HeroClix: Hydro-Man


The Superior Foes of Spider-Man has a new member – and he’s a Rare Prime Clix!

via Wizkids:


Hydro-Man is a Rare Prime HeroClix that can be added to your force by paying either 60 or 100 points.  By using his 60-point version, he starts the game on click 3.  Hydro-Man has the Frightful Four, Masters of Evil and Sinister Syndicate keywords as options if you wish to include him on a themed team.  Hydro-Man also has the Masters of Evil and Sinister Syndicate printed team abilities, meaning you can still take actions even when he already has two action tokens (but he’ll be dealt one unavoidable damage after the action resolves) and he can share his unmodified attack value with another teammate who also has the Sinister Syndicate team ability.  Hydro-Man has the standard attack, defense, and damage combat symbols, and the Swimmer speed symbol to ignore water terrain when he moves.  Hydro-Man is built for close attacks and has several standard powers including ChargeQuake, and Close Combat Expert, reflecting his combat style.

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  • Shiwan8

    Am I the only one who is humming the old Spidey theme when ever some hero with “man” at the end of it’s name is mentioned?

  • euansmith

    Depending on the size of the mini, the torso with the arms and head could make a great basis for a Spec Ops conversion.