HOBBY: Photographing Miniatures Tutorial

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Whether you want to become an Instagram star or get top dollar on Ebay you’ll want to check out these tips.

You work hard to make your minis look awesome, don’t let bad lighting or busy backgrounds overshadow that work. Show off your minis properly with these helpful photography hints.

Want more specifics? Check out these videos SDub recommends on:

• Exposure
• Aperture
• White Balance
• Exposure Triangle (contains shutterspeed/ISO description)
• Magnification

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What are your tips for taking better photos of hobby projects?

  • amaximus167

    What I really need to know how to do is take photos while drinking awesome Belgian beers… 🙂

    • amaximus167

      For real though, great advice

    • jexinator

      I can help with the belgian beer but not the photo part :p

  • Mike Lunsted

    As a mini photographer and a product photographer, what this guy was saying is technically correct. However, I also believe it was TOO MUCH information for someone starting, or even an advance class. The reason I say this is that you don’t NEED to know to take minis. It DOES help when you want to branch out into DSL photography, but for minis, I found the basic video to be a bit…dry…and alot of it kinda “beginner but not beginner”….if you want a GREAT way to get into the very basics of mini photography, I would watch the tabletop minions video “to buy or build a lightbox”. A light box is a really easy and cheap way to produce great photos when you are starting out, plus you can use them when you can’t rely on outside lighting. The most important thing to take away from these videos when you’re starting out is getting your lighting correct and understanding how your lighting works. Once you have that mastered, everything else is gravy after that.

  • M3TLH3D

    Good video! Great stuff, good info, very informative. Keep it up! Love those Luwels!