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Games Workshop’s game changer has arrived and so have the Savage Orruks – plus new kits for starters!

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Warhammer Age of Sigmar: General’s Handbook $25


The Contents

  • Detailed explanations and rules for Open Play, Narrative Play and Matched Play games;
  • full rules for no fewer than 5 ways to run campaigns, from quick and simple skirmishes to long Path to Glory wars;
  • 22 brand-new Battleplans, ranging from huge narrative epics to brutal, quick fights;
  • full rules for multiplayer and team games of Warhammer Age of Sigmar;
  • Allegiance Abilities: these are powerful command traits, battle traits and magical items for each Grand Alliance;
  • Points values for each Warscroll and Warscroll Battalion from Battletomes and Grand Alliance books available in the range at time of printing;
  • Path to Glory Warband Tables for Chaos, Stormcast Eternals, Fyreslayers, Skaven, Ironjawz, Sylvaneth and Death armies;
  • Battle Reports and narrative extracts, helping to show how to build your own rules and games, your way.

This softback book weighs in at 168 pages, and will blow the Mortal Realms wide open for you, your gaming groups, and any friends you might want to introduce to the fantastical world of Warhammer Age of Sigmar. Dive in.

Battletome: Bonesplitterz $35


Embrace the power of the Waaagh!


Driven quite mad by the thrumming power of Gorkamorka, the Bonesplitterz hunt the great beasts of the mortal realms in order to slay them and absorb the spiritual might of their god, which they believe is bound within the creatures’ bones. Led into battle by crazed Wurrgog Prophets, these savage orruks are wildly unpredictable and difficult to best in combat – what they lack in organisation and tactics they make up for in toughness and sheer single-mindedness. The boys of the Bonesplitterz swarm over the enemies’ ranks, tearing into them and chewing out their hearts with anarchic abandon.

This 112-page hardback Battletome features:

Exclusive gaming content:

  • three Battleplans detailing epic battles, showing you how this wild band of orruks fights;
  • Artefacts of Power: artefacts crafted from the corpses of the Bonesplitterz’ prey, usable by their heroes;
  • Lore of the Savage Waaagh!: powerful magic, both defensive and offensive, specifically for Bonesplitterz wizards;
  • nine Warscroll Battalions, collections of miniatures who gain special abilities when combined.

All you need to start collecting Bonesplitterz:

  • tips for collecting their miniatures – what sort of army do you want to play? How do you want to paint them? We’ll show you some great ideas;
  • an overview of the Bonesplitterz and their savage Waaagh! across the mortal realms – Who are they? Why do they fight? Who is their boss?


Savage Orruks $50


Sometimes, orruks from the various clans in the mortal realms just sort of… wander off. Often, they end up in a Gob Rukk of the Bonesplitterz; they’ll abandon complexities of life like metal weapons and clothing, cover themselves in scrawled tattoos and lash together a basic flint spear. This might make them sound a bit primitive and weak – this is far from the case, as Savage Orruks, enthralled and driven by Waaagh! energy, band together in their hundreds to become an unstoppable avalanche of maddened green flesh, rolling across the realms and ruining everything in their path.

99120209036_BonesplitterzBoyz08 99120209036_BonesplitterzBoyz06 99120209036_BonesplitterzBoyz07

This multi-part plastic kit contains all the parts necessary to assemble 20 Savage Orruks, armed with either chompas or stikkas and bone shields. Optionally, they can be assembled as Savage Orruk Morboys, with chompas and toof shivs, or Savage Orruk Arrowboys carrying Stinga Bows. There are options for a Boss, Bone Totem and Skull Thumpa, and the kit comes supplied with 20 Citadel 32mm Round bases.

Savage Boarboys $50


haring a bond that goes back to the Age of Myth, Bonesplitterz and war boars can often be found barrelling into the ranks of the foe at high speed, eager to be the first amongst them to spill blood. Specialising in hit-and-run attacks, they never linger where the enemy can strike back – speed is of the essence. Their boars are fed on the bones of the most powerful beasts the Bonesplitterz can slay, although of course there is rather a lot of bickering and competition amongst their orruk riders over which monsters’ bones make for the most brutal mounts.


This multi-part plastic kit contains all the components necessary to assemble ten Savage Boarboys, armed with boar stikkas and boneshields. Included are options for a Boss, Boar Thumpers and a Boar Totem, and the whole kit can be assembled optionally as Boarboy Maniaks, armed with two chompas.

Maniak Weirdnob $26.75


Even the most fierce intellect would eventually submit to the power of Gorkamorka. Maniak Weirdnobs never really had much in the way of strong will, so their descent into gibbering madness is particularly spectacular. These Bonesplitterz are sometimes created when a Wardokk kills a creature with an especially ferocious spirit, then fashion a bone stave to contain the creature’s soul. As the Maniak Weirdnob barrels into battle on his feisty warboar, the souls trapped in this stave causes incredible animalistic rage to consume the Maniaks around him – already quite cross, they are inspired to brutal acts of savagery by the Weirdnob’s strange magic.

This kit contains all the parts necessary to assemble one Maniak Weirdnob, armed with a bonebeast staff and riding a ferocious warboar. Comes supplied with a Citadel 75mm Oval base.

Wurrgog Prophet $19.25


Allegedly a direct conduit to Gorkamorka, whose words spill forth with wild abandon, Wurrgog Prophets are regarded with awe and reverence by the Bonesplitterz. Quite, quite mad, they see signs of the Great Green God everywhere, and each of these signs is screaming ‘Waaagh!’ directly into their faces. Their madness is equalled by their drive, which when combined with their powerful if sometimes indiscriminate magical ability makes them the respected leaders of their clan. Sometimes their spells will rain massive green fists upon the foe, sometimes they will crack the ground itself; more than one battle has been swung by the wild-eyed intervention of a Wurrgog Prophet.

This kit contains the parts necessary to build a Wurrgog Prophet, unpredictable and powerful wizard of the Bonesplitterz. Armed with a ju-ju staff and flint knife, face hidden behind a beast mask, they come supplied with their very own Squiggly Beast and a Citadel 32mm Round base.

Wardokk $13


Attendants, advisors and bodyguards to the Wurrgog Prophet – and successors, when he invariably blows up – the Wardokks are unhinged leaders of bands of Morboys. Performers of wild rituals that channel Waaagh! energy, they magnify the power of the Prophet, stirring up so much incredible magic that they can improve the effects of spells, protect their chums and even reattach the arms of mangled boys, making them good as new.

This kit contains all the parts necessary to assemble one Wardokk, armed with a bonebeast stikk. Comes supplied with a Citadel 32mm Round base.

Storm of Sigmar $33


Containing everything you need to get started with exciting games of Warhammer Age of Sigmar, this box is the perfect starting point. Two powerful forces – the heroic Stormcast Eternals and Khorne’s unstoppable Bloodbound – meet in savage combat to control the destiny of the mortal realms!
In this box, you’ll find all the items you need to start playing games of Warhammer Age of Sigmar:


  • 3 Stormcast Eternals Liberators: steel-souled heroes of Order, hurled down from the skies to meet Chaos head-on;
  • 2 Stormcast Eternals Retributors: clutching weapons forged of ensorcelled sigmarite, they call upon bursts of violent sky magic;
  • 3 Khorne Bloodbound Blood Warriors: muscled, aggressive fighters who shrug off even the most powerful blows, such is their bloodlust;
  • 5 Khorne Bloodbound Bloodreavers, mortal followers of the Blood God, eager to prove their worth through slaughter.

Gaming Content

The box comes with a guidebook containing:

  • an introduction to the world of Warhammer Age of Sigmar – who are the Stormcast Eternals, who are the Khorne Bloodbound, and why are they sworn to destroy one another?
  • all the rules you need in order to play games right away, in an easy to follow format;
  • 4 Battleplans – scenarios for your games, featuring special rules and new ways to play: destroy all your foes, protect a specific miniature or fend off waves of increasingly powerful enemies, with victory conditions, objective and tips simply explained;
  • 4 large-format Warscroll cards – these are handy reference cards featuring the rules and abilities your miniatures can call upon, featuring striking artwork;
  • a rangefinder printed on the back of the book, and 7 dice to make the fateful rolls that will decide who is the victor and who will be annihilated;
  • hints and tips on where to go next – how to expand your Stormcast Eternals and Khorne Bloodbound armies, where to get Citadel paint sets with which to paint them, and which books from the range will help you to bring the mortal realms to life on your gaming table.

The box also contains a construction guide designed to make assembling your miniatures easy to assemble, and enough Citadel 32mm and 40mm Round bases to stand them on.

Easy to Build: Blood Warriors $15


The gore-hungry chosen of Khorne, Blood Warriors are a mass of sheer aggression and total bloodlust who know nothing but the red mist of sheer fury. These frightening hulks will fight on even as mortal wounds decimate their bodies, such is their devotion to the Blood God.

In this box, you’ll find 3 Easy To Build Blood Warriors – 1 Chaos Champion with Goreaxe and Gorefist, and 2 Blood Warriors with Goreaxe and Gorefist. Designed to be simple to assemble, they make the perfect expansion for Warhammer Age of Sigmar, and come supplied with rules, a painting reference and 3 Citadel 32mm Round bases.

Easy to Build: Bloodreavers $15


Savage tribesmen of the Blood God, Bloodreavers are an unpredictable force of Chaos who live to slaughter in the name of Khorne. Still mere mortals, they nonetheless kill with a fervour equal to any of the Blood God’s other warriors.

In this box, you’ll find 5 Easy To Build Bloodreavers – 1 Chieftain with Reaver Blades, and 4 Bloodreavers with Reaver Blades. Designed to be simple to assemble, they make the perfect expansion for Warhammer Age of Sigmar, and come supplied with rules, a painting reference and 5 Citadel 32mm Round bases.

Easy to Build: Liberators $15


Magically reforged with the thunderous power of a god, immortal, proud and strong, the Stormcast Eternals Liberators are the hammer of Sigmar in human form, hurled down from the skies with the blistering force necessary to shatter the rule of Chaos.

In this box, you’ll find 3 Easy To Build Liberators– 1 Liberator-Prime with Warhammer and Sigmarite Shield, and 2 Liberators with Warhammer and Sigmarite Shield. Designed to be simple to assemble, they make the perfect expansion for Warhammer Age of Sigmar, and come supplied with rules, a painting reference and 3 Citadel 40mm Round bases.

Easy to Build: Retributors $15


The shimmering, golden wrath of the heavens made flesh, the Retributors live up to their name, dealing merciless justice to the sworn enemies of order in blinding flashes of celestial anger.

In this box, you’ll find 2 Easy To Build Retributors – 1 Retributor-Prime with Lightning Hammer and one Retributor with Lightning Hammer Designed to be simple to assemble, they make the perfect expansion for Warhammer Age of Sigmar, and come supplied with rules, a painting reference and 2 Citadel 40mm Round bases.

Stormcast Eternals Paint Set $15


The perfect introduction to painting Citadel miniatures, this paint set includes everything you need to complete a great paint job on a set of Stormcast Eternals miniatures (sold separately).

Included in this set are 6 3ml pots of high-quality Citadel paints:

– Retributor Armour
– Imperial Primer
– Agrellan Earth
– Kantor Blue
– Reikland Fleshshade
– Drakenhof Nightshade

and a Citadel Starter brush.

Khorne Bloodbound Paint Set $15


The perfect introduction to painting Citadel miniatures, this paint set includes everything you need to complete a great paint job on a set of Khorne Bloodbound miniatures (sold separately).

Included in this set are 7 3ml pots of high-quality Citadel paints:

– Retributor Armour
– Imperial Primer
– Agrellan Earth
– Khorne Red
– Reikland Fleshshade
– Leadbelcher
– Bugman’s Glow

and a Citadel Starter brush.

Easy to Build: Citadel Essentials $33

99170299013_AoSEssentialsPaintSet01Included in the box:

– 5g Plastic Glue
– a set of clippers
– a Citadel Starter Brush

and 13 3ml pots of high-quality Citadel paints:

– Retributor Armour
– Imperial Primer
– Agrellan Earth
– Kantor Blue
– Reikland Fleshshade
– Ceramite White
– Leadbelcher
– Mournfang Brown
– Averland Sunset
– Khorne Red
– Drakenhof Nightshade
– Zandri Dust
– Bugman’s Glow

Getting Started with Warhammer Age of Sigmar $8


A great introduction to Warhammer Age of Sigmar, this 96-page book contains a wealth of easy-to-follow information and guides welcoming the newcomer to this game system – and the rich and diverse stories it contains.

Inside This Book

– The Age of Sigmar: this is a history of the war for the mortal realms; a tale of gods and monster, brave heroes and diabolical villains;
– an introduction to the hobby of collecting Citadel miniatures – where to start, what to choose and where to go from there;
– a guide to the Grand Alliances – the four major factions in the war for the mortal realms;
– Great Rivals: in the mortal realms, a fierce battle rages. The Bloodbound and the Stormcast Eternals are the bitterest of rivals, one side fighting to restore order, the other revelling in absolute chaos. Included here is their story!
– 2 full guides to painting: a guide to painting Citadel miniatures in general, with explanations of the types of Citadel paint, brushes and their uses; and detailed, specific guides to painting the miniatures from the Warhammer Age of Sigmar starter set;
– 2 showcases: some amazing collections of Warhammer Age of Sigmar miniatures sit alongside a variety of stunningly painted individual models by the ‘Eavy Metal team;
– and of course the full rules for playing games or Warhammer Age of Sigmar. Grab some dice and play right away!


Savage Orruks, New Rules, Getting Started Sets – Oh My!

  • ZeeLobby

    This has probably been asked somewhere else but how do battle plans fit into the generals handbook? Are the bonuses offset by some points cost? Formations quickly imbalanced 40K.

    • luke snell

      yes, I do believe all of the formations are at a cost. depending on the size of the formation and the accompanying benefits I have seen additional points cost ranging from 50 – 100 points per formation.
      yeah, I’m not so keen that formations could start to take precedence like they have in 40K.

      • ZeeLobby

        Sweet, thanks! I mean as long as they cost appropriately, play test and balance, it’ll work out. The number seems to be increasing at a 40K exponential rate though…

        • Alpharius

          Yes, all the battalions have a points cost. Also, unlike 40k you must still follow battlefield roles and the units in the battalions count towards your battlefield role allowances, if that makes sense.

          • luke snell

            yes, this is true; good point. you are still paying for all of the individual units and characters. you are paying for the bonus benefits of fielding the battalion.

          • ZeeLobby

            I got you. So be like formations needing to fill a CAD as well. Have to say that’s a much better way to do things.

    • SundaySilence

      Battle Plans are scenarios. I think you mean Warscroll Battalions. And yes; they cost points. Unlike their 40k equivalenta though; the units that go into a battalion actually count towards your minimum field requirements ie; battleline (core, troop). So in theory you could build a legal army out of one battalion so long as it included a Hero which I imagine most books will have.

      • ZeeLobby

        There yah go. Still getting used to the new jargon. And thanks for the info. Definitely sounds like a more defined method than “take good stuff and get bonuses for free.

        • SundaySilence

          I believe it is. I’ve drifted away from 40k for much those reasons and I hope 8th edition goes the AoS route.

          Ironjawz have a Warscroll Battalion that is a self contained legal army and that’s going to be my basis to build from (1 Warchanter and 3 units of Ardboyz)

        • crcovar

          I also want to mention, there are battalion warscrolls out there that hadn’t been given point values. According to the AoS facebook page they “are not meant for matched play.”

  • Horus84cmd

    Intriguing the Savage Orruk Boyz and Boarboyz are being sold in sets of 20 and 10 respectively, rather than the sets of 10 and 5 they were before. At a price per model point, they are not sitting too shabbily.

    • Seienchin

      True but the wild orcs were very affordable in 5/10 er boxes as well.
      As someone who painted and assembled 5 wild orc boar boys recently I think they are a nightmare to assemble and paint though….

  • jcdent

    I want to play some orcs, they’re made for fighting and winning!

    Also, this is the sign of the endtimes, GW releasing a 20 dood box for a reasonable price.