HOBBY: Knight & Flyer Basing Secrets


Ready to get your Knight and Flyer game to Veteran status? Elrik’s Hobbies is here to get your hobby flying high!

I have a huge project right now consisting of a million knight titans, luckily they’re mostly the same color and then you just pick out the plates. Regardless, because each knight is a different faction I’m happy that Elrik’s hobbies are giving us an amazing solution to make each knight different enough.

I wanted a smattering of bases from Egyptian to shale and Tyrands to city and Elrik’s has just that. These are big enough that you can just air brush them even. The detail is great; and they don’t use filler in their resin. They have great grit. It’s well pressed; they’re not bowed and at 15 bucks each it’s just a good deal.


Being a company here in the states, along with Secret Weapon Mini’s, and being in the Midwest, they have to be different themselves and they do that by providing a completely different style of bases. They’re really well thought out and have ample space for getting the model glued to the base.


Another product they have that is really amazing are these flying bases, which make them especially clutch with Stormcloud Attack hitting the scene and making flyers more relevant. These bases have a slot to slide the flyer stem in. This base is amazing.

It’s got plenty of thickness to support to the flyer; it’s not going to go anywhere with a bit of blue tac -Haspil swears by this method of not gluing the stem to the base. It free’s up a ton of space when packing your bags for a tourney!

Slate Flying Base: $8.00

One benefit of our slate flying base is that the recess is deep enough you might not need to glue the flying stand into the base. Use some adhesive putty in the cross and easily insert and remove the flying stand as needed, making it easier to transport! Making this one of the best flying stands on the market! (Technique may not work with heavier resin models). And there’s plenty of room to add additional flavor to the base.

There are a lot of good base companies out there, but there’s always one product that sets one company apart from the rest.

Secret To Basing Your Knights & Flyer Models!

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