Hordes Minions: Splatter Boar’s New Moves



The Splatter Boar’s small gun platform has a lot of versatility in the new edition. Take a look!

Guest Article by JohnheV

I missed or did I?


Lucky Shot: Old school (MK2) artillerist for 1 fury very good. Being one of the few non self only animi in the new edition the possibilities are plentiful.

Every list with an AoE will want one of these little babies to increase their accuracy and output.




Alchemical Mask: Gorman proof and allows him to not be effected his own product.

Bacon: Cute and flavorful also more of a detriment because chances are it is your opponents warbeast who is doing the killing.

Arching Fire (Alchemical Morter): Good luck hiding from this guy.

Attack Type – Acid Blast, Psycoactive Gas, Smoke Blast (Alchemical Morter): These three shots with the animus allow the splatter boar to be extremely versatile and fill a variety of roles. Acid Blast will be the primary choice but do not estimate psychoactive gas to cause problems for your horde opponents and smoke blast having the possibility to be a nuisance.

Inaccurate (Alchemical Morter): Directly hitting your target will be difficult but lucky shot helps offset this.


Tactics with Casters:

Carver: Gives the Splater boar great survivability and allows it to keep shooting of that gun longer with batten down the hatches.

Arkadius: Crippling grasp really sets off the power of the gun and allows you a better chance of actually hitting them target fully negating inaccurate with lucky shot.

Helga: Shield gun anyone? Why wouldn’t you take this little guy with Helga they will be best friends allowing her to easily hit with her powerful gun.

Midis: This is a tough one as neither of them do a whole lot for the other but the Splatter Boar is just so useful, he might even fit in here.

Strum and Drang: Why not take one with the two gentlemen who can’t make up their mind he’s a bargain and a lot of fun.

Hey BoLS what do you think of the Splatter Boar please put your comments below.

  • ZeeLobby

    Bout to pick up a second. I love the artwork but not official paint job, so I’ll be going brighter for sure.