40K: Beast Arises – The Beast Must Die Out Now!


Part 8 of the Beast Arises Series is now available – The Beast Must DIE!

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The Beast Must Die

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The time has come – if the Imperium is to survive the ork invasion, it must strike at the heart of the greenskin empire. Their home world has been identified, and Koorland, aided by a primarch, leads the assault…

A primarch, the last Imperial Fist and the biggest Imperial army since the Heresy walk into the ork homeworld… but it’s no joke. This is the big one, and drama is guaranteed.

The Imperium has been brought to the edge of extinction by an ork invasion of unprecedented scale and depth. Piecemeal strikes against the invaders prove ineffective – for every ork fleet destroyed, five more appear. The only solution is to find and kill the orks’ warlord – the Great Beast. Surely if its leader is killed, the greenskins’ empire will fall apart in agony of infighting and confusion. Lord Commander Koorland assembles a mighty army, but when they arrives on the orks home world, the forces of the Imperium discover they have disastrously underestimated the might and ingenuity of their enemy.

Written by Gav Thorpe


This is part 8 of 12 for the Beast Arises Series. Amazon spilled the beans on this massive collection earlier this year. If you’ve been following the story so far then you know that this series is full action. We’ve got Primarchs, Space Marines, Eldar, Imperial Guard, Adeptus Mechanicus, crazy fleet battles, traitors & allies of all types,  BILLIONS of citizens fighting….oh and ORKS HAVE A DEATHSTAR! Is this just over the top or the perfect amount of Grim Dark ridiculousness? Read to find out!


Well, the Orks were made for Fightin’ – whaddya expect?!

  • amaximus167

    “oh and ORKS HAVE A DEATHSTAR!” is precisely the reason I have not read this series.

    • Randy Randalman

      You weren’t even aware of that detail until today. Besides, Orks have regularly had access to giant “hulking” spacecraft with ridiculous weapons. They are just the only ones who believe they work – and thus, the only ones who can get them to work.

      How about you read the series so you can make an informed contribution?

      • Crevab

        We’ve known about the Attack Moon for months.

        I’d say keep your smug condescension for when you’re right, but then you’d never get to use it 🙂

        • euansmith

          “Dat ain’t no Moon!”

          “Oi godda bad feelin’ ’bout dis!”

          • Zack Seiders

            oh god I just have a hilariously horribly vision in how an ork deathstar would perform “multiple lasers that destroy a planet… only the lasers hit everything BUT the planet they targeted.

        • ZeeLobby

          I somethings thing Randy Randalman, wibbling and TweetleBeetle are all the same person, lol.

          • euansmith

            You are Pimpcron, and I claim my £5!

        • Steven Hyche

          Whole months?!

          I havent read it but reviews from a dude that hasnt either are in fact no real contribution.

          • amaximus167

            There are a few errors in both Randy’s and your premise. First, I was not trying to give a ‘real contribution’ to the discussion of the story so much as respond to the BoLS statement about whether the Killa Moon (Deff Star) was ‘too much.’ Without even reading the story, my opinion is, it is too much for me to even want to invest my time in starting it. It also was, in fact, not a review of the story, but a statement. A statement of opinion. An opinion of a premise that sounded awful to me. Do not confuse a one sentence statement with a review. Do not confuse an answer to a question asked in the article as a contribution to the whole story.

            Second, the ‘few months,’ goes back to October, when BoLS first leaked the Killa Moon concept that I found to be so utterly ridiculous, not only because I have already seen A New Hope and Return of the Jedi (and now Force Awakens) enough times that the fan service seemed beyond forced, but also, the hypocrisy of a company that goes so hard after IP infringement that they totally killed their fantasy world would use such an obvious BS tactic as ‘hey, the Orks have a Death Star,’ to be vomit inducing.

            I have no delusions that my opinion is anything other than that. An opinion, which, is based on synopsis, other reviews and the word of other readers. Which, is usually how these things work in the entertainment industry. I try to stay away from wasting time on things that bother me. That being said, go ahead and read it! I won’t even be upset if you enjoy it! I am sure I love things that you wouldn’t, but being that I don’t identify my personality with what I enjoy I don’t get worked up when someone doesn’t like something I love.

          • Steven Hyche

            Your whle tone is just straight GW hate. Thats the main reason your opinion is flawed not how long you knew about the moon. You just hit a multi paragraph anti gw rant and even through in a token AoS bash during a book review.

          • amaximus167

            Nice attempt at redirection. You made a statement about how long we knew about the moon. That is why I responded about that. Now you want to change the subject to it being about something else? About some misperceived GW hate? Once again, a flawed premise. Where in my opinion did I ever say I hate GW? No where. That’s right. I never said that because I don’t hate GW. It isn’t even implied as I stayed on the subject of the thing I was complaining about rather than jumping all over and making blanket statements about GW. Just to reiterate, I said I didn’t like the Killa Moon concept and the hypocrisy about IP infringement that it presents. That is all I ever said. I am not sure what world I live in where voicing a complaint about one thing in a story means nothing but hate for GW.

            Also, saying that GW had to kill their fantasy system due to IP infringement is not bashing AoS at all. It is simply stating a fact. I never once said anything positive OR negative about AoS. I am pretty sure that if you check out all the AoS posts on BoLS you’ll find that I have never complained about AoS outside of occasionally not liking a model or two. You’re reading into something I never said, putting words into my mouth and you want to talk about flawed opinions?

          • Steven Hyche

            You are the one that jumped the shark and started talking about how they killed fantasy. Yes your whole thing sounds like another silly nit pick due. Everything is a copy now. All movies, books, tv shows… Can be tied to something else. So good job in pointing that out.

          • amaximus167

            “You are the one that jumped the shark and started talking about how they killed fantasy.”

            Here you go accusing me of things again. How exactly did I ‘jump the shark’ when I used them killing an entire setting as an example of GW voraciously going after IP infringement? Seems like that is the best example to use when backing up my statement of their voracity. Also, being that ‘jump the shark’ roughly means “a term to describe a moment when something that was once great has reached a point where it will now decline in quality and popularity,” it not only confuses me that you would use that as a defense against my statement but it also makes me laugh at the irony of you using it when my original comment was basically how I feel that GW was kind of jumping the shark with the Killa Moons. Before that is taken out of context as complete GW hate, I don’t think that GW will completely decline in popularity, but is could be argued that it is a dent in their armor of quality.

            “Yes your whole thing sounds like another silly nit pick due.” (sp)

            Another silly nit-pick is completely different than ‘straight GW hate,’ and ‘anti GW rant.’ It is fine for you to think it is a nit-pick. I don’t expect you to agree with me. However, I will argue your points when they are in fact wrong. Which they were in your previous responses. I neither hate GW nor have any ill feelings for AoS. Those sentiments were filled in by you. My point stayed on topic and never veered into the territory of generalized GW bashing.

            “All movies, books, tv shows… Can be tied to something else.”

            This is true. Some movies, books and tv shows do this in subtle ways. Others do this in heavy handed ways. Some in ways that are an honorable tip of the hat, others that are just straight up rip-offs. I feel like the Killa Moons are heavy handed straight up rip-offs, especially when using GW’s own metric for what an IP rip-off is. I feel that since this heavy handed shark jumping rip off is one of GWs main selling points of the story that it is not even particularly nit-picky either however, a valid reason to not want to read the story.

            “So good job in pointing that out.”

            You’re welcome.

      • amaximus167

        Wow, really? For someone that wants to discuss informed contributions you sure have no clue when I heard about that detail. As a matter of fact, it has been discussed on BoLS multiple times. I read about it first, here, when it was leaked way back. I find the idea of GW copying the Deathstar even as an Ork weapon to be incredibly silly. Silly enough that I don’t want to read it. But if it makes you feel better, I have read synopsis, reviews and talked to people that have read some of them. I am hearing nothing about it that makes me excited enough to get pass the Deff Starr.

      • Thomas Gardiner

        So you’re not allowed to say “this product doesn’t excite me because it sounds dumb?”

        You’re only allowed to pass any comment about a piece of media content at all after you’ve consumed it?

        Yeah, I don’t think that’s how it works, dude.

    • euansmith

      Da Deffstar 😉

      • amaximus167

        HaHA! I hear the main gunner only has one arm…

  • euansmith

    From the headline, I thought that the book title was, “The Beast Must Die Out Now!”, like a slightly more passive aggressive version of, “Destroy All Monsters”.

    • ZeeLobby


  • Thomas Gardiner

    This series started off with a lot of promise. Then they started bringing in nonsense like “The entire Imperial Fists chapter is dead except one guy! The Orks have a deathstar! Primarchs are back!”

    It just devolved into utter stupidity, even by the standards of an OTT fictional world like 40k.

  • Simon Chatterley

    Sheesh, everyone one here seems to be someone else. Here I am just dunk…just doesn’t seem like I’m trying hard enough

    • amaximus167

      I am certainly, also, very drunk right now.

  • Atharius

    They’ve had an Eversor assassin in a stasis pod on Mars for like 4 books now. God damn it just let him out you bastards.

  • SundaySilence

    Trigger warning: The following lines are intended to be sarcasm and in no way deliberately inflammatory. End of trigger warning.

    People who don’t like these books are just SM fanboys and general haters. Orks finally get a series of books about them after years and years of it just being about ‘Lord Maximus Shiny-Pants Aurelian’ the Space Marine and the angst of being a demi-God in service to a psychic zombie; it’s finally time the Orks got a look in!


    Seriously though; the books are good and fun to read. They’re not everyone’s flavour but then what in life is?

    • amaximus167

      Nah, I am not a SM fanboy by any means nor a general hater. I was excited when I first heard about it, doubly so when I heard Abnett was starting it. I just really cannot get passed the idea of the Killa Moons. It really bothers me. I am glad that you’re enjoying them though.

  • William Jameson

    “The Beast Must Die” is also the name of a movie about the hunting of werewolves. I highly recommend it.

    • euansmith

      Thanks for the that. The trailer is hilarious. I can’t wait for the “Werewolf Break”, I’m calling Peter Cushing for the werewolf, at the monster appears to be wearing spectacles on the poster.


  • am1t

    The part where Vulkan is like “I am back bi-atches” to the High Lords of Terra … then John-Woo-bolt-pistol-in-each-hand shoots them to death gangster-style … “This is for my daddy and my dead homies”