FFG: Against the Great Enemy Hits Shelves


FFG knocked out another piece of Warhammer 40K content this week. Take a look.

The 2nd to last War Pack expansion for Warhammer 40,000 Conquest is out the door. Against the Great Enemy has shipped and is now on retail shelves.


Against the Great Enemy $14.95

“As a rain of blood pours down on Nectavus VI, the forces of Chaos run rampant, eager to devour this verdant, deadly world. Noisome daemons and foul Warp-things alike are opposed by the might of the Imperium—powerful Space Marines and legions of the Astra Militarum—but unbeknownst to all who bleed and die on this tormented world, a new player has entered the scene. An Eldar Phoenix Lord has joined the fight, moving invisibly and bringing death without warning. Her only goal is to destroy those who have brought the abomination of Chaos into the material realm, and she will slay any who stand in her way.

Against the Great Enemy is a new War Pack in the Death World cycle, and within this expansion, you’ll continue to find support for this cycle’s major themes. Additional Deep Strike cards enter the card pool, giving your units, attachments, and events new ways to arrive at the battlefield unseen by your foes. Elite units continue to become more effective and dangerous, even as a new Eldar warlord and her signature squad invite you to lead the Howling Banshees into the battle for Nectavus VI!”


This promises to be among the very last GW-licensed product to be released by FFG after their big announcment of parting ways with Games Workshop early next year.  A look at the FFG store shows there is only one more Warhammer 40,000 Conquest remaining: The Warp Unleashed.


~Do you think the FFG licensed games will fade into obscurity, or become collector’s items?


  • Kevin Maloney

    So what I’m wondering, though, is that is there any point in picking up new Conquest decks if FFG is going to be stopping all tournament support for it soon?

    • adamharry

      I think that depends on your personal preference. If you were playing this game purely for Tourney play, then no. But if you were collecting sets to play casually, then I could see picking them up.

      If you got one of the previous packs from this cycle it’s going to feel incomplete if you don’t finish the set because of the way FFG did the cycle packs. Imagine each war pack as a piece of the puzzle – except they technically do work as stand alone packs. But when you have all 6 you get a better picture of how the entire cycle was designed to work.

      Also some people are completionists and this is the 2nd-to-last release for this war pack cycle so they are going to pick it up no matter what.