed armour I’d still be playing space marines in 40k

  • crugglesworth


    • Severius_Tolluck

      Sweet jesus, awesome models! Also, about darn time we get tzaangors, my beast men craved them nearly 20 years ago…

  • Dave Grimes

    Maybe the muscley horned “boss” is a chaos ogre and the daemon prince is the multi eyed monster head thats dominating background?