Fritz: Avoiding Dungeon Master Burnout

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This week’s we look at the world-building responsibility of the Dungeon Master and how to avoid D&D burnout.

As the Dungeon Master you are more then builder of worlds, and master of fates. You hold the power and responsibility of running the game, keeping the narrative going, making the rules work, and making sure all the players have a good time. Lots of fun responsibility, but with that comes the potential for burn out. This week we are going to look at some posts to keep your game motivation going.


Burn out can happen, and often quicker then you realize, especially when running a multi-adventure campaign. Here are some ideas on how build past it.


What motivates your players to play their characters. Often the DM can have a hand in helping them select characters in the campaign, which in turn gives you as the DM some rich source material to work with.

Keeping you players hooked and motivated game by game in turn keeps you motivated to push out the best adventure narrative that you can.

~See you in the game!



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  • Drew

    I was really hoping this would be an article to read, rather than a video that I’m sure is really good, but I don’t have time to watch.

    I wish BOLS would say “VIDEO” in the title of video posts, but I imagine if they did, their clicks would go down because people like me would skip them.

  • Malevengion

    I’ve been running games for quite a while. These days, I avoid burn out by enriching the world of the games and often make up new NPCs or aspects of the world on the fly. That way it keeps the world fresh for me as well. Having a wide selection of different games and scenarios helps too. Rotating between genres is a necessity.