FW: HH Legiones Astartes Available Now!


Forge World’s latest Horus Heresy book is up for Pre-order along with another special offer!

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The Horus Heresy Legiones Astartes: Age of Darkness Army List Special Edition is a strictly limited edition of 500 copies. This edition is bound in leather and features metal corner protectors, each embossed with the Imperial Aquilla. It has been designed to match your collection of Horus Heresy books.




60040187052_AgeofDarknessArmyLists01The Horus Heresy Legiones Astartes: Age of Darkness Army List is a 144 page hard back book containing the complete profiles, special rules and wargear, compiled and updated, for all Space Marine Legion armies in Horus Heresy games using the Battles in the Age of Darkness gaming expansion for Warhammer 40,000. This book contains the unit profiles 65 units, from Command units and Troops, such as Legion Tactical Squads, to vast fortifications and devastating super-heavy units like the Stormbird, each available all Space Marine Legion armies including new units such as the Legion Jetbike Sky Slayer Support Squadron.


Collecting together all of the unit profiles and special rules for Space Marine Legion armies from the Horus Heresy Books One to Six, along with the full Battles in the Age of Darkness gaming expansion rules, it allows you to carry something lighter to your games than the weighty tomes of our main volumes, and is intended to be used both as a resource for consulting and collecting your armies and as a handy reference during play.


Using this book, you can create army lists for any Space Marine Legion and engage them in the devastating conflicts of The Horus Heresy. This book is intended to be used alongside its companion book – The Horus Heresy Legiones Astartes: Age of Darkness Legions – in which you’ll find special rules and wargear for individual Legions, as well as unique units and unit profiles for the mighty Primarchs.


This product is also available in digital editions designed for tablets and iPads. Find out more on blacklibrary.com.


Special Offer from Forge World:


Order any of THESE BOOKS by July 31st and you can get The Horus Heresy Book One – Betrayal for £64. Just purchase both books in the same order.

(Those books are: The Horus Heresy Army Lists: Legiones Astartes – Age of Darkness Army List; Legiones Astartes – Age of Darkness Army List Special Edition; Legiones Astartes – Age of Darkness Legions; Mechanicum – Taghmata Army List; and Crusade Imperialis – Army Lists)


Saving £10 just for ordering two books that you’ll probably want at the same time isn’t a bad deal. So if you were waiting for a good time to jump in to the Horus Heresy, now is a perfect time to grab those books – Especially with Plastic Horus Heresy kits on the way…


~Have at it folks!

  • Prisoner 42

    Well that sold out quickly.

  • ZeeLobby

    Not made from baby seal leather… pass…

  • blackbloodshaman

    Havent they already published these lists before?

    • CMAngelos

      The Crusade Army List was several years old. This is a re-release with updated units new units and supposedly everything that has been released thus far.

      • Barty

        And at least 1 new unit

  • Severius_Tolluck

    So I like how they sell cheaper then a standard codex, Even the digital ones are like 35 US dollars, I guess they figure they will more than makeup for it in costs of models T-T

    • Mr_Pickles

      that and the fluff books, those things use to be over $100 US.

  • OldHat

    Please fix the Cerberus, please fix Assault Marines, please fix Destroyers! Come on, FW, don’t let us down!

  • Alpharius

    I’m both pissed at the black books being sold out and also somewhat relieved that at least I didn’t miss out on anything other than the binding. I may wait a week or two to see how many changes they truly made. It may be easier to just print out copies of the changes and paste them in the old book like with the unique Legion rules. But 10 quid off a book I was going to get anyway means I’ll probably go ahead and get the plebeian red cover.

    I wish we had some spoilers on content!

  • grendal1989

    The real question is if these ebook versions will be updated as they update the hardcover books.


    As someone who hasn’t played 40k for years but loved the Horus Heresy Novels, is this a stand alone ruleset that will basically play like 40k but only space marines involved? No unique bonus for chaos vs imperial etc? Will it follow the same point system or are battles smaller?

    • A.P.

      have you been locked in a closet?

      No but seriously, same rule set but not so crazy mostly marines and Mechanicus at this point. Each legion has unique rules to represent their way of fighting and “rights of war” which dictate specific ways to build your force and that is the basis of an army. Fantastic game to play as it is really much more driven by an already established narrative and the battles have a more regal feel.