AoS: Season of War Campaign Week 2


The Season of War Campaign’s second week has wrapped-up – time to take a look at the fighting so far!

The Age of Sigmar Summer Campaign is going strong into week 3 as we’ve already seen the mission. If you want to see the progress so far check the initial battle lines and the first week’s results, too.

Overall Order still has a solid grasp on all three cities. Here’s the Current Campaign Map:

AoS Campaign Map Week 2 ending

Now let’s check-in with each city to see how they are shaping up on a closer inspection.

The Living City – Order Controlled

The Living City week 2 ending

In the Living City, Order has actually gained ground which is up from last week. They pushed the needle from about the 45% mark back up to the 50ish mark. Chaos has a solid 2nd place foothold still and hasn’t really shifted. Which means that Death and Destruction have both taken a blow this week. The days till the end are getting shorter so if Death and Destruction players really want to make an impact, they might want to figure out how they can team-up to put a dent in Order and leave those poor Chaos players alone…Not that I’m rooting for anyone in particular or anything…(go Chaos, go!)


Greywater Fastness – Order Controlled

Greywater Fastness Week 2 ending

Order has actually lost ground here – but last week they had pushed the line close to the 52% mark, so they have lost a few points but they aren’t in any danger of slipping out just yet. Chaos seems to have held steady as well. So where did the losses come from? Well Death players pushed back and have gained some ground this week while the Destruction lines have held, too. That means the big mover this week was Death and they appear to have taken a chunk out of Order.

Phoenicum – Order Controlled

Phoenicium Week 2 ending

Phoenicium has seen the move shifting this week. If you recall from last week, this was the one city that Order had a loose grip on. Death and Destruction had a lot more ground than they do now and Chaos seems to have held it together. Order came back strong and looks to have punished all 3 factions this past week.

Season of War Website

Remember – Only stores can report results! If you want to participate you’ll need to go to one of the 1000+ stores participating world wide to get involved. If you aren’t feeling like your tactical skills are up to direct combat you can also gain ground on the Hobby front. Just check with the local stores on how you can do that.


After two weeks of solid fighting Order is still holding out – So get involved and help wreck those Goody-Goody Golden Boys! #stillnotbiased #totallybiased #TeamChaosFTW

  • Zack Seiders

    Come on destruction. PUSH OUT OF 3rd place (main disadvantage of having an alliance of only 2 armies “orcs and goblins having more diversity in army types than ogres BUT it still stands)

  • Admiral Raptor

    Hey guys, you can probably just post the same update each week. Nothing is going to change at all. Order has too many factions to lose. Stormcast, High Elves, Dark Elves, Wood Elves, Sylvaneth, Lizardmen, Empire, Bretonnia, Dwarfs, Fire Slayers. Over half the old WHFB armies and three brand new factions. Just what did GW expect to happen?

    • twincast

      Boggles the mind that dark elves and their TM successors are Order. Also, there should have been a fifth alliance, Nature, to break things up further. Really didn’t think things through at all.

      • Randy Randalman

        If you had read the fluff, it wouldn’t boggle your mind. It made considerably perfect sense, actually.

        • twincast

          I ever so politely disagree.

    • Randy Randalman

      Yeah, Order just has the widest selection of armies and play styles to choose from right now. It doesn’t even mean they are more powerful, just that there are so many more Order players due to sheer volume of armies. I mean, I rarely lose to an Order army with my Chaos or Death forces, but in our group of 30 or so players, 19 of them technically play under the Order banner. There are simply more games involving Order than anyone else.

      That’s not to say GW screwed up or something; the game just hasn’t been fleshed out enough yet. The campaign was a good decision to generate involvement and interest alongside the General’s Handbook, but the other Alliances don’t have the same variety of armies. (NOTE: I realize Chaos technically has more unit options, but they all play “Chaos-y” and are all rather redundant as a result.)

    • Tigirus

      It really depends on the store though, during 8th edition probably at least 75% of my store played chaos. Out of about 30 players I was the only person that played empire. The only thing that’s skewing where I play towards order is that people are logging progress for building order units for sylvaneth and stormcast since they’re new unlike the chaos players whose armies are mostly painted already.

    • Painjunky

      I know.
      Why didn’t somebody at GW realise this would happen?
      Its so obvious its baffling.

    • Andy Meechan

      Officially Order vs Order games don’t generate results (neither do any sane-Alliance face offs). So either folks are painting their armies – we should celebrate the Hobby Win – or there’s another reason.

      I like to think it’s stuff being painted, because optimistic 🙂

  • Christie Bryden

    id say this campagn should be viewed as to which factions desperatly need new releases, as much as the aelf stuff looks interesting, the early releases of aos were too order focused, death needs… well anything, how about ghost army, and then throw in a new race for destruction, not just a book but something brand new, perhaps giants, or maybe those 6 limbed goblins from silver tower.

    • Zack Seiders

      Again. orcs and goblins need a new ranged weapon “or 5” with nearly half of the factions being order it is NO wonder they are smoking everyone (don’t blame the ground marines for this one…. it is the entire alliance of order that is the blame).

    • Randy Randalman

      The new releases weren’t Order focused; there are just so many different armies under the Order banner. That gives them a wealth of play style and unit options, and while most people tend to stick within a sub-faction, consider that one Chaos, Death, or Destruction player could go up against High Elves, Dark Elves, Dwarfs, Stormcasts, Lizardmen, and some mix of Empire throughout the week and all of those results would count towards Order.

      • twincast

        For quite a long time it was only Stormcast Eternals and Khorne Bloodbound until they fairly recently started focusing on new stuff for a couple of factions of Destruction and Order, so not Order-focused in the early releases at all, sure. 🙄

        And it was GW’s very own decision alone to for some inane reason have their Alliances populated in such an imbalanced way that rather naturally created this very problem to begin with.

        • Christie Bryden

          lets see, stormcasts, those fire dwarfs, more stormcasts and then the wood people, compared to, 2 chaos’s khorne and archeon, 1 destruction, and no death. seems one sided to me.

          • Drew

            Death had Flesh-Eater Courts (which can be VERY strong) and Destruction has had two with a third next weekend.

    • Koen Cambré

      Death and destruction definately need some more love. Death especially has the fewest warscrolls of all of them since half their stuff is legacy now.

      And the other half is so fragmented in pointless subfactions (ie “deathmages” with 2 models in it) that themed forces are pretty hard to do.

      But yeah, focussing a bit on “fleshing out” the nighthaunt, deathrattle, deathwalkers and soulblight so that they are at least on par with flesh-eater courts would make a world of difference.

  • Agent OfBolas

    You can always take your AoS miniatures and play T9A.

    • Bryce Moore

      Does The 9th Age have rules for Stormcast? I like the idea behind blocked troop movement but I love my sigmarines more.

      • Agent OfBolas

        I’m using Stormcast as … please don’t be angry 😛 …. I’m using them as my Warriors of the Dark Gods monstrous infantry. They looks perfect on 40×40 and are really nice Lust Once-Chosen infantry knights.

        You can always use them as Ogres and play Ogre Kingdoms.

        T9A leaves a lot of options as there are no miniature requirements just the base size requirement so you can use any company miniatures to create as unique army as you can.

        And ruleset is perfect 🙂