AoS: Savage Orruks Inbound


The Bonesplitterz are back to crack some skulls and Waaagh! everywhere – The Savage Orruks are coming!

White Dwarf #129 has been spotted in the wild and it confirms that the Savage Orukk Bonesplitterz are charging ahead with a brand new battletome!

via Scanner

Orruks1 Savage Orks crop 1 13652327_10153808513858546_1702941978_n

It looks like the Savage Orruks are getting repackaged and getting the new oval/round bases. The models don’t look to be updated. Here are some pics of the old models for for comparison sake:

99120209025_SavageOrcsBoarBoyzNEW01 99120209025_SavageOrcsBoarBoyzNEW02

If you were looking to start play the Savage Orruks of the Bonesplitterz you might want to go ahead and order a few of the older boxes now. They are still at the $29 price range and the models don’t appear to have changed a ton…

Savage Orruks $29


The Bonesplitterz are tattoo-covered savages, who bellow their devotion to Gorkamorka as they sprint headlong into battle. Led by mysterious and magical shamans, they form vast tribal armies armed
with flint and fury that hunt the great monsters of the realms.

This set will make 10 Savage Orruks that can be armed with a selection of weapons that includes Stone Choppas, Flint Spears, Feral Bows, Crude Shields; two orruks can carry a Big Stabba between them. You also have the option to assemble a Savage Orruk Boss, Icon Bearer and Skull Basher. To make sure you never run out of options, this kit has 114 components for you to build your unit exactly how you want it.

Savage Orruks Boarboys $29


In the vanguard of the Bonesplitter warclans are the Boarboys, who crash into their opponents with shuddering force. Flint spears spit enemies as tusks punch through armour and gore the flesh beneath.

Each box contains 95 components to build five Savage Orruk Boar Boys armed with Crude Choppas and Flint Spears, including the options for a Savage Orruk Boarboy Boss, Icon Bearer and Tribal Drummer. Includes five 25mm x 50mm Bases.


These boxes still come with square/rectangle bases so if you want to get the new round bases you’ll have to order them separately. Then again, with the rules for Age of Sigmar, it doesn’t really matter what type of bases you have because you measure to the model. You can still do base-to-base for measuring (that’s actually covered in the upcoming General’s Handbook) – just talk with your opponent before hand and keep it consistent during your game.


The Savage Waaagh! returns with a new Battletome…

  • Randy Randalman

    Like the Flesh Eater Courts, and the Vermintide, it’s good to have another sub-faction given an update.

    • Zack Seiders

      Which is a good thing for me since I was getting those guys anyways to work with my ironjaws “with a savage orc warboss the bonesplittas make EXCELLENT cannon fodder due to their rends/ sheer numbers (as well as a giant and some trolls to be beef units/ vanguard that slaughter/ weaken everything else.)

  • Malisteen

    I wonder how and if savage orcs will change. Their unit-size upgrade comes in the form of attachments that do ridiculous damage, and as such they don’t lose strength as they take wounds. They’re basically iron guts with dozens of ablative wounds, and it makes them a major pain to fight against.

    • Zack Seiders

      with some resistance against mortal wounds/ heavy rend shots.

  • Heinz Fiction

    These could be the first half way decent looking AoS miniatures!

    Oh wait…

    • Zack Seiders

      Go look up ironjaws and call me in the morning.

      • dave long island

        Paint two Ironjaws and call me in the morning, lol…

        • Zack Seiders

          Actually I did paint 2 iron jaw units thank you very much.

          • Dongmaster

            I do hope you have his number…

          • Zack Seiders

            I painted those 2 ironjaws weeks ago. I do not have to do anything. “assembly on megaboss has slight problems but nothing of notice now and the warchanter went without a hitch.” Painting had even less problems.

          • Dongmaster

            You will make him sad.

            Until a new AoS thread pops up.

          • Zack Seiders

            Let the haters hate. While I agree the storm cast and bloodbound kind of ruined aos initial start “as well as its competitive play being non existent ” It is starting to get better… finally.

          • Dongmaster

            It starts to get too good for someone with limited time.

            Resisting seems futile…

    • SupPupPup

      Bit late on that joke. Could always try again on the BeastClaw Raider re-release though.

      I’m sure at least your echo will enjoy it.

  • Christie Bryden

    I actualy approve of the faction books made from preexisting forces, they are neat and help expand the setting.

    • Alpharius

      +1, Agreed!

  • SupPupPup

    I really want to see what they do with the background terrain. The Flesh Eater Courts had some great pieces in the background of their photos.

    Huge skulls and ribcages of beasts would be really cool.

  • Colin Smigelski

    I’ve got a whole bunch of Savages that need this update. Can’t wait to pick it up.

  • Colin Smigelski

    If I could get something new it would be a new plastic Wyvern kit for savages.

  • Please be new monsters and units for this…

  • dave long island

    Ah the Bonespliterz… An entire tribe organized around their desire to crack bones to get at the juicy marrow meat.

  • dark-tadpole

    The model in between the two savage orc warbosses could be new, possibly a new plastic shaman.

  • Ben_S

    Has any of the reboxed stuff gone up in price? My impression was most had actually gone down, on a per model basis. So, especially if you want round bases, I’d wait rather than buy old boxes now.

    • SupPupPup

      I think some of the boxes have more models so you need to spend more per box, but I think you may get an extra model or two.

      There’s the big discount bundles available, so that could be considered somewhat of a pricedrop.

      • Ben_S

        Yes, I did mention on a per model basis, since quite a few (Dryads, Black Orcs, Plague Monks, Chaos Knights) are in bigger boxes, albeit at better value.

        So, if you happen to want only ten, then it might be worth picking up one of the current boxes. But the advice “you might want to go ahead and order *a few of* the older boxes now” seems misguided, especially if you’d want round bases.

        • SupPupPup

          Yeah, I’d probably just wait for the big box or rumoured start collecting deal.

  • Kritarion

    This gives me hope for Tomb Kings, or Aegyptyans or whatever AoS will call them.

    • Andrew Long

      Savage Orcs (not gonna say orruks) are made up entirely of very recent models, and as they are good as a sub faction – i.e. not a complete army in themselves – are good for AoS. Sadly for TKs and Brets, they need a lot of new plastics, were arguably out of fashion, and the last nail in the sarcophagus –have near duplicate armies that already exist – Empire and Vampire Counts in this case.

  • MightyOrang

    My reaction whenever someone says Orruk instead of Ork / Orc.

    • Zack Seiders

      I call them what they were called “even though ironjaws and bonesplittas does stick a bit. I still call them orcs”