Hordes Minions : Gun Boar 101


Today we look at the little piggie that goes BOOM BOOM BOOM all the way home.

Guest Article by JohnheV

The gun boar is a fun little gun on a relatively small point investment that will be able to take out most of his targets with a fairly good chance.


Counterblast: Currently in minions I do not see a great use for counterblast as most of the time you will want to use his gun and probably boost to hit and damage. One corner case I see is with Sturm and Drang they have a decent command range with a spray 8 shot that could possibly do some good but personally the 2 transfers are probably better.




Bacon: Cute and flavorful also more of a detriment because chances are it is your opponents warbeast who is doing the killing.

High-Explosive (Big Gun): In my opinion this is where the little guy shines, this ability allows him to miss a high defense or stealth model and still cause some good damage with boosted blast damage. You might even be able to plink a few damage on a warnoun 1/3 chance even on a miss because of deviation seems good to me.



Tactics with Casters:

Carver: Gives the gun boar great survivability and allows it to keep shooting of that gun longer with batten down the hatches.

Arkadius: Crippling grasp really sets off the power of the the Big Gun by increasing its effectiveness, terrorizing your opponents.

Helga: Gang fighter allows him to close the gap and put out some pain making  him a wrecking ball light.

Midis: Calamity is just the touch of gold needed, allowing him to blow things up.

Strum and Drang: Possibly the only ones to use the animus, deceleration allows that gun to fire back and shrug off return fire.

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