AoS: Season of War Launches Today!


The Games Workshop Summer Campaign for Age of Sigmar is HERE – The first reports are in…

The Season of War is upon us and the first results have already started to trickle in. These results do update in real-time (as far as we can tell) and it’s up to the participating stores to send in their results!

But for now, lets take a look at the cities under fire and how the battles are shaping up:

via Games Workshop

Season of War map1 AoS Summer Campaign Living City 1 AoS Summer Campaign Greywater Fastness 1 AoS Summer Campaign Phoencium


Looking at these preliminary results Order looks to have a solid lead everywhere and is close to 50% in the US! Chaos has some solid footing but has a lot of ground to gain all over. Outside the US, Death and Destruction are jockeying for position as well and seem to have gotten a good start, poised to take chunks out of the other sides. Inside the US, Death is apparently non-existent…Also Destruction and Order are beating the crud out of Chaos.

Keep in mind these results will probably fluctuate throughout the day. Store in the US are just getting their days started so I expect tomorrow we’ll see some big shifts for them. If your store has actually reported results you can find them and see how the battles are shaping up as well.

If you’re wanting to participate you can find a store near you at the website below:

Season of War Website

Only stores can report results and even if you’re not a fantastic Army General, you can still contribute to your side’s war effort on the Hobby front. This is a first Age of Sigmar Global Campaign and the first campaign we’ve seen from Games Workshop in a LONG time.

I’m hoping this becomes something they do more often for both 40k and AoS. Campaigns are great for all the stores and players that want to get involved because it gets the community excited. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go rally some Chaos troops and punch some Order in the face. Let’s win this one for [your patron Chaos God Here]!


The lines are drawn and your local gaming store is the battlefield – are you ready to make an impact?!

  • ZeeLobby

    The map just isn’t doing it for me… Are there really only 3 regions to fight over?

    • Randy Randalman

      It’s three entire planes of existence.

      • ZeeLobby

        I know, I guess I just expected details. Like towns, cities, rivers, roads, bridges. You know, stuff to spark the imagination about battles. Or like key regions to take. At least some detail…

        • zeno666

          You expected content? 😉

        • ghettohamburglar


      • USS Daedalus

        Actually, no. This fight is for 3 regions/cities (think Hive City sized) all located within Ghyran, the Realm of Life. The expeditions to the Realms of Fire and Metal were ineffective for the most part. Fire went a little better than Metal.

    • Shiwan8

      It’s like that only because of the real world regions, I suppose.

  • euansmith

    “… the United Kingdon and other locations outside of the US, Canada and Europe.”

    Man, Britex hit fast in the Mortal Realms.

  • DeadlyYellow

    Huh, will you look at that. The largest and most frequently updated Alliance is winning.

    The summer campaign kinda feels like a joke.

    • Alpharius

      Not really. Order has more sets of models on the GW webstore, but that isn’t really the best indicator of the ‘largest’ faction due to bundles, books and duplicate models. The chaos grand alliance book is significantly thicker than the order one. Frequently updated is more subjective, but I would disagree. In terms of updates order has had; Stormiest Eternals, Seraphon, Fyreslayers and Sylvaneth. Chaos has had Everchosen, Bloodbound, Slaves to darkness, Nurgle Rotbringers, Daemons, Tzeentch Arcanites.

      • ragelion

        Yeah but chaos is second. Destruction and Death have no chance of winning unless some “event” happens since both grand alliances have barely been updated. Plus have less factions. Think about it Order has humans, dwarfs, both elves, lizardmen, tree men and wood elves. Chaos has pretty much every chaos faction.

        Destruction is doing somewhat well due the face that well it’s orcs and ironjaws are pretty popular. While Death? Well we just have one battle tome with repackged ghouls yeah their fluff is cool but I doubt a lot of people run ghoul armies over vampires + undead.

        Well that’s my salty episode over. D: I will keep trying for nagash.

        • Alpharius

          Oh I fully agree with you. As a destruction player I agree they are doing reasonably well, but I doubt they will end up holding any of the territories by the end. It’s a little fustrating and it diminishes my eagerness to get involved with the campaign.

          • DeadlyYellow

            I prepped a Chaos (Slaves) army for it, only faction I could throw together that would have all required components at the end.

            But this just kinda stomped on that enthusiasm. It kinda makes participation feel negligible. Maybe they should have just kept the metrics quiet for a bit.

          • Alpharius

            Yeah I feel the same. I almost feel like chaos, death and destruction should join forces to defeat order.