Cryx Colossal : KRAKEN in Prime




Unleash the KRAKEN. Cryx’s new colossal kit is here and ready for PRIME!

The Kraken didn’t see the table always in the previous edition. It had to deal with competition of Deathjack or just more “banes”. Banes might be taking the back seat in the new edition. And warjacks are even better now with “Powerup”.


The Kraken’s stats are pretty decent for a colossal. Spd 5 is nice since most of Cryx has access to some sort of speed buff like “mobility” or “infernal machine”
MAT6 in a faction full of debuffs is more then adequate. RAT5 is a little rough but, you will probably be boosting the main gun on the Kraken to hit.
ARM19 is not bad and combined with debuffs and buffs this can get really high.


The Kraken is sporting a GIANT main gun in the hellblaster. It has a massive Cygnar-like range of 16″. It spouts out a 5″ AoE and is POW14. This gun can easily kill off lightly armored warriors and put a dent in heavies when boosting damage.
It has a smaller gun the flayer that is range 12″ and POW12. It shoots d3+1 shots. Another gun useful for clearing infantry.
The Kraken’s melee weapons are quite powerful. 2 Open fist that are base POW19 and have 4″ melee range. They also ignore shields/bucklers/ and shield wall. No to many models want to be in melee range of the Kraken!


Special Rules:

Bonepicker: The Kraken gets bodies for killing models in melee. It can carry up to 3 corpse tokens. These corpses augment the Kraken’s weapons. Adding +1 power per corpse to both its Hellblaster and melee weapons. Meaning the main gun can be up to POW17 and the fists can be POW22!!!
Crucible of Death: You can exchange 1 corpse for 1 focus in the maintenance phase.
Kill Shot: When the Kraken kills a model in melee, once per turn, it can make a ranged attack. Walk up to a heavy, kill it, then put a pie plate from the hellblaster into a nearby unit of infantry. A truly powerful death machine!!!


Casters Who Want the Kraken?

If you are not already investing in a bunch of arc nodes, not uncommon for cryx, then the Kraken might be a good fit.

Goreshade3 the Lord of Ruin has some great synergy with his feat freezing stuff for the Kraken to pull up and eat it. Combined with the Infernal Machine buff the Kraken will have no trouble clearing out the trash.

Venethrax and Terminal Velocity is great for the Kraken when fighting against HORDES. Also his feat could keep the heavy warbeast too full of fury to retaliate.

All in all every cryx caster has some interesting tech for the Kraken. Some directly through buffs other indirectly through debuffs.


BoLS Unboxing: Cryx Kraken & Sepulcher Combo Kit

What do you think BOLS? Is the Kraken going to be unleashed in your lists?

  • ZeeLobby

    Still one of the coolest colossals imo.

  • Malisteen

    So… can you murder your own mechanithralls in melle to power up your gun and fire it some more?

    • zeno666

      No, Cryx have to play fair in Mk3 😉
      It only works on enemy models.
      Also, Cryx can’t double dipp anymore where the Kraken get the corpse token, and his buddy the Harrower get the soul.
      These days enemy models only give you one piece of candy.