Star Wars ARMADA: Wave 3 Rebel Transport Details



FFG just pulled the covers off of Armada Wave III Rebel Transports . Admirals report to the bridge!



Wave III is opening up Armada with a new ship type – The Flotilla, a group of smaller vessels that move together on a single base. Here is the rules card for Flotillas and what FFG has to say about them:




“Flotillas operate in most ways the same as larger ships, but because they represent multiple, smaller ships, flotillas feature two plastic ship models, instead of one. Apart from this difference, they follow the same rules as other ships, with one exception—when a flotilla would overlap or be overlapped by another ship, only the flotilla takes a facedown damage card. You do not deal a facedown damage card to the closest ship the flotilla overlapped unless that ship is also a flotilla.

Flotillas, however, do more than merely introduce a new type of ship; they also introduce a new fleet support role that you can incorporate into your fleet and games. Both of the flotillas in Wave III feature the Fleet Support upgrade icon. These upgrades are remarkable in Armada because they do less to improve the ship that bears them than they do to boost the rest of your fleet. Bolster your squadrons, repair your ships, or improve your larger ships’ ability to respond to immediate threats—Fleet Support upgrades ensure that your flotillas can play a useful role in any attack plan.”

via FFG

The Rebel Transports


Rebel Transports Expansion Pack $19.95

The Rebel Transports Expansion Pack introduces a flotilla of GR-75 medium transports to your games of Star Wars™: Armada. In addition to its flotilla, which you can field as either a pair of GR-75 Combat Retrofits or GR-75 Medium Transports, the Rebel Transports Expansion Pack introduces eight upgrades, four of which feature the utilitarian Fleet Support icon. Relay commands to your larger ships with a Comms Net, or trail behind your largest ships with Repair Crews to keep them in the fight a bit longer. Clever use of the support your fleet gains from its Rebel transports can easily make the difference between victory or defeat.

The Rebel Transports Expansion Pack contains two GR-75 medium transport miniatures, two ship cards, eight upgrades, one rules reference card, and all necessary components.


The Ships

swm19-gr-75-medium-transports swm19-gr-75-combat-retrofits


These guys are fairly cheap, but with a single shield in any direction and 3 hull, they wont be surviving any standup fights.  However, that is a fairly point efficient way to get a Squadron2 ship. And hey, the Combat Retrofits have 1 blue attack die forward and aft!

Fleet Support Upgrades

Now take a look at the four support upgrades that come with the Rebel Transports and start thinking of the combos…





Crew and Titles

We get two crewman and two unique titles in the set as well:


Rebels, meet your newest leader. Cracken has his foot on the gas, and opens up some new fleet tactics. If you like running small and medium swarm fleets that zip around at high speed, you just got that much harder to hit.


The fleet that stays together is more accurate together – so says Toryn Farr.

swm19-bright-hope swm19-quantum-storm

On the unique titles side of things, the Bright Hope is a survivor.  Team it up with Admiral Cracken for extra defense.  the Quantum Storm gets an extra turbo boost right when it needs it (or the when the enemy least needs it)

~Have at it Admirals!


  • Damistar

    Am I the only one disappointed with this release? I mean, there have got to be better ships they can do.