Vengeance is Yours in This New Board Game

vengeance board game

Want to be John Wick on the tabletop? This game can help you get there.

If you dig pulp movies that revolve around revenge – Kill Bill, Old Boy, Death Wish, John Wick, etc – you need to take a look at this Kickstarter. Mighty Boards is offering up a dish best served cold…

In Vengeance you are the hero that’s been left for dead. The goal: become a killer that cannot be stopped and take down the gangs who tried to take your life – one by one, from boss on down. The game combines the elements of a turn based, puzzle solving game and a fast, action packed adventure that requires a bit of luck.

The Core Game:

1-4 players
30 minutes per player
Includes 4 gangs: Zuce Clan, Lordz, Tengu-Kai and the Hell Riders.

You can add the Rosari Gang Pack expansion with certain pledge levels. It adds a new gang, a new hero and the components to run a game with 5 players.




vengeance board game comps


The game begins with character choice – some characters require redemption, but not all. Those characters go straight into The Wronging – where the gang beats the characters to a pulp and cause wounds that stick with them through the game. Once the hurt is dealt the game alternates between two phases: Montage and Fight. In Montage turns characters get a chance to heal and upgrade with new items and abilities.

In Fight turns characters exact their revenge on the different gangs using a pooled dice draft and actions unique to each character. In each round you roll the dice and choose the order to play them; upgrade skills and items give the ability to swap results or turn them into violent combos. You gain victory points for every boss you kill, and for taking care of all of the gang’s minions. Take them all out for maximum points.

You can check out the main rulebook here, and there are print-and-play files available here so you can give the game a try.

As if the game play wasn’t enticing enough – the minis are made by Titan Forge.

vengeance minis

Be quick – this one closes October 5th, that’s next Wednesday.

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