40K: Forces of the Death Company Spotted


The Death Company are getting their own rules in Angel’s Blade…And their own Warlord Traits!

Tired of those rough images Games Workshop sent this high-res version over. Enjoy!

Update: Image via Games Workshop


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The first picture above is just part of the Detachment. That one is believed to be the Lost Brotherhood Detachment that was seen earlier. A Free 6″ move after deployment for the entire formation could be pretty useful if used correctly. It also looks like they are getting their own Relics of the Lost as well as a their own Warlord Traits table.

The big picture is starting to come into focus for the Angel’s Blade book & the Blood Angels. The book itself will be out this weekend and if you’ve got a Blood Angel’s army it’s going to be a “must buy” because of the rules updates. Also, if you were wanting to play a full Death Company Army, well, now’s your chance!



Back in Black. The Death Company is bringing the Black Rage with them – are you ready?

  • OldHat

    Those special company rules feel like they were written by someone who doesn’t understand Blood Angels.

    Or doesn’t care.

    Either and/or both.

    • Randy Randalman


      • Артур Кушуков

        Overcrowded HQ slot issue persists, no conclave of any kind.

      • OldHat

        At least ask nicely. 😉

    • ZeeLobby

      I think they’ve just given up until 8th drops. At least that’s what I hope.

      • Dan Wilson

        Seems more and more that way. I’m at a loss as to how/why they needed/got two separate decurions… I mean look at the daemons from the wulfen campaign book, one decurion caters for the four different gods with each one getting its own separate core formation. This just feels phoned in.

      • Painjunky

        Yeah this feels like a lazy seat-filler till 8th arrives.

        It generates strong feelings of… meh.

        If any actual thought or effort went into this it would be a concern.

      • OldHat

        Feels that way. I just feel really bad for the people on the tail end of things. Kind of like End Times, how it was awesome and then invalidated. Or the original IK Codex.

        GW won’t win back fans if they screw up 8th and make it a cash grab. It has to be a major overhaul that shows they listen and care.

        Not holding my breath, but they have surprised me a lot lately. So who knows!

        • ZeeLobby

          Yeah. I’m cautiously optimistic. I mean I figured they couldn’t really screw fantasy up and they turned into something I personally have little desire to play (purely from a fluff standpoint). With a galaxy of options available in 40k, and no real reason to move the story forward, I see them possibly doing the same with the fluff by taking it past midnight.

          That said, if they fix the gameplay mechanics and balance the systems, I’ll probably come back. As I’ve voiced countless times before (broken record here), I’m just not sure they have the talent or infrastructure to do that, and sadly showing a dip in profits for hiring better game designers is probably not something share holders will understand.

          Part of me just wished they’d pull a Dell, and buy the company back out into the private industry with some private investors. I really think they were more game focused when they were concentrating on making their game better rather than simply trying to milk their customers.

          We’ll see I guess.

          • OldHat

            Yea, Shareholders ruin literally everything. EVERY. THING.

            PP was (can’t vouch anymore, don’t know) known for their response to its customers needs/wants. FFG too, really. GW needs to follow suit and fix its flagship game. They would see some solid sales bumps if they did, I feel. Make it affordable again (they are… trying?), fix the rules (so people want to buy stuff), and support the players (they are… trying).

            Not a hard formula. Well, it is when the only thing that is driving you is profits. Again, shareholders. Meh.

          • ZeeLobby

            In total agreement. The big issue now is that after experiencing year after year drops in sales, even minimal ones, it’d be hard for them to convince their investors that they need a rebuilding year. A year where they hire designers, polish games, clearly define factions, etc. The problem is that profits would most likely falter that year (or years), but in the end I have no doubt they’d be the best tabletop wargame maker on the market, in models, rules and fluff. I’d like to think it’d result in a massive influx of both old and new gamers.

            The problem is that I feel like investors won’t allow them to do that until they see sales back in the green again. Its somewhat of a self-fulfilling prophecy. And I just don’t see things improving until something big rocks the oil tanker.

            They’ve definitely improved lately under the new leadership, but it’s still too early to tell if it’s a legit commitment to the future of their games, or just this year’s attempt at righting the numbers. If it falls again this year, will the FAQs go perpetually un-updated again, will the rules writing return to randomness, etc.

            And yeah. Shareholders drive these problematic issues. Especially when the primary investors are looking for static performance rather than growth. It’s possible GW will continue to do just the minimum to continue its trickling bleed, rather than sear that wound shut with a promethium fueled heavy flamer!

    • Curtis Cunningham

      They did say Matt Ward is back in the house.

  • Walter Vining

    death company on packs can turn 1 charge. awesome

    • Pinklabel

      Only if the enemy sets up on the edge of their deployment zone and you are deployed directly opposite. But I do appreciate that it makes the opponent think twice about how they set up.

      • georgelabour

        You sort of forgot about scouts and infiltrators.

        • Pinklabel

          Good point – it does make it easier to charge those if they have any

          • AmasNagol

            Possible charge range 30″ so quite handy to force deployment if your opponent is going 2nd.

          • Master Avoghai

            I see Rather 6″ (bonus move) +12″ (JP) + 7″ (average charge roll) = 25″
            You cannot axpect more : scout does not allow you to charge turn one if you use it

        • Master Avoghai

          You cannot charge turn one if you scout

  • Pinklabel

    Some of the relics here are nice but you can only take them on a DC chaplain, who already has a crozius and inferno pistol – making them a lot less attractive. Now a sanguinary priest I would have loved these for…

    • Austin Becht

      “Anyone unit…that can select Relics of Baal can select an item from Relics of the Lost…”

      So if you can get a Sanguinary Priest, or any other character, for that matter, in one of the auxiliary choices, then he could take them.

      • Артур Кушуков

        None of the auxillary choices have slots for any HQ, other than
        Lucifer Armored Squadron, which has a techmarine. Other auxillary choices are:
        Archangels Orbital Intervention Force
        10th Company Ambush Force
        Stormraven Squadron
        Rapid Assault Squadron

        Biggest issue in the BA codex was and is the overcrowded HQ slot, and they’ve done nothing to resolve that. If anything they’ve made it worse.

        • Austin Becht

          Can the Techmarine take relics? Firestorm woukd be nice, so you can put out 2 melts shots from a character. Though I’m unsure the Master Crafted and additional range is worth the 25 points.

          Otherwise, you can use the other Blood Angels Decurion and take singular Sanguinary Preists as a Command choice. Not sure how many command choices you have, or can take, but that’s a nice way to slot in a character or two that you want.

          • Pinklabel

            Afraid it says any character from a Death Company Strike Force or Lost Brotherhood Stike Force can take Relics of the Lost (or relics of Baal) – which I think is just DC chaplains. Unfortunately techmarines can’t take relics 🙁

          • Austin Becht

            Lost Brotherhood Strike Force is the Death Company Decurion, no? If he’s part of an Auxiliary choice in the LBSF, he can take the artifacts.

          • Pinklabel

            Unfortunately there are no aux choices in the LBSF that include any HQs who could take relics – just astorath, lemartes and DC chaplains.

          • Pinklabel

            But a cool thing I just noticed is that I can’t see anywhere that it replaces an existing weapon – hello DC chaplain with inferno pistol AND relic inferno pistol 😀

          • Andrew Thomas

            That’s usually the case, but one wouldn’t preclude the other.

          • Austin Becht

            That also means you could take these Relics on a Death Company Chaplain in an Angel’s Blade Strike Force, or in a normal army.

          • Andrew Thomas

            It specifically states “Lost Brotherhood Strike Force or Death Company Strike Force,” so you’re only really getting those on a Chaplain, and only if you pay the tax of 15 Death Company and a Dreadnaught.

          • Austin Becht

            I should have stated “…on a DC Chaplain in a DCSF in an Angel’s Blade SF, or as its own part of a normal army.”

            But then I guess that answer’s my question that the Techmarine can’t get artifacts, though Pinklabel’s previous posts suggested otherwise.

            If that’s the case, the whole wording on who can take the Relics is entirely useless, ajd they should have just said “these Relics are available to DC Chaplains taken in these formations.”

          • Pinklabel

            Yeah sorry I should have specified that it said they needed to normally be able to take relics to have these as an option – my bad

    • AmasNagol

      The Crozius of re roll 1s for FnP is clearly very handy.

      • Pinklabel

        if you’re bringing him in a large squad of DC I completely agree – it’s only ~5.5% boost to your chance to pass FNP, but for only 25pts if it saves 1 model it was worth it. The AP3 is just the (rather nice) icing on the cake

        • AmasNagol

          lol no silly rabbit

          You put him in an Iron Hands Death Star!

  • Diagoras

    Okay, let’s see… Relics are pretty okay. Couple are good, couple are overpriced garbage. About the norm, really.

    Warlord traits… Wow. These are actually pretty bad… Reroll one single roll in an entire game. Goodie. Rage in Death Company. Oh. Joy. Hatred. Against one specific army. I am so, so sorry. I feel you there, really, I do.

    Wait just one goddamn minute….

    “Your Warlord and any unit he joins have the Rampage special rule.”

    Geh… Geh… Egeh…

    That’s the one. That’s the one you want, right there.

    • petrow84

      As for relics, half the price tag, and now we’re talkin’.
      As for the warlord trait, fleet is also a nice addition.
      I kinda wished them to receive the same bonus for JP use, as per Raven Guard.

      • AmasNagol

        You just string them out and make sure one of them only moves 6″, then you still get the reroll for charge distance as per the FAQ

  • vash113

    I gotta say the only thing about the Death Company rules that really surprised me was the Caged Fury warlord trait. Giving an entire squad of Death Company Rampage is just… nasty, potentially. It only applies if they are outnumbered but on a small 5 man squad with Chaplain that shouldn’t be too hard and at Initiative 5 on the turn they charge this could potentially be very potent, but your only getting it around 1/3 games.