40K RUMORS: “Sisters & 8th Coming Soon”


The Rumorsphere is blowing up as one blogger chimes in about their trip to Warhammer World!

On Blood of Kittens, TastyTaste recounts his trip to Warhammer World from the perspective of an American. He talks about his experience at the GW Corporate headquarters, has a ton of cool pictures of the miniatures on display and has a sit down with Phil Kelly. It’s a good read so be sure to go read the full article when you get a chance.

gw-dioramaPic via Blood of Kittens

Aside from that, TastyTaste did drop in some juicy rumors to report:

via TastyTaste

“Now of course if you have read this far you are curious about any gossip. Well the only things I have to report are what we have heard. First is Sisters of Battle and second is 8th edition are both coming very soon. What was news to me though, was even GW was surpised[sic] by  Age of Sigmar sales since the release of the General’s Handbook. So I guess Sigmar is here to stay. Other notes, were staff expressing fatigue with Warhammer 40k. What this means I have no idea, but I imagine it has to do with need for a new edition. It also makes me wonder if 8th isn’t just a tweak, but a BIG change.”

This is a pretty big one-two punch of info! This seems to point toward what we’ve been hearing for awhile – 8th Edition is on the way. But the bit about “First is Sisters of Battle” is what has me…concerned. Allow me to explain.


We’ve got the arrival of the Sisters of Silence which is awesome. It’s very easy to see Games Workshop using those basic sculpts and parlaying them into Sisters of Battle. But what has be worried is the way in which BoK presented the information. Now, this could just be the literal order in which TastyTaste heard or was reporting the info so keep that in mind. But what if that was the actual order of the releases? “Why would they release Sisters of Battle and then follow that up with a new edition?” Well…It’s been done before:


This book might be a relic for some and a sore spot for others. If you played during 2nd Edition you might recall that this book was introduced and than roughly 2 months later 3rd Edition dropped. Not only was it a new edition of the game, the shift of game play from 2nd to 3rd was so massive it completely invalidated this book. Sisters of Battle players, all I can say is, “Ouch, that had to sting a bit.” This book was the last time the Sisters had a “proper” codex. They have had some digital releases and some supplementary materials, but this book was the last time they got their own physical codex all to themselves.

The Sisters of Battle are also the heralds of change in the meta-context of 40k as a game system. It seems like every time they get put to print it’s only a matter of time before the game shifts around them and leaves them behind. That bit about the studio feeling the “40k fatigue” and the release of Sisters could once again line-up for the dawn of a new game-changing edition.

Warhammer 40k has had the same basic gameplay for awhile now – pretty much since 3rd. We’ve had 4 editions that have been bolting-on new rules and tweaking old ones to the same core for years now. Will the Sisters be the heralds of the new edition? We won’t be able to say until it happens. For now, all we have to go on are the hints that Games Workshop is teasing and bits of rumors from around the web.


What do you think – are the Sisters of Battle going to herald in 8th with the last 7th edition codex or do you think 8th will drop and then the Sisters will get their due?

  • Desmond Burke

    40K Exterminatus! I’d say with what they’ve learned from AoS and the General’s Handbook I’d be happy to play 40K again with a revamp.

    • Parthis

      Me too.

      I know the haters are out there. But AoS is in a good place. The General’s Handbook is a great direction to take the game; cheap, easily republished for balance and a firm commitment to the system.

      40K needs that.

      • Muninwing

        i’d say yes, in theory it needs it.

        but in practice, it also needs a number of other things. including more than just thrown-in names to connect it to its roots.

        • Randy Randalman

          You mean like chapters of fluff at the beginning of every publication that detail the End Times and the thousands of years leading up to where AoS is now? Because that’s how it’s written.

          GW never just ignores the Old World or its place in the time line. If you have read anything, you would know.

          40k will get a rules revamp – probably large – and the time line will move forward. It won’t be a end-of-the-galaxy and jump thousands of years forward, however. Unlike WHFB, 40k isn’t failing. The studio just hit a wall for a bit.

          • Neil Burns

            For a bit? My dude, they’ve been at that wall for a long, long time now. I welcome literally any change that brings things back to pre-decurion. I miss the Force Org chart.

          • Darth Bumbles

            The designers and the fluff writers biggest problem is the marketing department etc saying “you can’t go past the year 40,000 because that’d invalidate the name of the game” or suchlike. Renaming it “age of darkness” or something like that would allow for that story to move forwards.

          • Mike Linke

            Age of Darkness is already the official name of the Horus Heresy ruleset.

          • Muninwing

            but “move the story forwards” isn’t a necessity, despite people on the internet rabble-rousing about it.

            there’s so much that could be explored instead. and instead of giving us another “it starts interesting but descends into stupidity and oh look let’s nuke everything and start over with worse writers who can’t really do it justice” move that they speed through to debut an inferior product.

          • Carey_Mahoney

            Even more than a rules revamp (which should finally get rid of the abominable random charge range) the game would need a meta revamp, toning down all that (especially fire-)power creep. Surely, the latter will not happen… (you know, because sales and stuff…)

          • Ciaphas Cain

            Oh noes randomness, how dare GW expect people to take a risk Or think on their feet?

          • Carey_Mahoney

            Oh, you’re trying to be sarcastic…

          • Ciaphas Cain

            Ding you win…. no prize.

          • Muninwing

            … except they could use any names and it wouldn’t matter. they’re shoehorning someone else’s ideas into another setting to try to keep a fallacious link between the two going, instead of just admitting that the two games have nothing in common.

            and remember that WHF wasn’t failing, it just wasn’t doing as well as they wanted it to. it was still making money, just not enough. and the reasons were tied into a run of bad armybooks and a questionable ruleset. which were fixable problems. but giving up the market they dominated to compete in another market instead was not necessarily the best decision to fix that.

            but we digress.

            if 40k gets the AoS treatment, with the rules or with the fluff, they will lose a ton of support, and the revenue that comes from them. and they managed to regain much of what they lose with AoS players (particularly after they admitted their screwup by releasing the GHB), but i’m not sure if it’ll work the next time.

      • Karru

        There is only one tiiiiiiiiiiiny problem. General’s Handbook wasn’t, mostly at least, written by GW, it was made by an outside source. This is what terrifies me a lot, since I’ve seen the rules for Battle of Vedros. I don’t want to see my favourite game to turn into a bunch of grey mass shooting at each other with barely any identifying features. If it’s only GW design team writing the rules for 8th edition and they decide to “replicate” AoS, the game and possibly even GW is doomed.

        We have witnessed this time and time again, GW design team in its current state cannot make any rule sets without either making it a complete mess or a game where everything is basically the same. Then we have major issues if they decide to replicate things like the Alliances. How are Tyranids supposed to fight against Imperium? How will they make Xenos ally with each other? Will they completely ignore the fluff or make some completely bs explanation why Orks are suddenly completely on board with Tau/Eldar/Dark Eldar? Will they join Chaos like Skaven did in AoS? There is literally so many things they can screw up big time which makes me extremely worried.

        I reeeeeeeeally hope that if they decide to replicate General’s Handbook, they would take into consideration the following. The ultra basic game like AoS with very simple rule set as one option, second option is the pre-6th edition scale of things with character and complex mechanics but it will not include things like Gargantuans/Super Heavies, Formations, “decurions” and the like. As the third option, basically take a shot at attempting to balance 7th edition, basically impossible, but this would include everything that is in the game right now. This would be the most complex and would basically be Apocalypse for 40k.

        This way they cater to everyone and the game doesn’t suffer from lack of character or confusing rules. Everyone wins.

        • Frank Krifka

          GW didn’t write the generals handbook? I know they called in some guys from Clash of Swords to review it, but from what I understand the point values are in some some cases quite different than the pool points system they came up with for balancing. Add to the that the fact that match play is only 1/3rd of the General’s handbook and it seems to me the book has GW’s fingerprints all over it.

          Truthfully, if the revamped 8th edition follows the thought process that went into writing the GH, i think people will be pleasantly surprised by 8th edition.

          I’m certainly not suggesting that the changes from 7th to 8th will be as drastic as the changes from 8th to AoS, but some large changes are to be expected.

          At this point I’m more “wait and see” rather than “the sky is falling and we’re all going to die.”

          • Karru

            From what I gathered, the matched play rules, IE the ones that made the book so “famous and successful”, were not written by the GW design team. It was made by some other group that I can’t for the life of me remember. I think they talked about it in the Livestreamed tournament they did a while back.

            I have mostly given up on 40k in terms of balance and fun factor on a pick up game way. I have already concluded that the game will never be at the same levels of fun that 5th edition brought due to GW making Apocalypse the standard game size. This is why I play 5th edition with some 7th edition games thrown in for good measure and to keep my skills and knowledge up if I ever need to demo it to someone.

          • Frank Krifka

            I don’t think the changes that were introduced by the GH were written in a vacuum if thats what you mean. I think it’s pretty obvious they took into consideration some of the feedback given by the community in regards to saves, summoning and spellcasting. I know they did call the guys who put on Clash of Swords to playtest it, and in return they gave some feedback which the design team incorporated into the final draft (IIRC it mostly involved the matched play scenarios and a few of the point costs.) But largely it was the work of the design team.

            I think Everybody has given up on 40k in terms of balance. lol. It’s pretty clear that rules bloat alone makes the game woefully unbalanced and (worse yet) difficult to play. My hope, is that GW will clearly take some of the lessons learned from the AoS launch, (both the first launch when the game debuted, and the “second” launch with the GH) and port that into a game that is easier to play but with rewarding complexity.

            I think community feedback (which we’ve seen a good president for so far) will be a big factor in whether the launch of 8th is well received or not.

      • Valeli

        The general’s handbook would have been a good direction in which to release the game, rather than take it.

        I’m sure it would have garnered significantly less hate if they had launched together. Not no hate, as it’s still radically changing up the game and destroying a world people were invested in…. but a lot less.

        I imagine that if GW is even vaguely thinking about doing something huge to 40k, they’ve learned a few lessons from AoS though. If not, I’ll laugh. Bitterly.

        • Mikey_V

          It is true that gw learned a lot from AoS. Specifically the gaming community’s desire for structure around organized play (pts, force org, etc). The release of the open play AoS was meant, I think, to show how irrelevant points can be and how they don’t HAVE to dictate a FUN game. I’m sure the generals handbook was always in the pipeline from day 1. It was probably pushed foreword early because of the outcry for what it gave us. If 40k takes a drastic AoS level shift, I can imagine gw will make sure not to keep people waiting a year for structured gameplay.

  • Haha, I definitely predict a replay of the 2nd edition Sisters of Battle release, or the 8th edition WHFB Wood Elves army book.

    • LordRao

      Except SoB were playable when their book came out…

      • J Mad

        They still are playable, more so than Orks and DE

        • Stealthbadger

          I’ve seen DE win at a tournie recently, maybe it had special rules but implies they can be effective.

          • J Mad

            What tournament? I want to see this. All larger tournaments DE winnings literally were only 400-500pts of DE and it was their “Main force” but had multi other cads/formations from Eldar. Literally 60-75% the points where Eldar.

            You cant say that is a DE army at that point.

            Edit: If you DONT use the Faq’s SoB with Flesh Tearers drop pod spam and a Kight is a very strong force.

            There was 1 6 months ago that was 800pts of DE. But the Eldar was Scatter bike spam for 400pts, he used Fire dragons too in place of Trueborns.

          • Stealthbadger


            ‘Twas this one:-


            Apparently the guy defended his title for third year running. Now I am NOT familiar with DE but possibly you can either see what he did and learn a thing or two or can highlight something I’ve missed that makes this a fix.

            Hopefully you find it helpful 🙂

          • J Mad

            Look for the list now.

          • Stealthbadger

            That does suck.

          • batthemadbat

            here you can see a full recap of the tournament:

            although it was limited in terms what could be brought it’s still pretty impressive what lawrence pulled off imho

          • Mitchell

            Laurence from tabletop tactics? That guy can win with any list lol.

          • Stealthbadger

            But it cannot be! 40k is not about skill and tactics, the internet says so!

          • J Mad

            This is why DE won

            1) Formation based detachments (e.g. Necron Decurion, Space Marine Gladius Strike Force, etc) will not be allowed.
            2) All armies must be comprised entirely from a single codex (with the exception of supplements; they count as using their parent codex). No allies of any kind will be allowed.

            And sense its ITC, MSU spam is strong. WIth 3-4 units of Bikes (most likely) 3-4+ venoms and some Gunboats I can see DE winning.

            But they didnt allow some Codexs to use there ful rules, those books were “made” with the Formations in mind.

            Its basically 6th ed codex tournament.

          • Stealthbadger

            Still meant they beat all those other codexes though…

          • J Mad

            He basically won a boxing match (he a long time boxer) “Against” kick boxers that arnt allowed to use feet, knees and elbows and wasnt trained to fight boxers.

            Yeah.. that must feel real good to have much a handicap in your favor.

          • Stealthbadger

            Can’t agree with you there I’m afraid. He went up against tau, eldar, marines and came out on top. For the third time. In a row.

            Does it prove anything? No.

            Does it show dark eldar can win if played straight up against other codexes? I’d say so.

          • J Mad

            Yes with codex’s stripped of alot of there resources.

            He is a good player yes, but Im saying this tournament is handicapping many codex’s,

            Have him play against DA demi-company, or Eldar with there formations, even SM with Demi-company and Skyhammer and see how well he does.

            DE was made in 6th ed rules in mind not 7th, its a out dated rules set, it will have a hard time winning, BUT if you bring EVERYONE to 6th ed rule set style then yes it can win no argument about that.

          • Karru

            But what if I told you that the DE codex didn’t fight “straight up” against those books? Fighting straight up, to me at least, means that you have all the tools of your book at your disposal. This means formation and decurions as well as multiple CAD’s. Take a wild guess what got restricted in this tournament?

          • Stealthbadger

            By straight up I meant unit to unit. The restrictions applied to all armies equally so it was a fair straight up fight in my view.

            It show DE are not unplayable.

            Where were orks, nids and guard though?

          • Karru

            Suffering from the effects of the “straight up” ruling no doubt. Usual Guard CAD lists rely on multiple CADs with Veterans as troops so they can spam the heck out of Leman Russes, Wyverns and Vendettas. Orks rely on the same thing, since they need things like the Big Mek Stompa or once again spam their Heavy Support/Fast Attack section. Nids are an obvious thing. They cannot spam Flyrants.

            DE isn’t unplayable. They are in the bottom tier when they are on a levelled playing field. Nothing in this game is unplayable, you can always get very lucky with your dice rolls.

          • Keaton

            What is wrong with that? That is an actual way to achieve balance. It’s crazy to me how people are like “Yeah the game is balanced if you don’t break it, but how realistic is that?!”

          • Karru

            But… They aren’t breaking it. I remember last time someone once again posted about DE being the “unbeatable champion” of a tournament and then I go check the rules and lo and behold, the rules are heavily in their favour. It is balance yes, but these rules are used only in a specific tournament. Not all tournaments around the world use these rules and definitely not in a casual environment.

            The DE book isn’t complete and utter trash, but it definitely cannot hold its own when on a “level” playing field. When there are no outside rules, just the game rules, they lose easily more than 90% of the time easily. I have a feeling that War Convocation and Demi-Company would wipe the floor with these armies. Same with Eldar using mass Warp Spiders with Aspect Host formation.

            They are not breaking the game since they are a major part of the game right now. DE doesn’t have these, since it is an older codex. It still doesn’t mean that if these new books like SM, Eldar, Tau and Necrons use their “decurions” against them, that they are somehow breaking the game.

            You cannot go and say an army is viable when it is placed in a very, very controlled environment where the rule set is made to heavily restrict other armies. This does not reflect its overall effectiveness.

          • Keaton

            I didn’t mention anything about Dark Eldar being specifically balanced or not balanced. Formations, allies, forgeworld, and gargantuan creatures/super heavies are a baLance nightmare. Playing codexes not allowing those things is the best way to play the game as its currently constructed.

          • Stealthbadger

            Why does banning formations favour dark Eldar over anyone else?

            Eldar still get jet bikes warp spiders and wraithlords

            Guard could still have up to12 Russes

            Marines still get grav and pods

            Orks could still bring a stompa and three heavy support choices

            Tau can do rip rides and crisis suits.

            I’m sorry but I don’t buy the ‘ it was rigged for DE’ at all.

          • J Mad

            K, by your Logic I can play Nids 4th ed book, or Chaos 3rd Ed Win with then and say “well I beat the top 3 armies so I must be good”.

            When you literally throw core rules out of codex’s you completely become bias.

          • Stealthbadger

            What? How am I saying that?

            My point is why does removing formations specifically favour DE, all the other factions people rage about still have access to their allegedly ‘broken’ units.

            This has all gone very Trump.

          • Karru

            Those broken units were very heavily limited which is the large factor that made them broken. I have never seen a problem with one Wraithknight running around. Make it 3 with 6 units of Warp Spiders with BS5 and suddenly I have this urgent feeling to flip the table.

            Allies are also a major factor to some of those armies. Psychic Power stacking using allies and all that. Once again, limited. Void Shield Generators were banned due to them being fortifications. All of these are what makes the game unbalanced.

          • J Mad

            Read what Karru said a few minutes ago, I dont need to rewrite it for you.

          • Stealthbadger

            I have, I simply don’t agree that a CAD heavily limits the top tier armies to such a way that SPECIFICALLY gives DE the advantage.

            “If we get rid of formations and fortifications DE would be a top tier army” – nobody, ever.

          • J Mad

            Its more than the Formation, its the Low, Formations, Allies and Fortifications combined. It hurts other lesser armies too not just the top few. But some armies it didnt even hurt at all.

          • Stealthbadger

            I agree, I would say those armies include SM tau and eldar.

          • J Mad

            It completely screw Nids, they I would say are not even playable in this format.

          • Karru

            With Eldar, I take it you meant Wraithknights, the Lord variant isn’t exactly broken. Judging from some of the pics, there was at least 2 Eldar armies that ran around with Jetbikes. The BS 5 Warp Spiders help a lot and from what I’ve gathered, the brokenness of the Wraithknights come from the fact that they are so easily spammable, which this tournament banned.

            Yes, Guard can have up to 12 Russes, but there is one very major problem. Instead of shooting at 12 different targets, they shoot at 4 different targets. That’s why you want to get them as separate units. Vets are there to make Chimeras Objective Secured and work as your min troops so you get more CADs. Once again, this is not what this tournament allowed. Also, fortifications were banned which is vital for Guardsmen if they wish to survive past 1st turn.

            Grav is useless against Dark Eldar due to relatively low save, but there is also the fact that they didn’t get those Pods for free. This is the case with most tournament SM armies. Gladius was banned for the tournament.

            Orks cannot bring their Stompa actually. It costs 770pts which is more than 400pts which was the limit you were allowed to spent on LoW during the tournament. Three Heavy Support Choices means only 15 Lootas, 3 units of Killa Kans or 3 Deff Dreads. The CAD alternative would’ve been all those things. Orks have Grots that they can use to fill out their troops slots. Then there is also the problem that the very vital Pain Boy is now an HQ choice which causes severe problems to some Ork units.

            Tau can do up to 3 Riptides and no Suits or 3 units of Suits and no Riptides or a mix of the two. They cannot field more than that in a normal CAD. The best they can do is field 3 Riptides with the Riptide Wing and 3 units of Suits.

            Necrons do get their Reanimations and Wraiths, but they don’t get the improve variant with the help of ther Decurion. From what I’ve gathered, this is where many tournament level Necron armies are based on. One of the reasons why you can never get any god damn Tomb Blades anywhere since they are always sold out.

            I’m not arguing that the DE player isn’t a skilled player. Once again, if Lawrence Baker is so skilled with his Dark Eldar, why isn’t he winning the top tier tournaments? Because it’s impossible with DE. It’s the same issue when people say “Yeah CSM is completely viable and has no issue. In this X tournament KDK army with onlykhornedaemonsandnocsmmodels and Cabal totally won”.

            I have witnessed skilled players winning tournaments before with their underdog armies. Last time it was during 5th edition when I saw a Deathwing player win against a Grey Knight net-list.

          • J Mad

            Well said, very well said.

          • Stealthbadger

            Well I guess we’ll just have to disagree. I look at your lists above and just don’t see they are nerfed to allow DE to win. They just get reduced access to some of the most OT elements.

            As for Lawrence not winning other tournies maybe he can’t get to them?

            Finally my point all along is that DE codex is probably not as bad as others make out when compared on a unit by unit basis to other codexes. Lawrence’s consistent victories go at least some way to show that codex v codex with no allies or other shennigans DE can do just fine.

          • Karru

            The major problem with 7th edition is Allies and “decurions”/formations. Remove those and you have at least an idea balance. Once again, I’m not arguing his skills nor am I arguing that the DE book is unplayable garbage that many people say it is. What I am saying is that you can’t go and say it is completely viable in the grand scheme of the game based on its success on this tournament.

          • Stealthbadger

            I agree with your assessment of the DE codex and the one success point (albeit it is actually three but knew tourney framework only).

            To end positively let’s hope some of the 8th rumours about stripping out what you refer to are not too far off the mark, at least for matched play.


          • J Mad

            But its not balanced, they heavily wade in favor of other codex’s.

            Just b.c you take a tier 1 armor and make it tier last doesnt make it more balanced. DE were balanced with water downed rules in mind, Eldar, Tau, Necrons, MEQ wasnt.

          • Karru

            If I understood correctly, here is the DE list from “No Retreat 2”. Most likely not that different this time around.


          • J Mad

            OH SWEEP, TYVM, But after reading the “rules” for No Retreat I no longer care lol.

            But this is still great to see, tyvm!

    • Parthis

      … and there was more than a year between Sisters and 3rd Ed.

      • euansmith

        Maybe Sisters will be the first army of 8th 😉

        • Muninwing

          well, my Beastmen were the last book of 7th, and by 8th there were so many problems that GW forgot to fix in the bustle of the new edition that i stopped playing (and buying…) WHF stuff until the next edition fixed the game well enough to play.

          looks like that was a bad idea on my part.

          GW has a bad track record with this kind of adaptation.

        • Heinz Fiction

          Would be nice but I bet it’s the other way round. GW releases Sisters codex, no one dares to buy it because new edition is on the horizon, GW concludes that no one likes Sisters. Next attempt will be in 20 years…

          • euansmith

            Are we too jaded? Nah!

  • orionburn

    Would it be so far fetched that the Sisters would be included IN the 8th edition boxed set? Good way to get new people to start playing them and introduce new plastic figures.

    • generic eric

      That! That is what they should do! But what would the other army be?

      • orionburn

        I’m not a Sisters player so I don’t know much about their fluff. My Nids need a revamp so I’d be cool with including them in it! lol

        • generic eric

          Mine too!

        • Muninwing

          nids vs sisters!

          isn’t there a Cain novel that focuses on that, at least at the end?

      • ZeeLobby

        It’ll have to be Space Marines!

      • Jack Jomar

        Sisters vs Daemons?

        • Rafał Pytlak

          Sisters vs Slaanesh

          • Muninwing

            given that i want to buy sisters so my wife can finish her counts-as CSM army of fallen SoB, i say… why not both?

          • Rafał Pytlak

            You. I like you

      • georgelabour

        Word Bearers would be appropriate.

        Though in all honesty it would not be to different from the Dark Vengeance set so it’d more likely be something else.

        Harlequins, GSC , and Tau seem out as they’ve both gotten some starter set love lately.

        That leaves Orks, ‘Nids, and Daemons as the most likely candidates. Necrons and or eldar as the least likely of the non imperial forces.

        • Severius_Tolluck

          Actually….. Necron would maybe the most likely. When they were properly introduced in White Dwarf it started with a blurb about a place called Monastery 101! Where sisters were completely eradicated by an unknown force. Later they retconned it to say that it was a Necron force and that it was a Tomb world where they were waking out of stasis.
          This battle occurs rather recently in the time line. As Necron before Retcons were only starting to be seen on the fringes and becoming active as the 13th Black Crusade was going underway.
          I think that would be an amazing set!

          • Mike Salamandrin

            I’ve actually been thinking of this as a board game

          • Muninwing

            it would make a great one. far better than “here’s two flyers” or “here’s two knights”

          • Statham

            To be fair, we all know that Renegade and the flyer game boxes were excuses to fence models at a cheaper price.

        • euansmith

          Orkz vs Nurgle could be great fun; maybe with a little 5 man squad of Space Marine Scouts thrown in for a “human” view point. They could even use it to introduce ideas like narrative play.

          First the Scouts have to fight some of the Nurgle Daemons; then they take on the Orkz, and finally the Orkz and Nurgle fight while the Scouts attempt to complete a mission of their own.

          • georgelabour

            As someone who needs an excuse to restart my long delayed ork army I’d buy that.

    • Yaji

      dream on, no way this will happen. gw still does not have faith in SOB so they release it as the last book of 7th. they have no idea it will be the best selling release in years.

    • Valeli

      Yes. That would be far fetched.

      Let’s not push our luck……

    • James

      It feels far fetched simply because I would WANT IT SO MUCH. I just sold all my extra Space Marines from various starter sets to a buddy, because I was never going to use them. If Sisters and some other under appreciated army got to be the new headliners for 8th ed, I’d be happy as possible. Heck, really blow my mind and make it a Sisters vs. Genestealer Cult set, I’ll buy 4 at least.

      • Karru

        I see it is a quite the stretch out of the GW comfort zone when it comes to Starter Sets. They will always include their poster boys, that is a given. They might make a board game featuring them, but definitely not the starter box.

        • James

          Yeah, that’s all true. But, if I’m gonna dream, I might as well dream BIG. If they got a box game though, I’d buy a few copies of that as well. Not only as a good start to an army, but Deathwatch Overkill impressed me a lot, so I think they’d make a pretty good box game out of it.

  • IF 8th is well done, it shouldn’t matter when Sisters releases. This being GW, of course…..

    Still, after the General’s Handbook and the way they have attempted to keep every fantasy army relevant, I’m going to *gasp* give GW the benefit of the doubt.

  • Anti-Gravity

    I’m excited for SoB because their whole canon is diverse enough to provide literally every Imperial army with new models – even if they’re only decorative/thematic: Inquisitors, new chaplains in power armor, cool cherubs, housecarls, servitors for your techmarine units, servants for your heroes carrying their weaponry/helms, etc.

    Always loved the ‘ancillary sub-line’ of models within SoB, such a versatile faction that will get much support from me – assuming they continue with that theme, of course!

  • Adrien Fowl

    Finally I am starting to believe that th adepta Sororitas will be released the way they deserve.

    A new edition that changes a big chunk of the uselessnrules we currently have and this release would make me go bankrupt for good! I could not be more excited about what GW has in store for us. I just cannot wait until next summer!

  • The Imperial Truth

    “If you played during 2nd Edition you might recall that this book was introduced and than roughly 2 months later 3rd Edition dropped.”

    That’s funny. I did play at that time – and played Sisters of Battle at that – and I remember a rather longer period between the release of that codex and 3rd edition.

    Looking back, it seems that Codex: Sisters of Battle was released in July 1997, and Warhammer 40,000 3rd Edition in November… 1998. So 14 months. Just a tad different from 2. But hey, let’s not let facts get in the way of sensationalist rumourmongering, eh?

    • ZeeLobby

      BoLs have a Chaos powered calculator. It behalves… unpredictably…

    • LordRao

      You have a point, but fourteen months is still definitely short enough to ‘sting’ in my book.

      • Severius_Tolluck

        Especially since it invalidated everything, stripped all characters away, all the meat and potatoes and forced you to run from the BRB for two or so odd years before the chapter approved lists dropped. Which two variants existed and hten we got witch hunters, which then by that time 4th dropped, invalidating tactics again and forcing the sisters to the shadow of inquisitorial forces.
        Then as soon as they got a white dwarf codex in 5th they stripped out more, and GK outdid them in their own tasks, oh and fluff wise used them as body paint… Then the 6th ed codex was digital only, with even further rules stripped out with formations only meant for Apoc!
        Sisters got it rough! Always released dead last in most cases.

    • memitchell

      I think they mean MY experience. Two months after I finished buying, building, and painting MY SoB army to the new Codex specs, 40K3E drops.

      OK, don’t even try to fact check that claim. Just, Believe me.

    • Severius_Tolluck

      Well it wasn’t long before revamped witch hunters were portrayed before 4th dropped. Which invalidated many builds like the Easy Bake oven !

    • Douglas Lang

      Yeh I read that and thought nope I don’t remember it like that at all.

  • ZeeLobby

    I mean they weren’t going to poke fans like that. Glad it’s coming. Hopefully 8th will bring my group back.

  • Deez

    Ah, so this is where Sia got her style from.

  • Christie Bryden

    Id welcome a return of sisters, if only for conversion possibilitys, always felt there should be more female modles in the game, would love a female chaos lord

    • Rainthezangoose

      I know right, the 100% male guard range pisses me off.

      • Severius_Tolluck

        There were a few women. I have female commisars and female catachan! All be it the catachan girl looks like ripley from aliens with a grenade launcher, and the female commissar is ancient and not very dynamic

    • +1 for more females. There’s plenty of room for them. Sadly GW doesn’t even do it for Eldar who should be like 50/50 mix of both genders.

      • Severius_Tolluck

        Well if you use armor that actually makes sense, and those helmets.. I don’t think you would actually be able to tell unless they spoke…

        • If we’d talk about realistic armours, yea. But we’re talking about 40k. Banshees look quite different to other aspect-warriors and imperial females are very obviously female too – at least those in power-armour. Dunno about imperial guard, probably won’t make too much of a difference.
          They did a good job at showing male and female Dark Eldar in all kind of squads. We need more of that. 🙂

  • When 3rd edition hit, the game felt like utter crap. Now it’s a little bit overcrowded with all these formations-nonsense, but the basic ruleset and stats-distribution is imo better than what we had in 3rd. I’m a little afraid again to get a bland-all-armies-feel-the-same-edition like with 3rd. :/

    • Defenestratus

      Preach it!

      Bring back movement stats! Bring back armor save and to hit modifiers!

    • Shinnentai

      They’ve slowly added some of the tactical functionality of 2nd ed back in over the years since 3rd ed gutted it. Stuff like running, overwatch, throwing grenades.

      I still think hit modifiers was a better system – had more impact on how cover worked. I also prefer the armour save modifiers rather than the too-severe save / no save system. 2nd Ed did give away save modifiers too easily though – Lasguns and Frag grenades shouldn’t be -1!

      Best thing about old edition? Terminator saves on 2D6! ^__^

      • Red_Five_Standing_By

        We are definitely going to see the Rend system in 8th, which is basically an armor save modifier by another name.

    • Admiral Raptor

      3rd was a masterpiece compared to the giant pile of dung we have now. 3rd was playable, which is more than I can say for 7th. Even the army lists included in the BRB in 3rd were better balanced than any of the 7th edition codices have been.

      Needless complexity does not make a game better.

      • They were better balanced because they had nothing special. All units were kind of the same. No special rules, no charme.

        • Fomorian

          Thats not true mate. Dark Edlar Warriors had the Sprint special rule and Marines their Shall no fear and Space Wolves could hold a Bolter in one hand and a CC weapon within the other, Orks got a Mob rule and so on.

          • Yea, right… and then compare how different each squad type had been in 2nd or 6th/7th to 3rd… and then you know what I mean.

  • benn grimm

    Sticking with 30k till I see where they go with the new ed of 40k, spent far too much on WFB in the year before they killed it, not getting burnt like that again.

    • Thomas Gardiner

      I missed getting a limited ed. Khaine book by seconds.

      Never been happier to miss out on a product.

      • benn grimm

        Ha, yeah that was where it all started to go so horribly wrong.

    • Muninwing

      further example of how, regardless of how AoS ultimately turned out, their botched debut was actively toxic to the community and their brand…

      • TenDM

        The same thing goes with the short gap between 6th and 7th. They’ve got everyone so paranoid that they’re refusing to buy books. They really need to drop the secrecy thing and say ‘there’s at least two more years of 7th edition, minimum, and when 8th edition does release it won’t be a total reboot’. Not that anyone would believe them.

        • Red_Five_Standing_By

          No company comes out and says that unless there is a public playtest. You get a few months notice, at best.

          • TenDM

            True, but most companies don’t let their community morale problem get this bad. I mean if a GW so much as sneezes the community flips out and starts screaming that the sky is falling. It’s severely impacting their ability to sell their products.
            It might not be a common course of action in the industry but they need to take drastic actions to restore confidence or else every new release is going to lose sales thanks to the ‘8th/40k-AoS is going to be out next month so there’s no point buying anything’ mentality.

          • Red_Five_Standing_By

            Which is how most consumers treat edition changes. Same thing happened with PP recently. Everything stopped selling until after the edition was released.

            The problem is that GW let the edition change rumor slip too soon. It is not likely to be out until next summer. They needed to keep a tight ship and prevent rumor slippage until they were ready to ramp up the hype train.

            Loose lips sink ships and all that.

          • Brian Griffith

            I wouldn’t worry about it.

            8th edition has been rumored since three months after 7th dropped.

          • TenDM

            Except in this case there’s no confirmed edition change. If it’s coming they haven’t let anything slip. This is the closet we’ve come to seeing something tied to a source in the know and it’s not even a quote. This rumour has been going on since the day AoS was launched and I’m sure next summer we’ll be hearing about how 8th is confirmed by inside sources for next winter. We’ve heard stuff this non-stop because nobody has any confidence in GW’s decision making process.
            My way may not be the perfect way but no matter what they need to address that consumer confidence problem right away because unlike PP where that drop happens on the cusp of a new edition release GW have been facing it non-stop. There are people here who have been holding off buying since last year. Look back and you’ll see Death Masque was met with ‘why buy this? 8th Edition will replace it within the next three months’.

            The secrecy that traditionally works for these companies by allowing them to sell material up until the end of the edition is actively working against GW right now.

    • Brian Griffith

      Models seem safe.

      Not like they’re gonna decree that 40k goes on octogons or anything.

    • Crablezworth


  • Rafał Pytlak

    Wait…wouldn’t it make more sense to first put out the 8th edition and THEN the Sisters as a first faction of the new edition?

    Right now they will publish an army which will be redundant under new rules in a few months? Am I missing something?

    • Muninwing

      …unless the designers actually talk. in which case they could totally have a plan in mind.

      i know, i know… it would be a first. but it could happen.

      • generalchaos34

        remember how 5th edition grey knights pretty much was built for 6th ed.

        • Red_Five_Standing_By

          And Chaos Daemons for 5th

          • MechBattler

            And Necrons for 6th? Seriously. Those Twin Linked Tesla Destructors were basically designed to shoot down Flyers before they were an official thing.

    • Admiral Raptor

      Are you kidding? It will be one of the greatest trolls in GW history! Sister’s fans wait years and years for a new codex, then they get one and it’s totally worthless almost immediately! How can anyone not want to see the fallout from that?

      • Rafał Pytlak

        That is…the most evil thing…
        Tzeentch must beopening his champagne right now 😉

        • BodyMassage

          “Exactly as planned…”

  • georgelabour

    If we do get a new Sorirtas list i hope they include miniatures of the non militant orders.

    The Hospitaller mini that was in the Ordo Hereticus minions set is still one of my favorite miniatures, and it’d be nice to get something for the Dialogus and Famulous as well.

    • Red_Five_Standing_By

      My GK really miss their in-codex Inquisitors.

      • georgelabour

        Mine don’t.

        Now they get to bathe in the blood of virgins, and the tears of nerds anytime they need to fight crime. And no mandatory busy bodies with a silly I-win badge can stop them!

  • Levi

    I don’t know 8th, but I do know what happened to SoB. We should’ve see those ladies earlier but there was something happened to the manufacturer side. The hard drive which contained SoB sculpts was damaged so the production plan was canceled. I don’t believe GW didn’t have backup plans but that’s what my source told me.

    • Severius_Tolluck

      I have multiple sources that used to work at GW and saw sprues during that first run and know they existed. I think GW just kinda saves things like that for rainy days to see if its worth going into full production.

  • luke snell

    urm, rampant, irresponsible speculation much?? attempting to divine ‘facts’ from a poorly written blog report where the intent of the blogger seems to be that he was merely presenting the the two known rumors. I don’t think he was chronologically presenting or confirming releases, just that those two particular things are probable releases.

    • TenDM

      Nah, I’m sure they just decided that announcing this stuff via off the cuff remarks to a blogger who won’t use quotes was the way to go this time. You know how it is, you stay notoriously tight lipped during your big expensive event so you can slip reporters the juicy stuff at the after party. =P

  • Thomas Gardiner

    Soooo, just speculation based on pre-existing rumours instead of actual information?

  • piglette

    I’ll be relieve it one year after it happens. (Have to give ample time to be sure I’m not in a coma-dream).

  • Derek Lee

    Didn’t GW just burn Imperial Knight players by releasing a 7th ed codex and then dropping 8th Ed and a codex like 3 months later?

    • Admiral Raptor

      This isn’t new territory for them. They’ve been doing it like that for years. It’s one of the big reasons (the other being pricing) that I haven’t bought a codex since 5th.

      I just hope no one acts surprised when the forthcoming sisters codex is invalidated after a few months.

    • generalchaos34

      the codex came about a year after, but the 7th ed did drop about 3 months after, because it was Scions, AM, then new edition (and thus screwing up AM/MT)

  • euansmith

    That metal hand on the Sister of Silence keeps on bugging me. Why didn’t they paint it black like the rest of the flexible bits on the arm?


  • CthulhuDawg

    “both coming very soon.” What does very soon mean? This year, next year, TELL ME DAMNIT I HAVE A BUDGET!

  • Senexis

    Ha ha ha! “Sisters”. Sure, why not?
    I’ll believe that when I see it. These aren’t the crazy days when I worked there. Necrons, Sisters… man, those were the days.

  • Carey_Mahoney

    Codex SoB was released in late summer ~ autumn 1997, 3rd edition 40k was released in autumn 1998, so it was not quite two months between the two releases. But we get your point, off course.
    Let’s hope GW won’t choose the greedy route to encash double the money from us SoB players for a new Codex and a full price new edition Codex update soon after the edition transition.

  • Valeli

    I’ll be /super/ happy if it’s true that the Adepta Sororitas are finally getting a new/real book and line of models. I’ll certainly buy the book stat, and maybe a few of the nicer sculpts.

    If it’s shortly before the new edition though, I’ll absolutely be sure wait and see what happens before redoing my whole army in updated models.

    I really see no bad news here though. If sisters get a book and the next ed is good, that’s wonderful. If they get a book and the next ed is bad, I won’t have lost much as long as I have enough patience to see what the edition is like.

  • alastair_jack

    I hope they make 8th simpler than Sigmar.

    • jeff white

      they could do a Windows and skip to 10th…

  • Carey_Mahoney

    Give SoB a Land Raider!

    • Valeli

      How about a (non-FW) Repressor?

      • Carey_Mahoney

        No, thanks.

  • carlisimo

    I wouldn’t ignore the 3rd edition Codex: Witch Hunters. Sure, it had non-Sisters units in it, but you could build a full SoB army. They even received new units with that release, strange as they may have been (Sisters Repentia, Penitent Engine).

    As for 40k, yes, it’s time for a big rules refresh. I wouldn’t mind if they went as far as they did when 3rd came out – release provisional, super-simple rules for each army upon release and let codex releases fill in the details. I’m not too picky about the fluff. If they redo the 13th Black Crusade and have some big things happen, sure, I think that will help. But I’m one of those who thinks of the story as a setting and not a campaign. Just don’t wipe out any faction, please.

  • Ciaphas Cain

    “Other notes, were staff expressing fatigue with Warhammer 40k. What this means I have no idea, but I imagine it has to do with need for a new edition. It also makes me wonder if 8th isn’t just a tweak, but a BIG change.”

    With jumps that long he should be in the Olympics…

  • Ciaphas Cain

    I’m almost sure that it was more than 2 months more like 6 or 8, it was the Necrons that had 2 months of rules then nothing for like 2 years.

  • Jooster

    Wtf is he talking about, that’s the last Sisters Codex? Last I checked, Witchhunters from 3rd was very Sisters-focused, to the point where you’re able to use them exclusively.

  • Crablezworth

    Maybe we can get a 10m thick wall back in place between 40k and apoc, so sick of apoc.

  • Tothe

    The 4th ed. Orks codex was reasonably successful until 7th edition when the new one finally turned up. It is also possible, therefore, to have a Sisters codex that can function and be competitive for another edition or two.

  • Ronald A Price

    I will say this. If GW is Dumb enough to make 40k go the way of AoS. Then its all over for them. How many people do you know own several codexs. Average 50.00 per codex.to lose all of that at once. BAd move IMO. I alone own 10 codexs.. that is roughly 500.00 worth of stuff to become obs’ suddenly. Bad enough I lost all my Epic all at once when they tried to revamp those rules in the 90’s. I totally gave up Warhammer fantasy with AoS. And I’m not the only one that feels this way in the gaming world.
    But consider the fact that 40K is the main source of income for GW. I don’t see that ever happening. It would like the NFL suddenly saying, “umm we are now going to play touch football for now on”.