40K RUMORS: Battle for Prospero Box is Coming!


You heard that right, get in here for the latest scuttlebutt on the next “big boxed game” from GW:


Ok, word is still very, very sketch on this one, and it will take some time to get exact details. Here is what we are hearing so far from multiple sources:

  • The new boxed game is coming later this year.
  • The game’s setting and theme is the Battle for Prospero.
  • Look for plastic contents on par with Betrayal at Calth
  • Combatants are described as Thousand Sons vs Space Wolves  and “others”


Putting the Pieces Together

Ok, let’s get some things down.

We’ve heard from Sad Panda earlier this year that another Horus Heresy type game is coming, but that is was not a direct sequel.

There is no Betrayal at Calth expansion (not counting White Dwarf material and possibly something digital).

There is a separate HH-based game, but it was written before Calth hit the shelves. It is no more an expansion to Calth than Overkill is an expansion to Execution Force. It simply shares the same setting/time period.

There have also been persistent rumors of the next Horus Heresy boxed game including MkIII Boarding marine minis and having more of a hand to hand combat theme, and that any such game has been done for quite some time.

We also know that the next Horus Heresy fancy black leatherbound hardback Book 7: Inferno is all about the Battle for Prospero – only a few months away now.

For you Horus Heresy Fans, you know what forces were present at the Battle for Prospero.

Lexicanum lists the following combatants:

If even one of those three non-astatres got some plastic minis GW might have another runaway hit on their hands, just like Betrayal at Calth!


~Who would be up for that kind of boxed game?

  • Deacon Ix

    Not really bothered about the game but if it has a good discount on minis then I’ll be up for it (esp is assault marine are in there)

  • Talos2

    Erm………yes…….please. Slightly concerned though if gw have had too much input on the custodes design. You just know they’d over do it if they got their hands on them before fw designers

    • Chris Lysander

      face palm since gw if fw and fw is gw

      • WindSplash

        no, FW it’s a branch that was acquired not long ago.
        They have different designers, art direction and rule designers.

        • Anon

          FW was not “acquired” – it has always been part of GW itself.

          It is however autonomous and has it’s own staff.

      • Talos2

        They are. But the designers have a very different approach. Gw tend to go with a very heroic overly muscular design approach, fw tend to reign it in in favour of a little bit of realism and believe ability.

      • FW designer: “I meticulously ensured all the details and lines flowed with the body. I needed it to look like this was the climax of the action, so I spent countless hours viewing fencing, kendo, MMA and Greco-Roman wrestling to make sure the human movement made sense. Also, to get the Cape right, I went out and bought several heavy fabrics and did multiple drop and fan testing. Finally, the face was sculpted to both capture the rage and sense of loss this marine is feeling”

        GW designer: “Skulls. Skulls are good. Also, screw aerodynamics.”

        • KingThrogg

          You won BOLS today.

        • ZeeLobby

          THIS. GW and FW may be the same company, but FW designers are separate from GW ones, and honestly, put a lot more love/effort into making a model look aesthetically good.

        • ChubToad

          But.. but skulls are not ok?

          • One or two here and there is fine.

            But when it looks like the Imperium of Man is actually the Cult of Skeletor things have gotten out of hand.

          • Me

            This has to be my favorite comment of the year so far.

    • Andrew Long

      Given most of these FW and GW designs initially come from John Blanche’s art, I wouldn’t worry about this at all. Assuming Custodes are even there (would be very surprised if this were true), GW are actually very good at making his art into sculpture form – look at the Cult Mechanicus models of late or the Silver Tower Tzeentch models – Straight outta Blanche’s head.

      • Talos2

        I hope you’re right, though having said that I can’t think of many models ever released that I hate more than the castellan robots. So not like those then

        • Andrew Long

          True. I did stick with FW castellax on that score. But on the flipside, the tech priest with them is so great too. Curse you GW!

          Just on that, a chap in Adeptus Mechanicus FB page did this with the head, I think vastly improving it.

          • Talos2

            Yeah, the guns are a huge improvement too.

    • ghettohamburglar

      GW > FW only becuase the new plastics > resin. Espically FW quality resin…

  • The_Illusionist

    I’ve had my eye on Thousand Sons for a while now, ever since I read their associated novel. The convenience of splitting a box with someone and getting all the appropriate helmets, shoulder pads and the likes is just what I needed, given what the same thing did for My Word Bearer friends.

    • Wa Bell

      The idea of having a 40K CSM army with MkIII assault marines, and rubric marines as tacticals all actual 1Ksons models makes me giddy. Still a guaranteed loser, but it would get me painting again.

  • Shiwan8

    I would not be against some assault marines.

    • Frank Underwood

      Or a different armour mark? MkII would be the bomb

      • Shiwan8

        Sure. As long as it’s not the same units that were presented in Calth box. I’ve got 3 of those and thus do not need any of that. Breachers, assault marines, different HQs, heavy weapons and so on and I’m happy. If it’s just “here’s the same box but these marines you can paint with these different colors than the previous ones”…well, it would be very GWish…sadly.

        • Wa Bell

          Sadly, just like the codexes (looking at you Black legion photo-shopped and assembly line painted minis.

        • Daniil Osudin

          i don’t think they would put the same units in the next game.. wouldn’t make any sense, they already did those units and have them even separate now.

          • Shiwan8

            if those 2 games are meant to fit together then sure, it would make sense to not double up. Otherwise I’m not so sure.

          • draekus

            I believe the rumor says the two games do not go together. I haven’t picked up Calth yet because I want my SW’s mostly in Mk 2 and 3.So I’m hoping this box is similar to Calth and just includes the proper torso/shoulder pad upgrades for SW/TS’s on Mk 2/3, but who knows…

          • Shiwan8

            Fat chance on those legion specifics. They want to sell the game alot. It will sell less if it’s legion specific.

          • draekus

            Absolutely agree with you. But then that logic would make this rumor false, right? Because a “prospero” set would be very specific no matter what. Even if they dont include legion (SW/TS) specific upgrades, then it would be Sisters/Spire Guard…which are also very specific?

          • Shiwan8

            That would be good.

          • Daniil Osudin

            doesn’t matter if the box games are separate or linked, they are using these boxed games to put out a new range of horus heresy miniatures, everyone already got calth set, so most would want other new miniatures, thus it would make sense to put an assault squad or a breacher squad as troops and some other elites or heavy support, maybe even jetbikes

          • Shiwan8

            It would make sense. A lot of things that GW has blatantly avoided make sense. 😀

  • Jay

    Love the boxed sets – the separate models/units keep getting sillier prices.

  • LordFancyPants

    Plastic sisters

  • amaximus167

    It would certainly make perfect business sense to roll out a box set the same time that FW releases the book. Still not sure if that is what they will do though.

    • Wa Bell

      Sadly that would create a spike in sales and drive desire for both products. Can’t have that now can we?

  • ctFallen

    I really really hope this is true!

  • piglette

    GW rewards SM babbies yet AGAIN. Meanwhile it’s 2016 and we still don’t have plastic Sisters.

    • Logan Sama

      You just reset the clock. Only yourself to blame

  • Red_Five_Standing_By

    Cannot Wait!

  • Daniil Osudin

    good. i started my thousand sons with betrayal at calth + upgrades, so by the time they release this i will have the current ones painted 😀

  • draekus

    How often are the rumors on 40k radio (Romeo and crew) true? Cause on their last (exit) episode, which was week’s ago, they predicted exactly this.

    • Anon

      The rumour was flying around long before they got it. 40K radio is much like BOLS. Repeating stuff they hear elsewhere. Occasionally they get lucky.