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GW developers were talking this weekend about Adeptus Titanicus.  Here’s the latest:

via Warseer’s Pushkin 7-17-2016

I had a really nice chat with Andy Hoare…

Anyway adepticus titanicus is his next project. By the sound of things this makes a warlord the size of a contemptor.
There’s going to be some terrain in the box inspired by the old cardboard buildings, but this will be plastic, everything else is going to be resin.
By the sound of things the focus is going to be getting a decent model range for the HH first. We talked about how hard it is to do all ranges and all unit types in epic, and I think the focus is very much Titans, tanks and flyers!

This is due in 2017 and will all be under the forgeworld banner.

via The Imperial Truth (Facebook) 7-18-2016

Adeptus Titanicus is looking to bring in many of the old style rules, order systems etc, damaging…
Adeptus Titanicus campaign allows pilots to survive where the Titans might not (ejecting), rules for machine spirits.
Adeptus Titanicus encouraging multiple play modes, points no points etc Feature custom dice, critical tables etc





via Dakka’ Zedmeister 7-17-2016

Adeptus Titanicus
And now, Adeptus Titancius. As mentioned above, the original play test box is quite the relic and was worth a look.
– They’re digging into all previous Epic games for inspiration, but it will be a new rule set.
– Expect Titans to have a plasma reactor power tracker to keep track of how much power they have.
– They’ll be able to overload the reactor to boost power with a risk (Overload voids, increase speed, etc)
– Harpoons will be back but nowhere near as ridiculous as they used to be!
– Expect 2nd edition Epic orders and damage charts
– Expect 1st edition campaign and upgrade rules
– Engine war will be a bit of a slugfest, with Titans slowly blasting each other to Atoms, staggering about, weapons missing, systems burnt out, but still able to fight until you smash the legs, pulverise the MIU’s or cause the reactor to go nuclear.
– Manourberability is key – the heavier the Titan, the slower they are. He described a play test where his final warlord was scragged when an enemy warhound got behind it and he didn’t have enough power to overload the reactor to take more turns than they can
– Knights are objective grabbers and shield droppers, don’t expect them to go toe to toe with Titans and survive
– Campaign games are the default mode of play, similar to Necromunda as he described it. With options for competitive and open play.
– Machine spirit personality will play a role. This sounded really exciting. Titans will pick up a personality the more used they are. So you could end up wth a Titan geared for close combat and have it turn into a bit of berserker which will have an effect of it becoming less controllable in battle. ‘Resting’ the Titan becomes an important choice to make. Yes, your Titan could end up with PTSD or worse…
– They’re starting out with the three classes and Knights, all in resin
– They’ll be a game box that’ll contain just the rules and terrain, a Horus heresy style black book for the main rules with additional background and colour imagery and the models in resin
– As for future Titans, expect a new class between warlord and reaver as well as a Nemesis class and, he got really excited, PsiTitans (at last)! Imperator would only appear if the game proves popular
– They’re now running through play testing the game with a wider player base

It was mentioned that a typical game would be 1 warlord, 1-2 reavers and 2-3 warhounds.

In terms of the rules, he did mention that they’d take on and adapt rules from previous editions only if they made sense and added to the tactical experience. They wouldn’t add them in for the sake of it. He also mentioned that they’re not afraid of a bit of complexity if, again, it made sense.

Finally, I’ve just recalled that they’re like to sell hulls without weapons and sell the weapons separately.

Personally, I think a fully equipped Warlord will be about the same as a fully equipped Leviathan Dreadnought.


Part 2

It was James Hewitt I chatted to and he was willing to divulge quite a lot of information and was clearly excited on the topic (as was I!). I’m still recalling things as I managed to collar him for nearly 30 minutes! Allow me to expand a few points. Be advised that he was describing early playtest rules. He’s only played it internally with 3 man team. He’s currently frantically printing out paper models for an expanded playtest across GW. So bear that in mind:

Like previous Epic versions, it’s currently an alternative activation system instead of UGOIGO

The plasma Tracker
The plasma tracker was very interesting. Each Titan will have a certain amount of power they generate per turn. They then use the power to move, fire weapons, do damage control and repair voids. There’s currently an overload mechanic whereby you can increase the power they generate to do additional actions. However, overtaxing the reactor carries risks, though he didn’t expand on the risks.

Titan Datasheets
He described each Titan as having its own unit card with stats (move, turns etc.), plasma power tracker, damage track and weapon hard points. He seemed to be describing a hybrid of 1st Edition (weapon hard points, stats and refits) and 2nd Edition Titan datasheets (hit location and critical damage tables).

Expanded Description of his Playtest
He described a typical Warlord as having 4 inch movement and a single 90 degree turn. Warhounds having an 8 inch movement and could make two 90 degree turns. In his playtest, he described the final turn with only 1 Warlord facing off against 2 Warhounds, with everything else disabled or destroyed. One Warhound distracted him to the front, and took down the Warlords last remaining Voids. The Warlord then returned fire and blew it away. But, crucially, failed his reactor overload and was not able to take an additional turn to face the other, hidden, Warhound with his thicker frontal armour. This left his rear, and the vulnerable reactor housing, exposed and unshielded. On the Warhound’s turn, it moved out and fired on the rear of an unshielded Warlord and breached its reactor!

Machine Spirit Personalities
This is something that, as he described, was hinted at in the background but something that he’d like to explore within the game. I think ideas are still being developed, but he wanted to give Titan’s their own personalities, for example the close-combat equipped Titan turning into a berserker. The idea being that you try to issue the Titan an order but the Machine Spirit, feeling more than a little rage as a result of doing far too much close combat and not having any rest, starts exerting its influencing on the Princeps! He mentioned that during campaigns, you’ll want to rest Titans as they become mentally burnt out and start developing undesirable personalities.

Game Types

He described the default game as Campaign games and used Necromunda as an example – you have a roster and for a game, you choose entries from your roster. Between games, you can apply for refits and your crews gain experience. Ejecting heads were mooted as an example of the Princeps and Moderatii being able to survive the destruction of their Titan. He described that, similar to Age of Sigmar, they’re also planning to have an open play and competitive play option as well for those who just want to plop down some Titans and just have at it.

He really wants to codify Titans. He’s currently been scouring archives and has got a lot of material including Jes Goodwin’s ancient sketches.

The Future
He got very excited when I mentioned Psi-Titans!
Imperator Titans would only appear if the game proves to be popular.
I asked about Banelord Titans and vehicles. Again, it’s all about popularity.
However, he is writing the rules engine so that they are able to add in vehicles or infantry without requiring a whole new set of rules to be written. He described the jarring effect of Titans and Infantry needing two sets of rules in previous games and it’s something that he definitely wants to avoid.


via B&C’ marvmoogy 7-17-2016

I had a chat with Daren Parrwood about all things big and bi-pedal.

Quite cryptic in places, but he did say that all Adeptus Titanicus models are being designed in 40k scale then downsized for the game. Strong hint that the models released for just that game will eventually find their way into the 30k/40k world.


~A lot of these concepts were present in the original Adeptus Titanicus, so it is great to see them bring it back with  a vengeance!  I can hardly wait.


  • Manwiththedogs

    Sounds excellent!

    • edendil

      It all sounds pretty fantastic. Except the release date. Too long to wait.

  • euansmith

    “… all Adeptus Titanicus models are being designed in 40k scale then downsized for the game.”

    This sounds a bit odd, as I presume that the models are being designed on a computer, so that scaling up and down isn’t an issue. Also, because, a 28mm Titan model tends to have one zillion pieces, with operating pistons and whatnot, a level of modelling complexity that, one would hope, would not be carried over in to the Epic scale models.

    • Thomson

      It is far easier to design a high detail model and then scale it down and remove detail, than to design a low detail model, scale it up and then add the detail. The added detail always looks like… uh… it was added and not integral to the design.

      • pad_uk

        ^ This.

  • Thatroubleshootah

    The game might be fun. Resin is always a drag compared to plastic, though. I would pay ten or twenty bucks or so for a six inch tall robot if I only needed six of them to fight a robot war. Not crazy about having to buy a chassis and then buy separate arms and a head. Gw may want to look at drop zone and battletech. These games make it easy on the consumer to buy stuff for their army.

    • pad_uk

      A “Leviathan Sized” resin Warlord Titan is not going to be $20 unfortunately. More like £70 – £80 each. Reavers at say £50 and Warhounds at what, £30???? Typical game as stated above would be 1 Warlord, 2 Reavers & 3 Warhounds (ish) = just short of £300. Ouch.
      Still getting at least enough for one Loyalist and one Traitor army though! LOL
      C’mon February!!!

      • OldHat

        Yea, I hope they are not that price point, but I will still be all in anyhow. Damn them!

  • Shiwan8

    Thanks to brexit I’ll likely skip this one. The “you have pay taxes to 2 countries because we want to mitigate the cash flow that is going away from our own retailers even though the product you bought can not be legitimately bought from a retailer in the country you live in” idiocy of the customs just makes it not worth it.

    Now, if we could order FW stuff through GW stores, that would make this game reasonable outside UK too.

    • ChubToad

      I must agree. being FW this game is going to be quite expensive I presume. And Brexit will not help either.

      • wibbling

        The UK leaving the EU won’t make any difference to the cost of the game. It will affect currencies, but the likelihood of that being markedly different to how it is today is massively unlikely.

        On the upside, the UK is now completely free to trade with the US on equitable – instead of punitive – terms!

        • ChubToad

          Yeah, giving it a deep thought I think you’re right. Exchange rates will help a lot. I live outside the US and we’re already looking at at least 10% “discount” on UK products, because the pound lost footing against the dollar. If UK products increase pirce, ithis might be mitigated by the exchange rate. Which will leave us almost the same.

      • Shiwan8

        Well, it’s 10-30 % increase in real money…24% if I remember correctly, and here you pay that for the postage fees also. 100€ woth of FW would then cost roughly 110€*1,24. That nets you a fireraptor at most and I’m not sure if that even covers the cost. So, close to 140€ for a glorified stormraven.

  • Mira Bella

    I have really high hopes for this one. 🙂

  • Boondox

    I still have two original sets of AD with all the expansions and I’m very glad they’re bringing it back. However, my only complaint is that the titans will be in resin. IMO resin is more fragile and more expensive. FW is great but not everything has to be in resin…

    • Eric Buchanan

      Its a smaller finanical commitment than making hard plastic molds. If this takes off like Horus Heresy 28mm line did, then perhaps we’ll get hard plastic titans.

      The article makes it seem like there is cautious optmism for the product, but until they see how it sells they dont want commit to a large roadmap of items.

  • Damistar

    I’m excited for this game, but I’m hoping that they change their minds about the FW only models. I think if they’re really trying to do a proper release they should make the main three (Warlord, Reaver and Warhound in plastic with the starter and then have FW make different weapon fits and the more esoteric and rare units.

    • Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation

      The number of new sprues GW put out for quite obscure models these days you’d think they could spare a sprue to make plastic warhound and reavers at least.

      • Damistar

        That’s my thinking, I mean look at all the one shot stuff in Deathwatch:Overkill or Silver Tower. If they can justify that expense then why not Titans? If the game takes off then they can piece part them out like they’re doing for BoC.

        • nurglitch

          BaC is a fantastic game, but an AT game in a different scale from GW most popular game doesn’t have the same cross-over appeal.

          • Damistar

            That’s true, but I don’t think it would be a great problem to them to make it. Especially if they’re hoping to launch a new generation line.

          • nurglitch

            Again, the stated choice is to redo the scale of their Epic line, so no retro-compatibilty with people’s existing products.

          • Boondox

            I understand the business aspect in regards to resin versus plastic so I’m with you there. But by the same logic why would they release the original AT in plastic? Brand new product, no compatibility at that time with anything else made by GW.
            I’m just a crusty AT player who wants my toys in plastic because I break the resin ones too easy…

          • nurglitch

            The original AT with play-and-play weapons was a fantastic, fun alternative to a market that, until that time, was basically Battle tech or bust. My only point previously was that BaC appealed both to an existing 40k fan base with cheap miniatures, and those of us interested in playing a board game about Calth.

          • Boondox

            I dunno, I can see kitbashing some AT titans to use in 40K. Probably the meds talking again though…

  • jcdent

    Boo at the no unit starter. However, as a FW product, it’s probably not going to be sold in stores anyways, so if you’re hams enough to know about Forgeworld, you’re hams enough to buy the things separately,

  • James Tompsett

    This is almost a reason to live for.

  • Deez

    This sounds like a lot of fun! But knowing Forge World, this will be out of my spending comfort zone. Unless they do a Betrayal at Calth like box set.

  • Bryan Ruhe

    Okay. I’ve gotten pretty used to the naff editing here on BoLS, but “manourberability?” Seriously? Is it that hard to add “[sic]?” Gee whiz.

    Game sounds awesome but terribly expensive.

  • nurglitch

    I was really hoping for plastic.

  • My wallet has already started pre-crying sad, sad tears.

    But hey, new Epic! I’m on board for this.

  • aka_mythos

    As a rumor control: what Pushkin says about Contemptor sized Warlords is not consistent with previous rumors. Previous rumors have the Warlord at “about 6 inches tall” which is consistent with FW’s insistence that the game is 8mm… A warlord in 8mm scales to just over 6 inches. A Contemptor is shy of 3 inches, which is what a Reaver Titan should be.

    • Jimi Steele

      There’s a picture of one, a Warlord I think, that was taken last open day. It’s clearly no more than 3 to 4 inches, as it’s standing next to a full Warlord. 8mm is only about 10% bigger than 6mm, and considering the old minis are still 2-3 inches, these won’t be that big.

      Not to mention, if every titan in this game were 6 inches tall, AND in resin, their price would be on par with a FW knight, and I don’t think that would do very well.

      • aka_mythos

        They 3D printed all the Titans at a number of different scales to decide which scale AT would be at and at the event the picture comes from they were adamant the smaller warlord wasn’t for AT, it may have simply been one of those tests to figure out what scale they wanted or something tied solely to the production of the 40k scaled Warlord.

        It is fact that if you scale the 40k warlord to the 8mm scale it’s just over 6″ tall… So either that model is wrong or they’re wrong when they say the game is 8mm scale.

        It is fact that while the infantry in epic were 6mm the Titan models themselves were close to half their appropriate sizes. Both by admission of the game designers and as a matter of number crunching. For instance a Reaver Titan scaled to 6mm should be 3″ tall but the Reaver Titan miniatures for epic were only 1-3/4″ tall.

        Only the Warlord is reported to be 40k Knight paladin sized; the others would scale closely to some of the different 30k dreadnoughts. It isn’t surprising that they are making Mechs that end up similarly sized to the Mechs in the other scale… They know they can sell a Contemptor for £35 without weapons and now they’ll sell a warhound or reaver similarly.

        When people hear FW and Knight sized they picture the Cerastus Knights but those are closer to 9″ tall rather than the 6″ of the Knight Paladin. Excluding Knights the next closest model to 6″ tall is the Thanatar at a bulky 5-1/4″ tall. This model is ~£70. While Cerastus Knights are ~£170. I’m guessing based on this it’s probably going to cost ~£100 for the warlord and ~£120-130 when you add on the weapons.

        This game isn’t as large in scope as Epic was. Your typical force is suppose to be upto 3 Warlords worth of models, with warhounds, reavers, and Knights being optional alternatives… So you won’t have to own as much as you did to play the old epic. This makes the average sized army cost half of what it typically costs to build a full FW army in 40k/30k.

        You are welcome to believe what you like. I was pointing out the inconsistencies in the post as I’m sure you felt you were doing the same to mine.

        • Jimi Steele

          Didn’t mean to come across as insulting. I wasn’t aware of the context behind the picture of the small warlord. You seem to know a lot about the scale and size stuff.

          I’m curious, what is the exact ‘scale’ or 8mm? If the titans will be that large (which I think will still be very cool, so long as the price isn’t devastating), I wonder how big the Knights would be.

          • aka_mythos

            No worries.

            In general you should expect a Knight Paladin to be about 1-3/4″. That’s 1/4″ bigger than a 40k terminator, but smaller than a 40k Marine in Centurion armor. The Cerastus Knights should end up about 2-1/3″, which is closer to the size of a Marine in centurion Armor.

            This should give you a strong sense of how different this scale is and how wrong the old epic scale was; the old Reaver Titan model was 1-3/4″. If people want to be economical or just use their old minis as a stop gap… the old Reaver is about Knight sized and old Warlord is about Warhound sized… On the reaver, since Knights have missile pods, it just about counting-as the arm weapons appropriately. The old Warlord you can just leave off the carapace weapons.

  • Benderisgreat

    Oh look, epic’s going back to epic scale! Maybe now 40k will shed some of the excess?


  • Bayne MacGregor

    Contempter sized titans? Plastic terrain in the box? Taking the best of the original rules including camapign system? SOLD!!!!! I’m in!

  • Boondox

    So will it start in 30K or 40K? I think it would be cool to see pre-Unity or pre-Imperium Titans as character models.