Unboxing: C3M4 Combat Drone


We got our hands on the C3M4 Combat Drone for Gates of Antares – This is one sweet kit!

Gates of Antares has some really cool models and factions – the Concord Combined Command’s M4 Combat Drone is no exception! This is a peek into the future of GoA as the premier “flyer” for the game.

The very first thing that struck me when I finally got a look at all the components was the base was very different than anything I’d see before. I know that’s a strange thing to call out but it’s the truth. It really caught me off guard – in a good way. I’ve unboxed lots of kits, I’ve built my fair share of models on stands but this one was truly innovative.

Aside from the stand the kit itself is pretty sweet. It comes with a few different weapon options for some variety but I really just like the design of the model. The curve of the ship and the paneling just look great. It’s got a futuristic/sci-fi look that appeals to me. I can’t wait to see what else Warlord has in store for this class of models for the other factions.

And speaking of other factions this unit is also used by the Freeborn as well! I thought that was a nice touch for all parties involved. Warlord gets to appeal to two factions and two groups of players get a cool new model to use – seems like a winner to me!

This kit is made from a harder plastic and it’s fairly lightweight, too. It has some great sharp detail and should go together with no problems. It’s going to take your typical cliping and cleaning but when I did a dry fit later it was easy-peasy.

Overall, The C3M4 Combat Drone is a really great kit and perfect to add to any C3 or Freeborn army. It looks great, assembles easy and has some great lines to work with when painting! It’s available in the Warlord Webstore now.

C3M4 Combat Drone $40.00


The M4 series Combat Drone is the standard template designed fighting drone in the Concord Combined Command. It has neither crew nor any capacity to carry them, forming a distinct machine shard together with its buddy drones. Powerful kinetic shields protect the drone all round. Powerful reactive generators adjust shield strength as required, making the drone capable of resisting most attacks.

The M4 is carried upon powerful suspensors which provide lift, manoeuvring capability and low speed propulsion. Reaction thrusters augmented by suspensors are used to attain higher speeds.


M4 series drones carry various support weapons but are usually armed with a plasma cannon and plasma light support for dealing with enemy troops and lightly armoured vehicles – this weapons loadout is referred to as the ‘M400 Template’ – however, they also have the option of replacing the main armament with either a Fractal Cannon or Compression Cannon for more specialised application.


Of course, it’s not just the forces of the Concord who have access to the C3M4 – the vast fleets of the mercantile Freeborn carry goods, services, technology and people from one world to another – and their vast networks of trading connections provide access to as many weapons and pieces of equipment as they need – and the M4 is available to them as well!



Drones: Your friendly eye-in-the-sky…that also shoots lasers.

  • ZeeLobby

    I have to say, that kit looks badass

  • Crevab

    Dang, the picture loaded before the title for me. Thought we had a new Tau tank for a sec :p

  • euansmith

    Isn’t the flight stand for the Combat Drone like a scaled down version of the GW flyer stand?

    It is a nice looking kit and the transport version is cool looking too,

    • E65

      Surely they could not be dumb enough to use that abomination.

  • erion

    Kit goes together like a dream. Minimal flash/mold lines, things like the engine pods and turret are essentially sub-assemblies that can be combined after painting quite easily. Even the different weapons for the turret are easily swapped after the whole thing is together – without magnets or pins.

  • Sparti67

    Do many people play this game? I am not being my usual cynical self when asking. Just curious if it’s picking up momentum in the U.S. or across the pond.

    • Geko747

      Bolt action still seems to be the popular one around my area. Heard a few people picked up copies of the starter box but never saw any games being played.

  • finbikkifin

    It looks good, but all I can think is how little work it would take to turn it into an incredible spaceship for smaller scales. Just paint some of the little indentations, like the three on the front, as windows with light spilling out, and you’re mostly done.

    Put some glowy effects in the suspensors and call them shield generators or warp cores, put them on a starfield board instead of a terrain-filled one, and enjoy your huge spaceship shooting things. The main gun’s a bit… overly enthusiastic? but the transport version’s more reasonable, so you can call this a dreadnought or something and that a heavy cruiser. Make up the ranks with drones as relatively tiny escorts.