AoS Battle in The Badlands – Orruk vs. Nurgle


What happens when the unstoppable force meets the festering mass? Come see the Orruks take on Big Poppa Nurgle’s Daemons

A Guest Post By Felix Fimbres and Rob Baer

The game is Blood and Glory and the goal is to hold the four objectives.


Turn 1

Rob: I didn’t do too much but move forward I’m trying to see how resilient these guys can really be with the re-rolling for ones from my formation plus they’re -1 to hit in combat as long as there’s 20 of them. -2 hit from shooting is also good but irrelevant here. I buffed up my left side in the hero phase, which stops them from having to take a battle shock test.


Felix: I roll such that only one group of brutes got an extra 10 inches while the other got 2, in the hero and run phases, so I opted to keep them close and maintain the mob rather than splitting up into different groups. In my opinion, the really strength of this Army is keeping the MSU’s close together for the purpose of waaagh!

Turn 2

Rob weighs his options and considers doing the mystic shield versus the arcane bolt. He opts to do the shield as the bolt is only going kill a single model and that’s if he manages a 5/6. As for movement he readjusts his plague bearers and drones to fill the gaps. Meanwhile, the drones hang out behind the front line and are still waiting to leap from after the battle.

Felix: I rush forward and I am able to get into combat. I buff up one unit to counter the flies’ debuff of -1. The unit does well but the other units don’t do much. The unit if plague bearers fester for another round.


Turn 3

Felix: I take the initiative on the roll off; I’m already in combat against a depleted enemy so there’s not much to do. In an effort to get my Oruuk’s out of the plague bearers’ quagmire I add in my third unit of brutes with a +1 buff and it chops up 6 plague bearers. Rob, during his activation throws in the Great Unclean One and his attacks quickly dispatch three brutes. The brutes however finish off the plague bearers to finish off my round.


The round now goes back to Rob and he rolls the Great Unclean One’s hero ability, Corpulent Mass, which regenerates two wounds. His other hero ability, “Rot, Glorious Rot,” fails to, well, rot. Rob weighs his options, he can either run the plague drones to the objective or stick them into combat. He attacks the brutes with missiles and prepares to charge them into combat because he couldn’t position them far enough away from the Orruks; his alternative route was to go all the way around the line but it was just too far. The combat phase is brutal for the Orruks and they find themselves 6 less Orruks.


Turn 4

Rob takes the initiative back, which was really critical and the plague drones fly towards the objective. Papa Nurgle kills an Ork with noxious bile and then activates his attacks. He takes another Ork with him and the plague bearers clean up the Brute Boss.


I get my war chanter into the plague drones and get two wounds onto a drone. The Gore Grunta’s stay locked in combat with the nurglings as they only take two down with their choppas. The brutes meanwhile rush towards the drones and manage to leap on one and bring it down while wounding another. The drones fight back and deal 6 wounds to the Warchanter.


Turn 5

The Orruks fail to seize the initiative and Rob keeps control of the game. The Great Unclean one aims for the Warchanter and kills him with a Plague wind. The drones opt to fly out of combat towards the objective and away from the Brutes.   The Great Unclean One then shoots his noxious bile at the warboss who doesn’t care about bile and saves with two sixes. Plague papa rushes toward the Warboss and deals 6 wounds on two d3 hits. The war boss only managed to put two wounds on the great unclean one.

In the following round, the Great Unclean One only manages one wound that the warboss endures and lives to fight back. On the return attack the Warboss unleashes his fury and deals 6 wounds in one turn.

Rob: At the end of the game, Nurgle emerges victorious with a minor victory, thanks to the plague drones running away from the Brutes.


Even thought the game ended, we did roll off the battle between the Great Unclean one and the Warboss. So who won? You’ll have to watch the video to find out.

  • An_Enemy

    Alternating initiative is really the only problem I have with AoS. It sounds interesting in theory, but it’s not very fun when your opponent goes back to back and then wins initiative every turn for the rest of the game.

    Digging yourself out of a hole happens in games all the time. Being forced into that position by game design irks me though.

    “OK I’ve got this combat in the bag, next I’ll move this unit to…oh…you get to go again? Alright, never mind that then.”

    • Drasek

      You would definitely hate 40k then! Especially if you lose the deploy/go first roll where you never get another chance to go first that whole game!

      A chance to go first each turn is a nice change of pace!

      • An_Enemy

        I do play 40k. There are advantages to going first. There are also advantages to going second. There is no advantage to having your opponent go second and then go first in the next turn.

        • Geko747

          The advantage is to your opponent, just like the advantage would go to you if you win the roll. Its all down to luck and you have to plan accordingly just in case you don’t win initiative. Adds a whole new level to the game. But each to their own, I think it was a great idea.

        • Jamie Kelly

          There are plenty of advantages to going 2nd in AoS too remember, scoring objectives for instance, keeping your buffs on longer etc. There are plenty of tactical counters to double turns, and at least you have equal chance of getting it as not getting it.

    • Agent OfBolas

      Alternate of initiative is best thing you can have. That’s why games like Bolt Action have best and easy to get rules. They are a bit better than those from AoS because there is initiative for each unit, but the main idea from GW is not bad.

      AoS is non competitive system, maybe try out to alternate its rules. Use method from BA – for each unit pick a D6, for each player pick a different color of those D6. Throw them all in to one bag and pick of D6 from it, the color will show who goes now – he can activate ONE unit, make all actions for it and than … you are picking another dice.

      Works brilliant, give it a try.

  • benn grimm

    Man those Orrukses are huge. They must be eating well; clearly their new environment of rivers of bloody blood blood and bridges of flamey flame flame agrees with them. Either that or they’ve enroled in the Russian athletics program… 😉

    • That’s definitely one of the AoS changes that made sense to me. A MORE violent chaotic world? Orks would be huge, it’s an ideal environment for them

  • Aezeal

    I don’t see the army list and a schematic of deployement to know how things started would be nice too. Continue the reports I like this.

  • Jamie Kelly

    Nice to be able to read a battle report, as opposed to just a video which i can’t watch at work easily. Great stuff!