Geekery: The MCU is Getting Strange in November


Marvel Studios dropped a new Doctor Strange trailer at SDCC – the MCU is getting turned inside out.

Ben Davis, director of photography on the project, described the storyboarding for this one as multi-dementional and filled with “all sort of [M.C.] Escher stuff” during pre-viz last year. They certainly kept with that concept…

We get some more story, locations, and some more lines in this trailer – Mads talks! Not enough to give much away. It certainly doesn’t look like anything else in the MCU – Escher mixed with a giant kaleidoscope. The CG looks better than the last trailer, and the scale is just huge. This may be worth an IMAX ticket just to take it all in.

The team on this comes from a different genre as most of the other MCU writers and directors – both cott Derrickson and C. Robert Cargill come from a horror background that will give this a different feel. Hopefully not too dark. Cast includes Benedict CumberbatchChiwetel EjioforTilda SwintonBenedict WongRachel McAdams, and Mads Mikkelsen.

Marvel UK showed off a close up of the Eye of Agamatto, as well…



Author’s final word: this needs to happen now. Make it so, Marvel Studios.

strange stark facial hair

  • petrow84

    For everyone who forgot to bring their lupe:

    And no, there should be a scene, where Dr Strange points out something obvious, and Iron Man be like: “Thanks, Sherlock…”

  • euansmith

    It looks like someone has been watching “Inception”. Personally I’d have liked something more along the lines of the early Steve Dikto version of the astral planes. Still, this could be good fun.

    • Denoobie

      This looks like a mash up of Inception and Nolan’s Batman Begins. Looks dull and derivative, although I could see the cast saving it.

  • ChubToad

    Hope it’s a good movie, but Marvel movies are becoming repetitive and boring with each installment. Civil War being the worst of the lot. There’s still hope though.