Fritz: Dungeons & Dragons Monster Shopping

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This week’s we look at the one of the three basics of Dungeons & Dragons – Monster Encounters.

As a player when you think of Dungeons & Dragons what comes to mind? Epic adventures, powerful characters? Loot?


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Many players and Dungeon Master’s view monsters as a stat block to use against the party, but there is more to both the good and bad monsters in the game. This week’s D&D tabletop post is going to look at how we can use out monster selections in each encounter to not only beat down the party, but also throw in some role playing aspects into the game.


First step is of course challenging yourself above and beyond the monsters you normally like to play. How can you use them based on the setting and environment that the party find themselves in? Then let’s go monster shopping and see if we can apply these ideas on the spot to create some interesting interactions with the party.




~See you in the game!



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  • Malevengion

    Nothing works better than having “monsters” that think and plan as well as the party. If the creatures act outside of what the players expect then the encounters will be much more memorable for all involved.