Hordes: Skorne Salt


Skorne chat groups on Facebook and the PP forums have been negative lately. Is the problem the rules or the players?

Is skorne really the red headed step child of hordes right now or is it just leftover salt from MKII to MKIII changes.

Where Did This All Come From?

No doubt skorne’s playstyle radically changed across the board. The Basalisk Krea animus is a shell of what it use to be. Losing the armor bubble from shooting makes models obviously more supscetible to shooting.

Elephants can’t defend themselves. All the titans took a defensive hit in the MKIII transition. This means even with the Krea defensive bubble most ranged attacks will not need to boost to hit.

Paingivers no longer give free charges. This was a big deal, now skorne models having to pay for charges can be the difference in a Heavy/Colossal dying or not.

Molik, Archidon, and more!
Beasts across the board lost some abilities. Molik is now a mere Fury 4 even with Maekada and only has sidestep when fielded in her battlegroup. The Archidon lost some melee power and is no longer the cheap flying murder beast it once was. Far Strike is now a self animus so beasts can now be elite ranges across the board.

Maekada 1 and 2 both were revamped. No longer is Molik being bulleted across the field with spells like Savagery or Road to War and Leash.


Why Privateer – WHY!!!

Is It That Bad?

Skorne is not really bad, but it is different. Our local players have already adapted to new edition really well. One shining beacon in MKIII is definitely Rasheth. Rasheth’s spell card is monstrous and his feat makes even a light warbeast like the Cyclops a pain to deal with. The fat guy can use his feat to clean your clock or defensively to make his heavies armor incredibly hard to crack with an Agonizer backup.

The Mammoth is no longer the gargantuan turd. It guaranteed 2 shots and with ARM20 it can take punishment.

The Agonizer -2 strength aura is now on all models not just warbeasts. All of sudden these ARM20 beasts are getting real hard to crack.

The Farrow Brigands are now great unit and Skorne can take them. With a Taskmaster behind them they are immune to knockdown making the tough rolls twice as annoying. Throw in a strength buff when need and these guys can get scary.

Take a look at some of the casters that weren’t as popular in MKII. Naresh now has blur and can hit with good POW when he gets whipped up. Maekada 2 can now stay death MULTIPLE models. Skorne now has a Harbringer like life saver.



Some Old Favorites Are Still Around:

Xerxis brick is still nasty!
Xerxis with Centratii is still a nightmare to deal with. Vorkesh makes them hard to debuff, defenders ward is still on Xerixs card, and the Agonizer is easy to hide behind them. How do you deal with a shield wall unit that is armor 24+ that you can’t cast spells on? Not easy!

A Bronzeback is still a Bronzeback. Yes he lost the free charge but he still is a freaking monster. When my Bronzeback got to most heavies in MKII he never really needed all that fury. His 1 rounding colossal days definitely took a hit, but Colossals are less popular now at least here in the south.


At the end of the day every faction has it’s nasty stuff.  Is everything great ? Nope, but it ain’t that bad either.

Don’t be so salty!

What do you think BoLS? Is the Skorne salt real – or do the players just need to adapt?

  • Jesse Cavazos

    Skorne butthurt is nothing new. People forget that the Skorne forums have always been negative. We had competitive players like Trevor jumping ship, our gargantuans weren’t good enough, every release was panned right out of the gate. Remember epic Zaal? The pre-errata Animantarix? The negativity isn’t new.

    • Richard Mitchell

      I agree, there is a guy who moved to Skorne recently and he stomps people regularly. I think you hear it alot more because the entire faction plays so different. People got used to factoring skornegy in to their builds.

  • ChubToad

    I did not see GW-level negativity in the forums, but people are truly dissapointed at the new Skorne. Being a faction that never was a great contender for the top spots, having so much de-buff all across their range will always cause this kind of reaction.

    • ZeeLobby

      Yeah. Very true. PP did remove some of their Skhornergy at least, but they could still use a boost. Especially since people were placing with them at the end of MK2.

    • zeno666

      That really is too bad. Because a painted Skorne army is a thing of beauty to behold (well most of the time anyways…).
      Lots of intricate details in their armour and stuff.

  • Damistar

    I think the players need to adapt. I spoke extensively with a Pressganger on the Mk3 release weekend about the changes. He said that all the WM/H factions have been retuned to reflect what PP considers to be their themes. Skorne was originally envisioned as a combined arms kind of force with a mix of heavy infantry, light infantry and warbeasts. They felt that the force had moved away from that in Mk2 and so made the changes to bring them back into thematic line. Probably revisiting some of the MK1 tactics might help.

    • Malisteen

      If they were aiming for bringing factions back to their core themes, they missed the boat with Cryx at least. Not that Mk3 Cryx is terrible, but their core theme was undead infantry, and their undead units in general aren’t terribly worth playing these days.

      • Damistar

        I always thought Cryx was speed and hitting power, with generally mediocre infantry. Not bad,bu not elite either.

        • Noridaii

          You are absolutely right. In Mk2 certain models (Banes) completely outshone every other option in faction.

    • Ryan Krankowski

      I agree with people needing to adapt.

      I’m a Legion player that took some time off after playing a great deal of Mk. II, but came back for Mk. III. I really struggled with some of the nerfs that Legion got, mainly the retooling of base Saryn’s feat, and the speed nerfs.

      I was crabby at first, but upon closer examination our units stayed the same or are even better now. Its just a change.

  • zeno666

    Skorne must have been a beast (hah!) in Mark 1 because of the beatnings the faction took in Mark 2 and 3.
    The Molik missile and Xerxis1 bricks was the only list viable.
    I did have some fun with the first one, but the brick list was amazingly boring (imho) to play and to play against.
    Both of these lists got their knees chopped off due to Molik went weaker and only gets side-step (which no longer ignore free strikes) with Makeda, and heavy infantry loosing 3 HP.

    But sure! Skorne players will have to try new things.
    Just like Cryx have to try new things. You guys remember Cryx right? The masters of recursion?
    Which now can get models back, sure, but they can’t do actions like Legions tentacles or Circles twigs 😉

    Oh well, Zaadesh2 will be awsome, because Skorne needs a caster who can make them viable again.
    I’m wishing for Warpath on his spell list.

  • kaptinscuzgob

    lol, Skalt
    i dont know if farrow brigands count for an improvement to the faction, since theyre an improvement for all the other factions that can take them too

    • zeno666

      Haha perhaps.
      Their best infantry, the gatormen got nerfed as well, boho 😉

    • Noridaii

      It kind of does since Skorne is the only faction that can make them ‘in’ faction – which makes a big deal.

  • Ryan Krankowski

    Agonizers are the bane of my existence when playing Skorne. They are great in Mk III.

  • OldHat

    This must be why there are like… four people (myself included) selling their Skorne armies on a popular trading site. They sit there, wholly unloved, which they are entirely accustomed to.

  • shiwan

    To be fair, complaining about games and the quality of that complaint is usually directly in proportion to the problem. You do not see anything more than minor whining from people who exclusively play strong factions.

    If the initial resistance to change has been done with and there’s still major complaining then it would be pretty reasonable to assume that the faction needs help.