Chaos Get an Upgrade: Signals #465


Today the guys talk about new Chaos Marine stuff and updates to the Best Coast Pairings app.

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  • Simon Chatterley

    As a long term CSM player I’m really struggling to see what this “power up” is that people keep saying we’ve had.

    Nothing really new unlike the Sparkly Vampires (Hey look….a bunker full of grav cannons and massive chainswords!…How come we never saw them before! Doh!)

    I’m pretty fed up with tbh and struggling to understand the reasoning behind the nonsense.

    • euansmith

      I would have thought that sales of Chaos Marines would be so poor by now, that GW would have thrown the kitchen sink at them; maybe even give them “anti-grav” armour.

    • Lee Williams

      Apparently the term for fooling someone into opening a non-article is a bad word now.

      My post without the horribly offensive word….

      I can’t even tell what they have to say, no transcript and YouTube blocked so the article is moot. I did want to see what the supposed ‘power up’ was, but I can tell by y’all’s comments that I got fooled by xxxxxxxxxx again.

  • Agent OfBolas

    CSMs sucks hard. They are OK for as long as you won’t compare them with loyalists.

    New book, written in a hurry, doesn’t change the principal problem with CSMs – their MAIN CODEX. It’s units are outdated, outgunned and overcosted.

    For as long as there is no new CSM codex – this army is not worth playing anywhere outside fun games at kitchen table, where those sparky Loyalists needs some target practise.