Genestealer Cults: The Fluffiest Codex Ever Made

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Pimpcron wants to point out how this codex is a major triumph. And a shocker.

There comes a point in every man’s life where he discovers a Pimpcron article on the internet, and what he reads makes him a man. Welcome everybody, to manhood. I have razors in the corner for the beards that just burst out of your face.

It Was All Me

As most of you probably know, I have been wanting a Genestealer Cult Codex for EVER. I had bought so many GSC models from Death Watch Overkill, that you can directly match the line graph of GW sales with the decline in my bank account. I have spent uncounted nights on the wind-swept hill near my house beseeching the dark gods with rituals and cookies for a GSC codex. I sacrificed so many local virgins to Khorne that they had to close the Chess Club due to low attendance. I spent about 3 months last winter making my own GSC codex which surprisingly ended up a lot like this one they just released (I’m watching you GW). I told all of my friends, “The only way I can be sure they will release a Genestealer Cult Codex is if I spend all of the time and effort to make my own.”pimpcron-color

And a snazzy dresser to boot.

To all of you who play the new codex: you’re welcome. Using the sheer power of the universal laws of irony I was able to single-handedly make GW birth this codex into existence. And oh, what a codex it is.

The Best Codex Ever Made (In Terms of Fluff)

I’m not just gushing about my crush here; I’m being honest. While they could have used a few more units and the Independent Characters could have used more wargear options, it plays like a dream.

Genestealer PrimusWant some other wargear? Too bad.

Some of you have probably read my articles I’ve posted before about how sad and pathetic a tabletop Space Marine is compared to his literary counterpart. Or an Ork on the tabletop compared to Orks in the fluff that can be headless for hours and stay alive. Well, I think that the beauty of this codex is that it is THE BEST codex they have ever made that represents the fluff on the tabletop.

I was playing a game versus my friend who is a Tau player last week. Tau … ew, right? We were playing objectives and he was terrified because he had to come out of his hidey-hole and be mobile to capture objectives. So he castled all of his units near each other to help defend each other. He didn’t ever know what corner I was going to jump out from and he was afraid to spread out for fear of being ambushed and killed. Meanwhile, I was steadily deploying and retreating units every turn in a different spot, sticking to the shadows and out of sight until the situation was just right. Because if he caught me in the open my unit was dead. I spent the entire game popping in and out of shadows, only being visible when I want him to see me and trying to make the best out of my ramshackle equipment such as Autoguns. Even though I have a 5+ save across the whole army, you should know by now that almost every weapon is at least AP5 in this game. Which makes it feel like you need to stay out of sight until the time is right to strike. I won, by the way. 10-5.

DAMN! This Is Awesome!

Did you just read that paragraph above?! They have managed to make my dream codex into something that MUST be played like the fluff or it doesn’t work. But when you get it to work right, boy does it work like a dream. It is the most exciting army design I’ve ever played. I’ve got an army of guerrilla warfare warriors armed with the shirt on their backs and stolen weapons. My opponent will inevitably be far better trained and equipped and the only thing that will determine my loss or victory is my ability to harass them, pick them apart, and choose the terms in which we engage.

That makes for some very exciting gameplay. It even forces your opponent to cut the crap and start playing as if his army really is entering a hostile warzone where you don’t know where the enemy is.

In my opinion, this is the most well-written codex they have made in terms of breaking a core rule here or there to really deliver an awesome and exciting experience. It’s no longer your grandfather’s 40k; this proves they can change up the play style of the entire game and make it work well.

It is also super unforgiving if you make a tactical error.

~What do you think about this?

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  • Antoine Henry

    Lets make every armies rules fluffwise, and a squad of SM can rival an entire army and save a world… Hell yeah..

    • Myu

      If they ever make a epic 40k computer game, I want to see marines be as tough and epic as they are in the fluff

      • ILikeToColourRed

        did you never play space marine, in which you play a space marine and (almost single handedly) slaughter an entire army of orks and a daemonic incursion?

        • That’s not really fluffy though, that’s silly uberpowering an individual for the sake of awesome gameplay. In the fluff, Marines do die. In droves if required.

          • ILikeToColourRed

            he wanted a game where marines are epic, i merely provided an enjoyable example of one

          • And you surely succeeded with it. Still, my point stands 😉

          • Aezeal

            Only against certain enemies though.. well to be honest how quickly they die veries in the fluff too. Sometimes they do slaughter zillions with only a squad I think.

          • euansmith

            Those poor, peace loving Zillions never knew what hit them. These days, no one remembers Zillia.

          • memitchell

            Oh, God! Zilla…

          • jeff white

            o god, no, not zilla! God not zilla i say!

          • euansmith

            😀 😀 😀

          • Exactly. It always depends on what kind of situation the writer wants to create. Does he need a heroic moment or a desperate situation? That either makes them insanely superstrong oder just realistically strong and still vulnerable. They shouldn’t be entirely invulnerable anyway. They are engineered super humans, sure. But by far not unkillable and still biological constructs in technical armour.

          • Aezeal

            It’s not really their own abilities that differ… but sometimes their ceramite seems completely impregnable to anything but nuclear missiles (might be books from way back when their (or the terminators at least) save was actually better than now).

      • jeff white

        again, you should remember that is is agents of the imperium writing the fluff…

    • Karru

      When I want something rule-wise to be like it is in the fluff, I usually mean the army composition, mechanics and equipment. Stat wise, SM is solid and represents them well, I don’t have any complaints. They are also very well represented in terms of variety between chapters thanks to Chapter Tactics and the armoury they have is something to behold.

      Then we look at something like CSM, where the rules make no sense when viewed from lore POV. The Mutation table is the biggest atrocity that the book contains. When you look at your army when you make it, they are always completely pure. No mutations at all, since those just randomly pop out of nowhere. Then there are the Possessed who for some reason switch their abilities for no apparent reason while Obliterators can choose whichever weapon they wish.

      • OolonColluphid

        Obliterators are one of the best units in CSM right. Having a unit that can be made into troops do that would be OP as hell.

        • euansmith

          Obliterators are rather what I think basic, Eye-of-Terror-dwelling, Veterans of the Long War, Chaos Marines should be like to make them awesome enough.

          • Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation

            CSM should have Stubborn and cause Fear. CSM veterans, such as Chosen or Terminators should have Fearless, cause Fear and have 2W.

          • Karru

            I wouldn’t go that far with CSM Veterans. I would make Aspiring Champions 2 Wounds with the option to take different mutations to buff them up like in 3.5. At least that way, those that make it into CC are a lot more scary than they are now.

          • Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation

            Someone 10k years old deserves 2W, I’d give champs the same. Skitarii sarges have 2W and an aspiring champ should be at least as tough.

          • DaveTycho

            That would make CSM more fluffy with units led by powerful leaders.

          • Karru

            That’s how I’ve felt Chaos should be. Chaos mechanics should be focused around its Characters. Basically something very similar to the Eldar Exarchs, but maybe more effective buffs while making it very, very bad to lose him.

            Then there is the Chaos Lord, who should buff all units within 6″ of him with something. Re-rolls to hit rolls, wound rolls, armour saves or give them Shrouded/Stealth depending on the rules you give him trough upgrades. Then, if you make him your Warlord, he gains an additional buff that works only for his units on top of the buff that he already gives. The original buff is also increased to 12″. This would make CSM consider taking Lords to lead their Warbands.

            I’d say we should get Sorcerer Lords back and also make Chaos Lords an upgrade to a Lieutenants, which gives them +1 wound, +1 attack and +1 WS. Basically the scaling would be something like this. Lieutenants and Sorcerers gives a buff to the unit they are in, just like Aspiring Champions do. Chaos and Sorcerer Lords give this same buff to all units within 6″ of them. Only the Lords are upgraded to increase this radius to 12″ if they become the Warlord.

            The idea behind Sorcerer Lords and Chaos Lords is that you have the option to actually make any Warband Leader you want. You can have your Warband be led by a skilled and feared warrior or a powerful Sorcerer, both of which won’t die as soon as you sneeze at their general direction.

          • Plus then we could appropriately conclude that Dark Angels have Chapter Tactic: Secretly Traitors

        • Nyyppä

          Centurions with grav….

          • OolonColluphid

            Still not plasma or Assault Cannons. Cents should never be troops. Also this is Chaos were talking about.

          • Nyyppä

            Sure, grav is better than assault cannon or plasma. Centurions are not OP and oblits are far inferior to centurions.

          • OolonColluphid

            Not really. Cents are low skill units. Grav is short ranged garbage and doesn’t ignore saves like Plasma does. You also can’t overwatch and Grav cannons don’t get rending. Cents are useless in assault. Go back to 4chan where your arguments hold wait.

          • Karru

            Wait… Grav doesn’t ignore saves like Plasma does? Grav is AP 2 and wounds depending on the enemy save, Plasma gives the exact same saves to the opponent that are at least Toughness 4. Cover and Invulnerable save. It can also wreck any 3 HP vehicle with two 6’s. It doesn’t Get Hot either which helps and gets to re-roll failed “armour pen” and Wound rolls. Also, I wouldn’t call Grav-cannons “short range garbage” since they have the threat range of 30″.

            There is a very specific reason why people use Grav over Plasma when playing SM armies.

            Obliterators are not bad, but Cents are better.

          • Nyyppä

            Grav has same range as assault cannon and plasma. Grav has an effective ap2 just like plasma. Grav does not have rending, it’s better by default. Oblits are also useless in assault mainly because they are not getting in to one. Oblits will not overwatch either.

            Maybe that 4chan is a better place for you? I mean, you know, what you said is directly against the rules.

          • OolonColluphid

            No it isn’t. AP2 doesn’t matter that much unless its a power weapon or at range. Obliterators have Power weapons as their melee weapon.
            Not really, you just have baby carrier wank. They aren’t that good. No it does not, every Grav weapon is half that that of a Bolter or Plasma weapon. Just stop, kid you have no idea what your saying.

          • Nyyppä

            Well, at least we now know you are just another troll.

          • OolonColluphid

            No. You are the one who replied to me with fanboy BS. The rule book says they have less range, so once again you the one trolling.

          • Nyyppä

            Since when have rule facts been fanboyism? 😀

            Grav cannon has the same range as bolter, assault cannon and plasma gun. Grav is also ap2. Melee is inconsequential since oblits do not get in to one against something they can kill and same goes with centurions.

          • OolonColluphid

            When their wrong.

            Nope Grav-Cannon is 24 inches while Plasma Cannons are 36 inches in range. So their not the same. So your just fanboying an overrated unit and Grav-weapons are something Oblits don’t need to be effective.

          • Nyyppä

            “When they’re wrong.”

            Ah, do you see what you did there? You spoke of plasma, not plasma cannon. “Plasma” is a commonly used name for plasma gun, not plasma cannon. You changed your argument on the fly and now claim that I’m wrong even though in the context of the discussion up to this point I was right.
            Yes, plasma CANNON has 36″ range….which 24″ is not half of like you claimed it is.

            Not an imperial player and I actually think that grav needs a serious revamp in 40k. I get that you feel the need to attack me personally but I suggest that instead of that you conjure some valid arguments so that we can have a reasonable discussion.

            Actually legions have the tech so yes, CSM had it.

          • OolonColluphid

            Nope, your just arguing technicalities. I meant that Plasma had better range over all. It’s obvious that English is not your first language. So you weren’t right at all.

            No attacks, its just you being butt hurt about losing to Grav-cents. Which are very easy to deal with. I saw in facts in your statements. Grav is fine, except in the minds of powergamers/ Eldar and/or Tau Players.

            Graviton weapons are not the same are Grav weapons. So no they never had them. Graviton also has Haywire which makes them superior in many ways compared to Grav.

          • Nyyppä

            The whole game is based on technicalities and if you are referring to you using wrong words in your attempt to communicate in the context of 40k then that is a problem in your end, not mine. It is true that English is not my first language. Apparently it’s not yours either.

            Plasma overall has range of 24″ ((12+24+36)/3=24), exactly the same as grav cannons. Equal =/= better.

            Dude, you tried to insult me and you were not vague about it either. An insult is an attack. It’s pretty straight forward. No need for mental gymnastics. Also I never had a problem with grav centurions in the game. Grav is simply superior to plasma which is shown by math. I just think the weapon is of poor and lazy design. Nice try to poison the well though, little late for it now since facts prove that the well is impervious to it by now but nice try anyway.

            Grav = graviton. It’s in the basic rule book. Just checked. Grav weapons have a special rule that is named Graviton. The fact that grav weapons in 40k work differently than graviton weapons in 30k proves nothing more than that these are 2 different games. Otherwise we could be just as well debating which Vietnam War era game has AK47s because the rest of the games based on that war would not have those, by your logic, regardless of having the exact same name, just because they have different rules in each game.
            30k rule design is just better than 40k version of the graviton rule. 30k version is superior against vehicles, otherwise it’s pretty low power. 40k version is avesome against any and every single commonly seen thing in the game save super heavy vehicles/walkers. No, cultists and grots are not commonly seen. Marines, 2+ saves, vehicles, gargantuan creatures and various other 3+ or 4+ gound units are commonly seen in 40k.

            Anyway, it is commonly known fact that on average grav is superior to plasma. I’m sure there’s something in the game that is afraid of plasma but not grav (daemons) but other than that very situational exception to the rule grav is superior to plasma.

          • OolonColluphid

            Nah, you seem like a Xeno or Chaos player who is butthurt that he loses his weapons to Grav. Which means you should stay out of Assault range.
            That’s not correct at all. The standard Grav weapon is 18 inches and salvo. While the Plasma gun is 24 with Salvo. So the rules prove you wrong.Not the same at all.
            If you think Grav is better. Anything that out ranges it kills the fragile units who use them. (No invulnerable save) You need to stop playing against the low skill Assault armies.

            Graviton and Grav guns are not the same thing. You obviously never played 30k. Grav is Slavo , while Graviton is Heavy one. Graviton is a different thing from Graviton pulse. The only thing they share is concussive. Which isn’t really that useful.

            So reread the rule book or just give it up already.

            I didn’t attack you first, your the one who threw out the troll accusation

          • Nyyppä

            Plasma has rapid fire, not salvo.

            Not talking about regular grav here. Centurions use cannons. The topic is centurions vs. oblits.

            Fragile assault armies are exactly the ones that do not care about the grav since their armor is 5+ or worse almost exclusively.

            I already told you that I’m aware that 30k has different graviton than 40k. Also I did not say that 30k version is more destructive. I said it is a better design, which it is.

            Let’s try this. Learn to read. Learn to not add meanings in things other people say when they are not there. Learn not to straw man everything that would otherwise beat your argument (because your argument already lost and the straw man just emphasizes that). Go read the rules, actually read them so that you make significantly less mistakes.
            After this we may continue. Thus far I’ve corrected your rule interpretations and the straw men you’ve built out of the things I’ve said in every single post in this conversation. Now I even had to steer you back to the actual topic. At the moment it is impossible to have a rational conversation between is since I’m the only one that does not bend the words of the other participant and the only one who knows the rules well enough to have this conversation.

            You are very likely a smart person. Try to act like one.

      • Random tables are the best part of 40K CSM, I want them to work better, certainly (the current boon table is too hit or miss to really be worth it) but CSM should be full of weird unreliable weapons.

        • Karru

          You are thinking Orks right now. Orks should have weird unreliable weapons.

          CSM should have reliable weapons. They could have risky weapons though. Like the Daemon Weapons of 3.5/4th edition. They can be devastating to use, but the roll of a 1 or failing the LD after you wound something means bad. This makes them somewhat risky, but not unreliable. It would also be better overall that they’d make Daemon Weapons “generic” once again. Basically 1 for each God.

        • Karru

          Also, the Random Tables are very bad overall. They can be fun addition, like they were with Warriors of Chaos with their Eye of the Gods table. It wasn’t the core of the army. You weren’t supposed to make a strategy around it.

          Currently GW has decided that it should be the core mechanic of the army which is one of the reasons why it is so bad. The second problem is that since it exists, they won’t do mutations outside the table. It would be amazing if I could kit my Possessed just the way I want them. This way they could actually see a lot more use.

          Just imagine. Possessed 16pts a piece. Same stat line they have now. Now you have the option to take the following:

          – Daemonic Flight +10pts per model
          (Changes into Jump Infantry)
          – Daemonic Talons + 5pts per model
          – Daemon Fire + 5pts per model
          (Assault 2, Bolt Pistol)
          – Daemonic Visage + 2pts per model
          (-1 to enemy LD if they lose CC)
          – Daemonic Mutation + 10pts per model
          (+1 Attack)

          No other rules beyond the basic ones. Fearless and possible CSM unique special rule. No RNG Possessed that may or may not do what you want them to do. This would also solve their biggest problem, how to get to the enemy.

          On top of that, your Champions across your entire army can now buy mutations on top of their wargear to make them extra dangerous in CC. This way even the “lowly” Aspiring Champion can be terrifying against enemy characters. Imagine the conversion possibilities!

    • Keaton

      Depends on the fluff. Bolter porn is the worst thing to happen to the hobby, ever.

      • Karru

        Well, if everything else fails, we always have Ward’s Ultramarine fluff to fall back to.

    • Damistar

      Play the “Movie Marine” list from WD 300. They wrote it specifically for this.

    • Chaoschrist

      There was this “codex” in the white dwarf once… Movie marines or something, which might very well be like that. Marines between 100 and 200 points , up to 4 wounds each, stormbolters with 8 shots and rending, 3++ saves all around…

      • jeff white

        i remember that. and it was cool.
        people who keep on about the marine fluff
        should be made to remember that it is the agents of the imperium writing the fluff.
        i mean, you have an emperor who runs the world form the toilet while asleep,
        and a single marine can close the eye of terror given enough time, a ball of twine and his extra liver.

    • euansmith

      I can’t help bu think that all power armour, no matter what the faction, should include an Invulnerable Save, say 5++; so that AP3 and better weapons would reduce the effect of that expensive equipment rather than just ignore it.

      • Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation

        Agree on the invul, 6 up FNP too to reflect their biological redundancies.

        • euansmith

          And Cameleoline for “Ignores Ignores Cover” 😉

    • Talos2

      Already did that. Look up “movie marines” rules

  • Karru

    GSC is pretty much perfect in terms of fluff to rules transition. It really makes you feel like you are actually playing the army. The Ambush mechanics are very interesting and brings a lot to the gaming table and have just enough RNG to be good while not being broken. Overall, the GSC is one of the best books GW has ever released and I really hope that we see something of the same calibre when the Thousand Sons book rolls in.

    • ZeeLobby

      I just want 8th to drop and see how that effects Orks, DE, etc. first. The fluff and it’s representation on the table are awesome for GSC, but I’m not sure an army that beats Eldar, and would roflstomp the lower levels, is “not being broken”. At the same time I realize our data points are very small as they were just released. I’d rather have 1K sons be in the middle, but actually in the middle, as they’ve been bottom tier since forever.

      • TenDM

        I think they do better against Eldar than they do against some lower tier armies. Genestealer Cults are pretty much tailored to shutting down the Eldar. Eldar units are small and made of glass so they rely on being out of line of sight/range to survive and thinking turns ahead when on the offensive.
        Even if Genestealer Cults are rolling badly with Cult Ambush the unpredictability of so many units bouncing off and on the table constantly disrupts the Eldar’s ability to execute any sort of long term plan. That alone is enough to rattle a lot of Eldar players into making enough mistakes to hand you the match.

        I don’t think you can really put this Codex on a linear strength scale. True to the fluff the Genestealer Cult Codex is about disrupting the enemy force rather than brute strength. That’s Kryptonite to some armies and meaningless to others. It makes them a very interesting army to watch.
        I really want to see them go up against Orks. I’m guessing they’ll struggle against a force that actually wants to be up in their faces and has enough ammo to reliably take out entire units.

        • Zack Seiders

          Fact that the genestealer cult both rule wise and fluff wise are designed to take out key units via ambushing, getting close enough to use their dangerous guns “mining tools of all things”, then slump back into shadows to charge/ replenish…. They work exactly as I imagine a cult would work. Against armies like khorne daemonkin/ orks however, I expect such tactics to be suicidal.

  • Earl Tower

    I might have to add an army of this to my inventory as I can, and see how it plays against my wife’s Dark Eldar..that might be interesting: fast strike versus shadowy insurgency

    • They way they both play, it will be a great game of cat and mouse. Should be really fun!

  • Keaton

    Tau lives matter. 🙁

    • Nyyppä


  • Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation

    I agree, excellent army design. Wish I could afford to buy the models!

    • Nyyppä

      Wut, you mean that the hybrids are a bit hard on the wallet.

      • Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation

        Yep, the Goliath is also pricey and the cost of the codex doesn’t help. Bought DW Overkill but can’t afford to pull the trigger on a whole army. Will hope for a good deal in these Xmas starter packs that are rumoured.

    • Commissar Molotov

      Yeah, $40 for 5 models is ridiculous. Glad I had plenty of the old hybrids.

      • split deathwatch overkill and they are much more affordable.

        • Nyyppä

          I bought 2 and one of the Masque. Now I have accidentally a small force of deathwatch on top of GSC.

  • NagaBaboon

    Everything I needed to get me back to 40K but to many damn gaming projects to be able to afford the cash and time, this is definitely gonna have to get slipped in somewhere next year though.

  • Kevin Maloney

    Khorne Daem0nkin is another army that perfdctly captures fluff imo. It rewards you for charging right at the enemy, and rewards you further for spilling blood, whether your opponent’s or your own.

    • Chet Atkinson

      Totally agree! Daemonkin is so fun to use with the fluff tallying with the rules

    • ZeeLobby

      It was honestly one of the best books released since the start of 6th. If they just toned down some options, or allies really, it’d be a perfect example.

    • Karru

      It is very well done, but it suffers from the overpricing of CSM units. Fix that and it would be golden.

    • OolonColluphid

      However GSC takes more skill to play than Khrone Daemonkin since it’s not a melee centric army. Both are still luck based since only RNG is preventing most of the army dying due to Overwatch without TEQs or vehicles.

    • Noveltyboy

      Lols. KDK was just a poorly worded, copy and paste. You even pay for the compulsory Khorne element but Ultrasmurfs are Smurfs for free! The blood tithe is a nice touch but it doesn’t dictate your style of play or add a huge amount of flavour. If you want to play a well developed cult with many Daemons you lose the ability to upgrade a character to a DP or BT. It’s typical GW half assing an existing army on the cheap to sell rubbish models and another book. GSC looks a million times better.

    • Simon Chatterley

      I play the Hellforged Hunting Pack formation and you are correct. It plays exactly like the fluff. Charge!!, SKULLS FOR THE SKULL THRONE!, die…repeat with next wave until there are no more skulls to take or no more waves.

      I don’t care if my stuff costs a little more. It plays 100% like I believe a Khorne list should

    • Nyyppä

      Sadly you do not really see marines in KDK. I think the only ones in use are possessed, lord with the whatchamacallit axe and bikes, 2 of which are mandatory and would never see the light of day otherwise.

      And it’s all because the gross over pricing.

  • Aezeal

    Sylventh battle tome is the same. You need to abuse the forests or you’ll just loose (so it’s not abuse.. it’s only called that by people loosing to sylvaneth).

    • Ross Allan

      Yup. GC and Sylvaneth share similar strengths – both can be an absolute sod to put down, but don’t actually take a great deal of putting down once you get their mitts on them.

  • Simon Chatterley

    I’ve yet to see the glory of a full cult list. I’m at an event in November and again in January. Really hoping someone has one at one of them.

    • That’s all I’ve been running is pure GSC lists. I don’t think they really need to ally with Guard or Nids to be good. I lost my first 2 games as I felt them out but won my 3rd and 4th games by decent margins. I just lost my 5th game due to my opponent’s Tervigon being in heat and pooping out roughly 50 babies in an objective game. But if you don’t count what he spawned, he only had like 3 models left on the table.

      • Simon Chatterley

        They look like a surgical scalpel army. By which I mean if you know it well you will be like precision personified…if not you’ll look like Dr Zoidberg…

        • Absolutely. They feel like how Dark Eldar should feel. Squishy to the max, but so very deadly. Hopefully DE get some sort of tactic like this in a new book.

      • Inian

        How do you feel about 5-man hybrid squads? I haven’t got my models yet so haven’t been able to try playing (mostly watching MWG-batreps) and they seem to like the minimum squads. Personally I feel that slightly bigger squads would be better.

        • I use 5-man acolyte squads if you’re taking demo charges, but usually 10 man squads for some extra wounds. But I’ve found that 10-man neophyte squads with special weapons (looking at you seismic cannon) is where its at. Disgustingly satisfying to pop out of nowhere with Heavy weapons and not count as having moved because you just “redeployed”.

          • Commissar Molotov

            I think we need a FAQ already – we’ve had a lot of debate about whether the Cult Ambush results count as “moving” or not, and we can’t seem to agree.

          • I don’t have my book in front of me, but I thought it said you can’t move afterward.

          • Commissar Molotov

            Here’s the section from the Cult Ambush rule that’s causing our disagreement:

            “Unless otherwise specified, ambushing units move onto the table as described for other Reserves and cannot move any further during the Movement phase of the turn they deploy or arrive onto the battlefield.”

            It’s that “move onto the table” part that we can’t agree on. Does it count as movement for firing weapons, or not?

          • Ah, but you can Cult Ambush in instead of Infiltrating too. Where Infiltrating doesn’t count as having moved. So I definitely see the confusion.

  • jeff white

    great post.
    your enthusiasm is infectious…
    err, that is enthusiasm i am feeling, right?

    • Yes … enthusiasm … [eyes turn into yellow spirals and stares at you hissing].

  • memitchell

    Technically, this is the FIRST GSC codex because their previous independent army list predated the Codex format. And, tht was the legendary “Limo” list. Later lists consisted of appendix entries in Tyranid codices, and a Chapter Approved Citadel Journal fan-written list.

    That this new GSC Codex is the best codex ever made in the World only goes to show that GW only needs to take about 23 years between army lists to get things just right. Which means in just over a decade, CSM and SoB will have awesome codices!

  • BartTP

    It almost is, but we need human cultists with 20-50 men strong, without ambush, bs2 and ws2 but almost free. Only then I can be fully satisfied.

    • Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation

      Ally in mutants from IA13.

      • BartTP

        Those gonna be Come the Apocalypse allies, right? 🙁

        • Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation

          Yeah but who cares. At 3 points each plus a cheap hq coming in units of up to 50, you can just run them up a flank where CTA won’t cause you any problems.

    • I agree with you, but then you just ally conscripts in from Guard.

      • BartTP

        Well, duh – but you have to take a whole platoon just to get them, especally this annoying command squad. Otherwise it would be the answer, yes.

        • Unbound brother.

          • BartTP

            There was a whole discussion about that – if you actually can field conscripts without a platoon. Either side has arguments, but one is certain – if we agree that we can field conscripts without a platoon, there’s nothing that prevents us to field them separate in FOC as a troop choice. I wonder if something changed since that discussion?

          • Hmmm. Good point. In my gaming group it wouldn’t matter. But we are pretty chill. It has never come up. If we run ubound we take any unit.