I Don’t Just Love This Hobby, I NEED It

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Pimpcron has made a conclusion. It’s all existential and stuff.

Hey brothers and sisters of the wargaming world. IT IS I! The Pimpcron! I’m edging towards the end of my *real life* job’s busy season, and I had something happen to me while I was playing a game of 40k last week. It was an eye-opener.

In real life, when I’m not busy making children (I have four of those things), I run the family business. I won’t tell you what that is because it’s irrelevant. So I will make something up. My family owns a store where we do unique spa treatments for our customers that the establishment doesn’t want you to know about! We specialize in homeopathic remedies using everyday items in our Boardwalk shop in Ocean City. We are very busy in the summer and have more free time in the winter as things slow down. I love winter. It would take 3 articles to tell you how many ways I love the off season.

Anyway, while many of our customers are nice people, but it only takes a handful of jerks to really crank up the stress. Couple that with constant employee issues, and I end up being a good candidate for a stomach ulcer. In a typical day at my imaginary shop, these things happen to give me a burning feeling in my stomach. Obviously the situations are silly, but the underlying themes are real.:

An employee, being negligent, mistakenly puts crushed up Cool Ranch Doritos on a customer’s boil. I have told them time and time again that you put crushed up Nacho Cheese Doritos on a boil. NOT Cool Ranch. Idiot! Cool Ranch makes a boil worse! Now the customer is mad, and I have to fix it for free.

angry-2Bold-2Bman-2B-25284-2529“Now it’s even bigger!”

Another customer doesn’t know what they’re talking about and complains for no reason. “Ow, you got French Fry Grease in my eye! It burns!” Dammit! That’s what you paid for! Your receipt clearly says “cataract treatment”. THAT IS HOW YOU TREAT IT!

Or they try to tell you how to do your job. “Well, I read online that soaking your hand in sheep urine cures dry skin.” Or so you’re suddenly an authority because you read some ridiculous article on some woo-woo site? Well I’m here to tell you something. I’ve been in this business for more than ten years, and suddenly I’m wrong for soaking your hand in cat urine. Well, I guess I can cancel my weekly shipment of cat urine now! You obviously know more than me!

So last week I was at my local hobby shop, playing a game of 40k with my friends. We laugh, we joke, and we have a great time. I have made many friends in this hobby and nearly everyone I have met is just a good person at their core. I was in the middle of a game, completely immersed in it and having fun. It was then that a tiny thought crept back into my head.

“Oh, don’t forget to call the supplier about that delivery of powdered vomit.”

It was that crack in the dam that suddenly caused a crashing wave of stress and thoughts to come back.

funny-sad-dogLooks like someone needs some 40k.

“You have two interviews tomorrow for new employees.”

“I have to do payroll tomorrow.”

“I’m almost out of shredded dirt.”

“I need to research a way to cure warts with ketchup.”

It suddenly became very apparent that all of these ideas and stressful thoughts had been in the back of my mind all along, but my immersion in the game and spending time with friends had let me escape.

I felt tension in my chest, and suddenly I was super stressed and part of me wanted to quit playing and go home and work on some of that stuff. But just as that became clear, it became equally clear that I desperately NEED this fun time away from work for my own mental health.

So I took a deep breath or two and pushed that stuff behind me again so that I could enjoy the game. And within a few minutes I was enjoying myself again, knowing that all of that crap will be waiting for me later, BUT NOT RIGHT NOW!

Bright yellow happy smile among set of the sad.

That is 40k among my other worries.

This isn’t just a game, this isn’t just a hobby, it is literal therapy and relaxation for me. I’m sure it is with you too. And while you might not have to worry about running out of your stock of salted fish eyes, you have plenty of stress in your life too.

Work, family and life in general is quite stressful for all of us. We need that escape. So for the first time in one of my articles, I have some homework for you.

#1: Leave your stress at work as much as you can, and when needed, immerse yourself in the hobby to give you just a couple hours of respite. We all need this quite badly. It’s good for health, and good for mind. Stress kills. It increases all of your chances of diseases and will shorten your life.

Angry-kid-16Less of this. Ok?

#2: The next time you want to tear someone down for their opinion of something hobby-related, or their subpar paint job, or the way they enjoy playing a game, stop and think. We are all stressed, we all have difficulty in our life, and we’re all in this together. The person who slops paint onto their models might be enjoying themselves just as much as you are with your 27 different layers of directional light-shading. If someone likes 9th Age over AoS, or Infinity over 40k, just let them enjoy what they enjoy and give them a moment of freedom away from life’s hardships.

I have just transcended. I am now The Buddha Pimpron. When you see me at Shorehammer you can rub my belly for good luck.

Have anything to add? Does this help you with stress?


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  • wibbling

    I understand the feeling and sympathise. With my own little company the hobbies are an escape. As regards stress, delegate. Monitor the first few times but delegate. Have other people do some of the work.

    Partially this is why hearing the relentless, endless whining by ‘gamers’ who just want to cheat the system to satisfy their own ego is frustrating. These people don’t care because they take delight in winning as it salves their inferiority complexes.

    We’re all nerds to a degree, none of us chosen for the sports team but at the end of it, it’s a game of toy soldiers that some elements ruin because they just want to cheat to win at any cost. They twist the game and blame it for their abuses. They spoil and ruin and say ‘Workshop’s fault. Shouldn’t let me do it’. They are why this hobby has become so difficult to enjoy.

    Yeah, they’re kids. Yes, they’ll grow up yet in the meanwhile these creatures, in pursuit of their own flawed egomania are rude, aggressive and unpleasant and it needs to stop as they’re ruining it for everyone.

    • Grasshopper

      Amen. But I think that there shouldn’t even be so much focus on those people who hate aspects of the hobby or other games and such. There should be more focus on things you LIKE and on the people you game with and the stories you create by playing.
      And here’s to Almighty Buddha Pimpcron: Get yourself a reliable assistant who does some of your work for you (if it’s within your budget…). And all the best for your little enterprise!

      • Thanks Grasshopper! I’m just waiting for my kids to grow up and then I’ll get my assistants! 😉 My oldest is 7 so i have a ways to go. (sigh). But talking to you guys always cheers me up. Thanks for reading.

    • ZeeLobby

      Priceless coming from wibbling. You ever consider that some people just don’t want to play the way you do. You spend a lot of time whining about whiners, and I don’t think that contributes all that much to the hobby either. I love how everyone who wants balance, or for GW to make the game better, is just stroking their ego and trying to cheat. And they must be children as well (he says stroking his own ego).

      • Charon

        Isn’t it ironic that the first post under this article is just another hate post from the kid that probably will never grow up yet in the meanwhile this creature, in pursuit of his own flawed egomania is rude, aggressive and unpleasant and needs to stop as he is ruining it for everyone?

        • ZeeLobby

          Oh don’t worry. The irony was not lost on me either. He only ever drops it to make inflammatory statements, call someone stupid for not playing better, etc. Then leaves and never responds. He is literally the worst contribution to the community.

          • You live in a community with them?

          • ZeeLobby

            This hobby community, on the internet. I updated to clarify.

          • lol. I had to do it.

          • ZeeLobby


    • shiwan

      Wait, are you saying that people who play the game differently and recognize the flaws in it are ruining it for you because they do not play the game like you do? Did you know that most of the people who play like that are grown adults and that most of the growing youngsters that play the game play bad lists because the units are cool and they do not understand the game?

      • ZeeLobby

        It’s crazy how he could read this article and somehow twist it to his dark will. Lol.

  • I am glad I finally found someone who has to worry about their salted fish eyes, too!

    • pad_uk

      Mmmm….. Salted Fish Eyes……

    • lol. What a pain, am I right?

  • shiwan

    My “problems” are beyond my reach when I’m not on the job so….why worry?

    • euansmith

      I’ve always got this briefcase with the launch codes handcuffed to my wrist, so leaving my job behind is difficult; it also interferes with die rolling.

      • shiwan

        Is this briefcase there in case you need to deal with a troublesome situation in a game?

        • No-one Special

          ‘Woops, sorry, my wrist slipped on that to hit roll. Stop crying, it would have died to my lascannon anyway?’

    • That’s a good point. But my customers have my cell phone number. . ., it’s hard to get away and they call me at all hours over stupid crap that could have waited til morning.

      • shiwan

        You need another number for your free time.

  • Simon Chatterley

    Hobby keeps me sane. So I spend a lot of my free time (and money) on it and I’m incredibly lucky as I don’t have kids (1 in the house is enough, so says the wife) and said wife has loads of stuff that happens in the evenings.

    However occasionally I’ll start a project which consumes me and I’ll switch off from real life altogether as I battle to get it done. Times like this aren’t healthy and it’s a balance I often struggle try to achieve.

    Sure others might agree that it sucks when real life intervenes with playing with little soldiers lol

  • Mirai Blues

    Yow mah daug Pimpcron (sorry for the familiarity, that’s what you get when you connect your emotional plugs to people)

    Would have send you a private but can’t find the way, nevermind. I’ve always loved your stuff because it’s funny, but that one was very touching. I work in a boarding school where we just spent the past few days building bunk beds to uncomfortably put 400 students in 300 bedrooms, and that was so stressful I needed someone to tell me that.

    Thanks, you’re the best

    • Hey Mirai Blues! Don’t worry about being too familiar. Yow mah daug too! I love talking to people on here and feel like I’ve have gotten to know several of them over the years. I appreciate you chiming in and I’m happy that you could relate. The whole bunk bed thing does sound like a mess! Just try to take some time for yourself once in a while if you can find the time. It’s literally a life saver. Btw, You can contact me on my facebook page Pimpcron, or comment on one of my articles on diceforthedicegod.com I receive messages on both.

  • MPSwift

    A very good article highlighting a genuine problem both in and out of the hobby with some decent advice on how to mitigate it; good work PC!

    • Thanks MPSwift! Thanks for reading my stuff and junk. 😉

  • Deez

    Or… now just hear me out, we could just Warhammer and not work. But that would be fiscally irresponsible… Who invented “bills” and “debt” any how?

    • lol. I always tell friends that if family or work get in the way of 40k, then quit them. 😀

  • Admiral Raptor

    I think most people have a lot more stress in their lives than I do. My job is lots of fun (for the most part) and my home life is pretty chill. Come to think of it, that’s probably why I enjoy complaining about, and reading complaints about 40k on this site :P.

    • Good! Keep it up then. You’ll be much better for it in the long run. If I’m being honest, my home life is great and I look forward to coming home each day. A bit of chaos with 4 kids is unavoidable, but they are a trip. I really enjoy my job as well, except for 75% of our employees and 10% of my customers. They make life sooooo much harder than it has to be.

  • Drew

    I hope one of your Shorehammer gaming tables has an ancient Buddha statue terrain piece…with a Necron head. =)

    • Good idea! Pretty attainable too.

  • JP

    40K – The far more enjoyable but only slightly less financially destructive alternative to alcoholism for dealing with stress. Take two, and call me in the morning.

    • Whenever a family member rolls their eyes at my hobby I’m like, “It’s either this or crack. you choose.”

      • JP

        Yeah, that’s pretty much how it goes for me too.
        “I could’ve gotten addicted to something far more self destructive than building and playing with tiny toy soldiers.”
        40K is like inverted alcoholism. When you drink you vanish for a whole night and then spend hours tucked away with a hangover. With 40k you do the bit with spending hours by yourself first, then you vanish for a whole night. Without the addiction and (usually) without the vomiting.

  • Muninwing

    i’m in a degree program after 15 years, buying a house, moving, and have a 2-year-old. i don’t get to play much.

    complaining about what the game would be like if i could play it is all i have.

    ok, ok… i kid. i don’t play as much as i’d like, but i have found that the hobby (over the game) has been more of my focus over the last couple years.

    still… some people live to vent. and venting about how terrible something they like is… though it seems pretty foolish… might just be their catharsis.

    • Yeah, I guess you’re right. Hadn’t thought of it that way. Good luck with all of that stuff going on in your life! As stressful as it is, it sounds like you’re making progress in life and accomplishing things, so good on you.

  • Me

    I love your articles. However, I think that I will leave the belly rubbing to the Mrs Cron (unless you are a robot dog disguised as a well dressed emotionless mechanical killing machine).

    • Thanks Me! Full disclosure, the missus tries not to touch me more than she has to, we already have 4 kids. I’m quite virulent. It’s a curse. 😉

      • Andrew Thomas

        Two ridiculously out of context words that I refuse to explain: Force. Fields.

        • lol. Trojan presents: Inter-Course Fields. The ultimate protection.

  • Deacon Ix

    I demand an up-vote button for Articles!

  • Richard Mitchell

    Great article, I know we all don’t play the same games but they serve a purpose…to unwind. I get really stressed when I haven’t painted or gamed in awhile, and unlike VGs I never walk away feeling I wasted my life. Its cool to meet people. Good going people.

    • That is the truth! I don’t play video games as much anymore, because I feel like once that video game is turned off, my hands are empty. I don’t actually have anything to show for it. While playing wargames, I’m either painting real models I can use later or building relationships. Good point!