How Did GW’s June 40k Releases End Up On eBay?


New 40k releases for June were just spotted up on eBay – But how did they get there?

A new product was spotted on eBay today that has led many to speculate that it is a fake etc. These images were going around the internet this morning and with a little digging we found the items for sale on eBay.

via eBay



Location: Nottingham, UK?

Checkout the close ups of the previously never seen items on the listing:



However it’s looking like this IS a new release product for June – we’ve got the this teaser from White Dwarf #122:

via Scanner

GW Teaser

Hmmm seems like THIS may be the product in the teaser. This could be part of a new product line that GW will be dropping on June 4th? So there is a pretty strong chance these are “real” releases from Games Workshop.

Keep in mind that Games Workshop uses something called “Just in time” fulfillment which means that items they are scheduled to be released arrive in the UK warehouse up to 6 weeks before they release. That way they have time to ship them out to other countries’ warehouses and get them prepped for “proper” release. This could, in fact, be a product that will be releasing soon and if that is the case the question still remains: How did June’s new 40k releases already sell on eBay?

+++ no one suspects the inquisition +++ 

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  • Jacob

    Soon I can hide in my METAL BAWKSES!

    • I’ve always been told marines need metal bawkses. Are these the correct metal bawkses? And if so, how have marine players survived until now?!

      • Davor Mackovic

        Space Marines were hiding and cowering in vehicles.

        I find it pretty funny how cowardly Space Marines really are. Or at least the way people play them. 😛

  • hcls315

    Remember, this is the Year of the Tzeentch…perhaps it interfered (just as planned).

  • OldHat

    Oh. Nice! Do want.

  • Crevab

    Will be interested to see how these compare to Maki’s

    • Davor Mackovic

      Not enough skulls. 😛

      • Crevab

        There might be a few dozen that we cant see because of the blurry WD pic, but it looks like the Maki might have more

    • Pedwidge

      The Maki stuff is great. I love the high and low wall Cathedral theme, perfect for 40K, and the industrial/steampunk container look great, but I don’t see those on their website. I think they over spent on the kickstarter and couldn’t sustain everything. It’s unfortunate too since the system is easier to build with than mantic’s.

  • Satyan Patel

    These are great exactly what I need. Though hopefully 33 US dollars a box.

  • I came here for the metal bawkses

  • Theik

    Those blood ravens hiding in their metal boxes are the wrong color.

  • Dan Wilson

    Now you can put your metal bawkses inside metal bawkses! These could make some awesome scenery for large bases, e.g. crushed containers on Knight bases etc.

    • pokemastercube .

      or just something under the foot of a true titan 😉

  • Jim Worthington

    I heard that GW will be handing out cease and desist orders shortly.

  • Darth Bumbles

    It almost smacks of an April’s Fool to me.

  • rtheom

    Someone at the warehouse is gettin’ fired…

  • Champildhir

    Products don’t arrive in the UK…. the are MADE in the UK, in Nottingham

  • JP

    Psst. Come here! I got this stuff fresh. Fell off the back of the truck this morning!