Malifaux: Intro to 2nd Ed.


Learn to play Malifaux with Ash at Guerrilla Miniature Games. Let’s hit it!

By request! Lots of viewers have asked for this, so here is a Let’s Play walkthrough of the M2E Malifaux Starter Set learner scenarios. In Part 1 we cover the ‘The Basics’ and Encounters 1,2 and 3 that take you through activating, movements, opposed flips and damage.

Guerrilla Miniature Games

Malifaux Homepage


~Give it up for Ash! How many Malifaux players do we have here?

  • Richard Mitchell

    Thanks for the vids. I need a refresher on the rules.

  • Chumbalaya

    Great game, glad folks have a resource like this.

  • Justin MacCormack

    Malifaux is a damn nice game. It has a few flaws, namely that some of the masters are pretty gimmickey, but overall the rules are very tight and the variable win conditions make for some very interesting games. Overall it’s one of the best tabletop skirmish games out there.

  • MikeHollstrom

    A few rules errors in this, but all in all nice videos! Can’t wait for the Wrath of the Oni crew box!

    • euansmith

      Those new crews are looking bonkers, in a wonderful way.

      • MikeHollstrom

        Indeed! The news reporters have to be some form of favourites. But I recently started an asian themed spirits/undead themed collection with Yan Lo, izamu and next I’m getting Datsue Ba, Gakis etc, and lastly Kirais crew box. Aaand then I have a few 10 thunders figures I want…. so Wrath of the Oni will fit right in.

        • euansmith

          I’m fancying the reporters’ box, or the Indian themed box.

          • Simon Chatterley

            Sky Pirates for me I think. Just love that crazy little Gremlin. The reporters had me really interested when they previewed the art of the minions a while ago. I have a Lynch crew and a Colette crew and it’s nice to be able to paint a woman character without needing to paint an ample busom…crazy I know…

            Parker Burrows is nice too and would go nicely with my Sue and Convict Gunslingers.

            But I can’t get too carried away. I have 7 emissaries I really want first.