Editorial: What’s Next For Age of Sigmar

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Age of Sigmar is poised to make some big moves – So what’s next for Age of Sigmar?

Warhammer: Age of Sigmar had a rocky start. But after all those initial stumbles, it’s found it’s footing and the General’s Handbook has really solidified it’s standing. Love it or Hate it, the game isn’t going anywhere and as I’ve written about before it’s in a really good spot. Now I have another question – “What’s Next?”

aos-GrandAlliancebooksGrand Alliance Collection

The Grand Alliance collection is out and it’s complete. Every unit in the game is listed and easily accessible – either though these books, their battletomes or via the free app. The Age of Sigmar community has just come off a World Wide summer event that saw Order Win by a wide margin and for the first time in a long time the Warhammer Fantasy brand is looking rather hopeful from a lore perspective.

Sigmar Stormcast Eternal FaceThat’s the Face of Victory

But with all that – there are still quite a few loose ends that need wrapping up. So let’s talk about what’s possible for the next phase in the Age of Sigmar.

Faction Updates

Each faction has some room to grow – even the largest faction Chaos has room to expand. I’m going to touch on each one briefly just to give you an idea of what could be next.

AoS: Chaos

Chaos has really become two factions – Mortals and Demons. On top of that, it seems like the only Chaos faction getting any real attention lately has been Khorne. Anyone else getting a little burned out from all the Blood and Skulls? Well, we know Tzeentch is getting some love coming soon and they already have new Tzeentch plastics on ice so that is an easy next step. I want to see this army fully fleshed out:

Kairaic Acolytes

And lets not forget about Papa Nurgle who’s been patiently waiting in the wings as his brother’s get all the attention. Just because he’s putrid and gross doesn’t mean he should be ignored. Nurgle LOVES hugs, kids.

But-Papa-Nurgle-is-best-Chaos-God-_b72dd844856bb02e9eafa741ac7db4d2He’s a big teddy bear, I promise. Ignore the smell.

The last thing I’d like to see them clear up for Chaos is the Slaanesh question. We’ve all seen the rumors and the theories – I’m not going to rehash that. I’m just wanting to get some answers regarding the role of Slaanesh and the Horned Rat:


Everyone remember this image, right? It’s in the Age of Sigmar book. So what gives? This is one mystery I hope they resolve soon.

AoS: Order

Order clearly dominated the Summer Campaign. I had theories as to why – but a win is a win. They deserve to get some cool need attention because of it and there is plenty of room for them to grow, too.

high elf walpaper

Where the heck are all the Aelfs!? We’ve heard jack and squat from the Aelfs since the launch of the game. No real info on aka High Elves or aka Dark Elves. Wood Elves got “upgraded” to their own faction of Sylvaneth so I won’t get into those.

I have a feeling that the rest of the “Aelfs” are wrapped up in a messy story line with Slaanesh. I don’t know what all is planned and this is all conjecture but that is the only thing that makes sense. But I do have some evidence to back it up:


Order should also explain what the heck is going on with the rest of the people that are known as  “Free Peoples” – aka the Empire. These random mortals just sort of showed up and banded together to fight chaos and carve out a living within the new realms, I guess? I don’t know because the narrative I’ve read has been mainly from a Sigmarites vs Khorne view. It’s still very muddy to me.

AoS: Destruction

Orcs are now Orruks and they have some SWEET new models. They also got Ogors as part of their faction. Games Workshop, lets keep this ball rolling!

Orruks Battletome horz

What about Squigs and the Goblins? You have that entire Nightgoblin range to work with – maybe you could exploit some more of that Goblin/Spider theme you have going. The Arachnarok Spider kit is one of the most impressive “Big Kits” you have, it just needs some new models around it to fill those Goblin ranks out.


AoS: Death


Talk about losing your steam – The Death Faction has been silent as the grave. Sure, sure, they got TONS of attention for the Endtimes event – I get that. They also have some amazing new models with Nagash, the Mortarch models, and the Morghasts…but have you flipped through the Grand Alliance: Death book? It’s pretty thin…It really needs some meat on them bones.

I’d love to see a new story arch about Nagash doing SOMETHING to the Order/Chaos forces. Death just doesn’t feel like a threat right now and the lack of attention to this faction isn’t helping sell any of those awesome kits. I mean, there are only so many ways you can “do” the undead in AoS…maybe they are just tapped out.

Looking Ahead

The foundations of Age of Simgar are set and honestly, for all the complaining, the game is in a good spot. All the factions are up-to-date and have a solid range of models. It’s kind of impressive if you think about it – every faction has cool leaders, solid infantry and at least one amazing “Big Kit” in their range. There are some faults and some gaps to be sure, but nothing that can’t be touched-up. I’m very curious to see where Games Workshop takes Age of Sigmar next.

If I had to guess, I’d guess that Slaanesh and Aelfs are going to be the next major arc after the Tzeentch wave hits. But who really knows? I just hope they don’t sit on the AoS Franchise silently for too long or it will fall off the radar in this fast paced world. There are too many competitors chipping away for Games Workshop to take a break. They made some good ground back but will they keep it? Time will tell.


What do you think the next steps are for Age of Sigmar?

  • What’s next? A Warhammer World-exclusive limited edition novel about Nagash, because the other limited edition novels sold so well and limiting their audience further works wonders..

  • EnTyme

    Chaos is really 3 factions: Mortals, Daemons, and Skaven.

    • Skeksis

      Skaven are immortal?

      • Brian Brodeur

        they are nurgle now … ya i don’t get it either.

        • EnTyme

          Only Pestilens are Nurgle.

        • Jared van Kell

          Not all of the Skaven are servants of Nurgle. Indeed Clan Skyre are as far from servants of Nurgle as you can get. In addition we have the Clans Verminus who can ally with just about anyone they choose.

      • EnTyme

        Lol! Not quite. What I meant is that Skaven don’t really fit in with the rest of Chaos. They’re a separate force that just so happens to be allied . . . for now. It says a lot about what the rest of Chaos thinks of the Skaven when the paragon of the alliance (Archaon) literally spits in the face of their god rather than accept a gift from him. Skaven have some cool fluff, and I do like them as an army, but I think they are wholly different from Chaos Warriors and Beastmen.

  • Talos2

    End times?

    • ZeeLobby

      Lol. Back to the Old World! It was just Archaon having a fitful dream.

      • Talos2

        They could even do a model of him coming out of the shower

        • Statham

          Sigmar shot JR.

  • Razerfree

    This pretty much reminded me of my number 1 gripe about AoS: the fact that even though they have made some steps in the right direction with the game, they are still repeating a lot of mistakes they had previously made with Fantasy and 40K.

    Pricing of the models, useless limited editions and the lack of updated boxes with round bases just to name a few. The fate of several models/races is still uncertain, new players dont wants to buy something that might get squated from the game. And will someone for the love of god update those fugly finecast models!

    • ZeeLobby

      Yeah. They really need to figure out what the heck they want. In the end I feel like their process is just too tied to producing profits these days. I wouldn’t be shocked if more of the older line isn’t simply removed going forward. They won’t risk the profits to support something that may be unpopular, and no one will invest in factions which lack support…

    • Aezeal

      except for the pricing I wonder what you mean. It’s pretty clear that everything the currently sell will be further supported.Not sure what you mean by the limited editions but nothing that is limited is required to play so if you don’t want to pay for that will not limit your play. And I think most boxes have round bases now.

      • Ben_S

        Do any elf units come with round bases?

        • taithays

          They rebox with round bases following the fluff. No aelf in the fluff, no rebox. As simple as that.

          • Ben_S

            And that confirms the OP’s point – there’s still a lot of uncertainty over what’s staying and what’s going.

          • taithays

            You wish to see it like this, negatively. I see it more like each faction will be properly re-introduced in the fluff in time with the background to their changes if there are any. FYI, the factions that were going to be entirely discontinued, are already gone.

          • Ben_S

            I’m not being at all negative. I’m just stating the facts.

            The conversation here went like this:

            Razerfree referred to “the lack of updated boxes with round bases… [and] The fate of several models/races is still uncertain, new players dont wants to buy something that might get squated from the game”

            Aezeal replied “I think most boxes have round bases now.”

            I pointed out this is totally untrue. Some things have been reboxed, going along with new fluff and books, but a lot of stuff – including all Aelfs – is still in limbo. It’s hardly surprising if people want to wait and see what happens to these armies, which was just what Razerfree said.

          • Aezeal

            Depends what you mean.. I’m pretty sure that everything will be playable for a long while (has points). I think most exisiting units will not be in the new Aelf factions since they don’t look like the Mistweaver or the shard at all..

          • Statham

            Not really, they just haven’t gotten around to using them in the fluff yet. If they were going to toss more Aelf units, they’d have done it when they were doing the Grand Alliance books, which was a major case of trimming the fat.

          • Ben_S

            I think you’re right that stuff is still going to exist and be playable, so it’s not existential uncertainty – but it’s still hard to know exactly what form new factions will take, what new units there might be, what may get a buff from new formations or synergies, etc.

            It’s the same kind of uncertainty you get before a new Codex or edition of core rules. People aren’t expecting their army to be squatted, but it seems prudent to wait and see what’s happening before investing further.

    • Statham

      This. Nagash and Co being upgraded to round bases is fine, but every box I’ve bought outside of the Start Collecting box and the big man has been really, really annoying in terms of having to switch out the bases. They really need to give Death in particular some love – no new model releases and a Crypt Ghoul reimagining just doesn’t cut it.

  • Sonic tooth

    My problem with aos still comes down to one thing. Stormcast. I still think they are ridicilous.

    • Dennis Finan Jr

      Lol stop the insanity. 40k and warhammer in general are all ridiculous.

      • Sonic tooth

        true…true. but i never liked 40k and massive shoulder pads, i liked plain old fantasy

      • Thomas Gardiner

        There are levels of ludicrousness though. And Stormcast are right up there. People can only suspend disbelief so much in a fantasy setting, and Stormcast just seem silly and unthematic, a blatant attempt to shove space marines into a fantasy setting, faux-Latin and all.

        • OldHat

          ….whaaat!? You can suspend disbelief “only so much”. You are fine with everything else but the Stormcast are where you draw the line? Ugh. That is so arbitrary and absurd to me. They fit the knight in shining armor motif of so much fantasy. They are an army of paladins. I don’t get the hate.

          • Skeksis

            People are sick of Space Marines. What’s hot in 40k? Giants in golden armour. Fantasy? Giants in golden armour.

          • taithays

            You are sick, not people. As always we only hear the noisy minority 🙂

          • Sonic tooth

            couldnt disagree more and ive read alot of fantasy (as im sure you have). said a million times but stormcast are space marines in a fantasy setting, deny it all you want but thats what they are. sooner or later there will be “traitor stormcast” no doubt.

          • Thomas Gardiner

            Given how dependent on subjective taste these things are, yeah it is arbitrary. I make no apologies for that. Armoured, semi-immortal, post-human behemoths with Space Marine-esque trappings in a Fantasy setting stretches the limits of my ability to buy into it. Maybe you can accept it, and that’s fine. Horses for courses.

        • EnTyme

          The only similarities between the Stormcasts and the Space Marines are that they are “big dudes in armor”. Come up with a better argument.

          • Skeksis

            They both represent the heroic side of humanity? They both adopt the ”pompous Roman” vogue? Their leader is a deity?

          • EnTyme

            1) Stormcasts aren’t all human. Any race can be reforged into one.
            2) Still a cosmetic similarity.
            3) Space Marines don’t worship the Emperor. They revere the Primarchs.

          • Skeksis

            Stormcast Eternals and Space Marines are completely different and are in no way related visually or aesthetically. It is definitely not a cynical marketing move to appease fanboys. Any coincidences are completely by chance. My veil has been lifted. I wish to thank EnTyme for showing me the truth with his thorough and educational answers.

          • Zack Seiders

            Storm cast as much beef as I give them, do have similarities and differences that keep them from being carbon copies of their 40k counter parts (this is in fluff only, model wise they are similar save for the fantasy and sci fi stuff.

          • Aezeal

            They do worship the emperor (loyalists at least)

          • ZeeLobby

            That alone let’s me know he doesn’t know nearly enough about 40K to defend his stance.

          • Aezeal

            Yup the whole empire worships the emperor.. or they risk getting exterminatus 😀

          • ZeeLobby

            Haha. And rightly so!

          • Aezeal

            You are not wrong.. I just don’t see the problem with all those things.

          • ZeeLobby

            Yeah. Nothing wrong, just nothing interesting. It was a pretty lazy profit-dreams driven port.

          • Aezeal

            Well their lore is not anything very standard in any fantasy setting I know and their models while obvious super human knights have a very specific aesthetic which is sort of original too, besides the big armor they are very different from spayce marines… The models look good.

          • ZeeLobby

            Aesthetically I find them to be meh, but I can see why people like the models. I just don’t understand WHY AoS needed them. There is plenty of existing races that are going to be revamped. I don’t know if anyone can straight faced say that they weren’t trying to reproduce SM success in fantasy. Super good guys. It just turned a lot of our members off from the start, especially the ones that already had several SM factions.

          • Drpx

            “You can never have enough Space Marines”

            –GW marketing plan.

          • Statham

            Given Fantasy and 40K had basically evolved into parallels of each other, the Stormcast basically checked the only box Fantasy didn’t have, which was a Space Marine equivalent. So.. Yeah. That’s why they got made. They aren’t EXACTLY the same like everyone suggests, but the parallels are certainly there.

          • Aezeal

            I don’t know why they needed them either.. don’t think anything was needed except for this:
            I personally would never play an evil army. And I have Always liked the look of heavily armored troops (chaos Knights and iron breakers). I’d already committed to wood elves but I’ve been on the verge of buying iron breakers a dozen times. I think if I started the game now there would be a good chance I’d start stormcasts. I’d just spray paint the whole lot a dark iron color and then give it a dark wash and try to give it a titanium colored look and then just a few bright accents. I think that would look just like chaos Knights or ironbreakers.I actually Always thought the iron breaker shields to small (I LOVE the huge chaos warrior shields.. but as I said.. I don’t do evil). (I sprayed the starter set guys which I do have gold but that was for my kids).
            So basicly.. I CAN see the appeal in the army and the niche they fill (which is indeed basicly super good guys)

          • Sonic tooth

            bretonnian grail knights represented the heroic side of humanity in a far more convincing and modest way (for a fantasy setting). and another thing, surely after all this “change’, tzeentch would obviously be more powerful then khorne. think about it for a second before defending awful fluff

          • Aezeal

            Yes the new setting is much more high fantasy that is true. However I think both could very well exist new to each other (I mean we had chaos Knights next to (opposed to) the empire and bretonnia for ages and they basicly fill the same role (and their armor was also way over the top…. all negative comments against stormcasts would fit the old chaos Knights too).

          • Sonic tooth

            if you say so.

          • Thomas Gardiner

            Lulz. Chill, dudebro. No need to get snarky because I think your toys look like crap.

    • edendil

      Yeah, I don’t like their look either. Its the identical grecian masks they ALL wear. I hate em.
      If only they had a different, cooler head / helmet, I’d be ok with em. Although i would prefer more historically-inspired armour.

      • Statham

        This is one of the reasons the Relictors are real interesting to me. They’re the guys taken from Shyish, hence their skull face and the bones in their armour – I’d love to see a subset of Stormcast all taken from Shyish and being slightly.. Off; like their Gryph-hounds being withered or their Dracoths being skeletal variants.

  • I just want continued balance. It’s fun, the games are relatively close and the armies are different enough to feel unique.

  • Malisteen

    Nagash is working on ways to claw back the souls claimed by other deities – chaos gods, sigmarites, the elf spirits bound up in sylvanneth units, etc, and re-assert his dominance over the dead.

    An easy way to expand the death faction and further that narrative would be to introduce death-faction variant rules for relevant ‘undeadish’ units from other factions. Wouldn’t even need new models, just a different paint job maybe. Variant bit sprues at the most. Haunted Death forest with spirit hosts and death-faction revenants, Nagashii Deathguard armies of wights led by death-faction sigmarines, etc.

    • euansmith

      That is a great idea.

    • Aezeal

      Come on Aelves need love.. Death got all kinds of kits in End times. The Mortarchs (3 builds), those large flying guys and Nagash.

      • ZeeLobby

        I would love to see Aelfs, Dunedin and/or humans. I think they need to lose this faction update once every couple years approach. Maybe they will after they get the base AoS factions out. Within a year every faction should get something new/exciting.

      • Statham

        You got the Sylvaneth this year. Death got like four kits around two years ago now.

        • Aezeal

          Has it been that long?

          Anyway.. Sylvaneth are not aelfs

          • Statham

            Sure has. End Times pt 1 was October 2014 or earlier, as I recall.

    • Statham

      I said pretty much the same thing to my GW manager.

  • Ratbasket

    Woohoo more people who don’t like AOS yet can afford the time to post hate on here. O you guys.
    In terms of the article. I would love to see more info on the empire and can’t wait for tzeetch beasties!

  • Erik López Barcelar

    And what about duardin :/ Fire Slayers are cool but I wanna know, and I hope Im not the only one, what happened to Grungni, Valaya and their good old dwarves.

    • Valaya was eaten by Nagash in the end times. From what I understand, Grungni is the smith that helped Sigmar make the stormcast

      • Erik López Barcelar

        Damn, any chance then that we may see at least Grungni leading the duardins or being worshipped by them?

  • Randy Randalman

    Chances are, after the success of the General’s Handbook, GW set to planning out a big arc for AoS while the turn of a new 40k edition is also incoming. That’s a lot on the plate, and people just need to be patient.

    • Adrien Fowl

      I just hope that the big success of the General’s Handbook is enough for GW to release something like that for W40k since the game hasn’t ever been in a such a chaotic situation.

      • ZeeLobby

        And they’re not slowing at all on the 40K side. They know they’re redoing it, but they’re still pumping out formations left and right with little consideration of their affect on the game. 8th will either be change that changes nothing, or will invalidate all the stuff they’re still putting out.

  • Drahazar

    Well let’s see the do a endtimes for AoS and we move on to an actually good fantasy game.

    • Aezeal

      wow never heard that before… getting lamer every time. The fact the AoS player group is growing makes it a stupid remark too.

    • Ratbasket

      I’m glad Warhammer endtimes happened just to get rid of twits like you. good day sir.

      • Drahazar

        And AoSuck gained idiots like you so glad the game sucks and took the trash with it.

  • Aezeal

    Nurgle and Death had quite a lot of big kits in the end times which are still strong units. They are not the ones needing attention except maybe lore wise (and nurgle has been seen as the baddie in quite a large part of the story so far). Khorne had a lot of mortals in his army and nurgle only deamons I think.

  • ThorOdinson

    What’s next? The dumpster.

  • Col. Duke Lacrosse

    Some of these comments are actually kind of impressive. In spite of the massive growth of the player base, a truly unprecedented release schedule of new scenarios and rules supplements, the publication of 16 novels that looked in depth at one of the campaigns depicted in the fluff (not to mention the first global campaign in nearly a decade), an increase in sales exceeding anything WHFB had experienced for years, and an explosion of creativity, fan-made content, and community involvement literally never witnessed for any other other GW product, and all of this in only the first year of the the game’s existence…

    …there are still people who hate AoS so much that they post the same tired old complaints and whining about the game and its fans in the comments section of random articles on BoLS. They post them as though any of them have had anything new or convincing to say in nearly half a year. They post as though anyone reading an article about Age of Sigmar cares one whit what they think anymore.

    That kind of unwavering faith in your beliefs is truly impressive and worthy of praise. That dedication to proselytizing your hardcore values would do the Torquemada (as portrayed by Mel Brooks) proud.

    • Beefcake the mighty

      AoS and GW in general are awful .🙂

      • Gunsheeplol

        I think it’s truly sad how you Mantic fanboys think that trolling GW articles will achieve anything. Maybe if Mantic didn’t make nauseatingly bad minis, boring rulesets and actually came up with a fresh and original idea every once in a while you wouldn’t feel so insecure. As it is it just looks completely pathetic.

        • Beefcake the mighty

          You tell em Steve Dave!!

  • Erathvael

    Chaos and Order are huge, but there’s really very little to Death and Destruction. They seem less like forces on their own and more like unpopular auxiliaries for the big two. A bit part of this is how they’ve pared down the old model ranges (Order, for example, comprises Lizardmen, Empire, Bretonnia, Dwarfs, High Elves, Dark Elves, Wood Elves, and three entirely new factions; Stormcast, Sylvaneth, and Fyreslaters, whereas Death is made of factions pieced together from the old Vampire Counts army list, with a couple pieces from End Times Nagash).

    There’s a big divide between the old factions and the new, and the current setting just isn’t populated enough yet.

  • luke-vdv

    What’s next? Ditching this ugly mess of a game lore-wise and bringing back WFB with both regular and skirmish AoS style rules.

  • Sarah Connor

    It doesn’t matter what GW does with AoS. BoLS will still say it’s the bestest thing evarrrrrr.

  • vlad78

    More ugly minis, stupid fluff and terrible rules. ;p Brits will love it.

  • Drahazar

    AoS will get bloated just like 40k did although it dose not bother me much. How ever when you have 100+ warscrolls to keep track of and some are not even in the app it’s even a bigger problem. An GE promised not to squat any more armies yet two basically are no model support no new rules or scrolls.