Hawk Wargames: Dropfleet Commander Ships


Hawk Wargames has given the green light- Dropfleet Commander is shipping out!

Dropfleet Commander was a blowout success on Kickstarter for Hawk Wargames. Funding on December 3rd 2015, here are the stats from Kickstarter:

3,918 backers pledged £629,222 to help bring this project to life. 

Since then the company has been moving steadily to fulfill the campaign. Today almost 10 months later is the big day. Hawk Wargames is throwing product onto shipping trucks.  Here’s the latest from the company:


via Hawk Wargames (Kickstarter) 

“We Are Shipping!

Dear Backers,

We thought we would give you a little more information with this update for you.

Firstly, it gives us great pleasure to announce that pledges have been arriving with backers from today onwards! It’s been a long journey for us to get to this point as we’ve expanded and met the challenges that the sheer success of the Kickstarter presented. Our warehouse is straining at the seams with over 150 pallets of product and we can’t wait to get it out to you all!

As the shipping process continues we’ll be able to provide a clearer picture of our schedules once we establish a reliable daily boxing/dispatch rate. We are working closely with our dispatch partners to ensure our packages reach you as quickly as possible. With around 4000 individual orders to pack, label, log and dispatch this will be by far the largest shipping operation the company has ever undertaken, so please bear with us over the coming number of days as we ship your orders. We’re working as fast as we can to get them to you. You’ll be provided with individual notifications once your order is ready for dispatch where possible, so please keep an eye out for that.”




Dropfleet Commander Product Page

All those Kickstarter backers will be eyeing the mail every day and I’m sure the game will now start its march to a general public release.

~Look for more updates on Hark Wargames in the days ahead.

  • Mike X

    I was going to join the Kickstarter, but… nobody plays DzC as it is. I doubt I’ll see any DfC games being played at my LGS’s.

    • orionburn

      Felt like I’d have the same problem. I’d probably give it a shot if it wasn’t for BFG coming back at some point in the near future.

      • Mike X

        I still collect DzC models, in the hope that someday interest will spark up… but I’d rather not sit on two different game systems’ worth of unused models.

        • dinodoc

          You could play Full Thrust with them

          • Mike X

            Full Thrust? I’m listening.

        • Severius_Tolluck

          What region are you from?

  • BloodAngel

    I don’t know if it’s just me, but I love the look of mechanical, brutal looking ships. Battlestar Galactica was cool. Star destroyers are cool. 40K imperial ships are cool. I never ever liked the space squid look of organic type ships. I would always choose the ships based on their look rather than their stats or effectiveness.
    Just my HO, but does anyone else feel that way?

    • af

      Agreed! In that sense, the first of the fleets looks cool, right? I’m bored by the second organic fleet. I think the “organic hive” alien trope is overdone… not every alien enemy has to be a xenomorph / zerg / tyranid clone. Game designers sometimes seem a bit lazy 🙁

      • Cergorach

        No, not every race. But they are sci-fi tropes for a reason, people like them, so they keep returning.

        These are two of the fleets:
        Human => very mechanical
        Alien #1 => Organic

        What’s not shown here:

        Alien #2 => very different from Organic

        Human/AI => very sleek

        And while the Organic looking race is my least favorite from the four Dropfleet race, I still like it. I think it’s very well done and looks a lot different from all the Tyranid like BFG attempts that have been made.

        If BFG makes a return in plastic, GREAT!

        • BloodAngel

          Agreed on BFG. I can’t wait. Hopefully they do it right.

          • BloodAngel

            Meanwhile I have SW Armada to occupy my time. I have fleets on both sides, but just as my previous comments indicate, I always try to play imperial. Just because their ships are too cool. Mon Calamari: Not so much.

          • BloodAngel

            Space potatoes

  • Chardun

    What has me excited is that Andy Chambers is behind this game, the creator of Battlefleet Gothic!

  • nurglitch

    God Lord those are sexy ships.

    • ZeeLobby

      Right?! I have to say they’ve knocked it out of the park as far as design goes. Very unique and detailed for the model size. Makes some Firestorm Armada/X-Wing/Armada ships look like cheap toys. Really reminds me of FFG cool design (I imagine the new FW range when redone will look spectacular).

      • Severius_Tolluck

        Design is good, but so is the paint jobs.. I imagine how thick some people glob could diminish peoples thoughts slightly! However I love both human armies` looks!

        • ZeeLobby

          Oh definitely. I think part of the reason it works well is because the models have a lot of small sharp edges to drybrush and pick out colors on. GW did a good job of this with their BFG models as well, but some games like Armada/X-Wing have some real detail wash. X-Wing kind of gets away with it via pre-painting.

  • dinodoc

    When does it hit retail? Seriously considering getting a fleet due to the rules pedigree and how cool the ships look

  • Parthis

    Now all we need is some clarity from Hawk on retail. They’re a remarkably frustrating company to be a fan of.

  • Scoundrel13

    As a backer, can’t wait for this to arrive. We’re lucky enough to have a large DzC community here in Worcestershire (10 players), and nearly all of us bought into Dropfleet, so we’re planning some awesome linked campaigns already.
    IMO, Hawk Wargames are putting out some of the most beautifully sculpted models across the whole of miniatures wargaming at the moment. Especially check out the PHR Dropfleet ships.

  • Gridloc

    Very excited for this, huge fan of DZC and ability to link games will be included in rules. I know alot of people in my area are doing the ‘holding out for battlefleet gothic’ which i can understand, as having a game system link to existing one is really fun. But please note that if its just the game that interest you, that same guy who made BFG help design this game. Demo’s on Beast of wars look really good and seems to be a very objective base game which adds lots of detail vs the standard ‘shoot enemy’ games which can become boring quick.

    • Severius_Tolluck

      also neat new mechanics like the scanning increases range of weapons and detection vs stealth!