40K: Deathwatch Swordwind – Loyalties Divided

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What secrets must a Deathwatch Brother keep after his Long Watch is ended? Black Library has a tale to tell…

Black Library is wrapping up summer with seven tales of the Grimdark and the Heresy to keep you busy. Here’s today’s read:


Deathwatch Swordwind $3.99

Oaths of brotherhood and loyalty are never lightly undertaken, but what happens when such oaths conflict with each other? Returning from a period of service in the Deathwatch, Battle-brother Odoni returns to his Chapter, the Mortifactors. With him he carries two sacred burdens, but is unable to explain to his peers how he came by them, as he must honour his oaths of secrecy to the Inquisition. And so is set in motion a tragic chain of events that can only be resolved by desperate conflict against an ancient and deadly foe.

Written by Ian St Martin

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~I’m thinking something involving Biel-Tan may be afoot.

  • Shawn

    I’ve been sorely tempted to get these stories just for that one. I love reading stories that can be convulted, complex, or conflicting.