GW: New Releases October 15 “First Looks”


Games Workshop is bringing back some classics for 40K and a new Face for Age of Sigmar!

The Imperial Guard are getting a bunch of classics back in the form of the new Made-to-Order line from Games Workshop. Plus the Lord-Veritant is here to shed some light on the realm.

via Games Workshop


99070218008_stormcastlordveritant01 99070218008_stormcastlordveritant02

Cadian Kasrkin


Mordian Lascannon


Tallarn Lascannon


Valhallan Autocannon


Lord Solar Macharius


Captain Al’Rahem


Sly Marbo


Steel Legion Commissar



There are lots more on the way from the Made-to-Order line. Now is the perfect time to pick-up some classic models…


What classic Guardsmen are most excited for?

  • Mandragola

    Interesting that the Veritant is just a Castellant with a new chest and set of arms. If you look at the sprues one of them, with the back and the body of the dog, is identical. So we kind of get half of a new release this week.

    Next week, I understand that things will be different.

    • taithays

      You are so negative… why would you even point that ?

      • Mandragola

        I mainly just said it was interesting. There’s nothing really wrong with doing this I suppose. It’s just a new way of doing things.

  • zeno666

    omagawd those old sculpts are ugly. Charming perhaps, but still ugly.

    • ZeeLobby

      Eh. It was a simpler time back then. I would have preferred an update to some of those ranges instead. But ive been wanting some mordians to chaosify!

    • Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation

      seems odd to me they’ve just released a couple from each range, for instance surely if they made the whole Valhallan range available then people might buy a new army or at least a full unit?

  • ZeeLobby

    Cadians have always just bored me to heck model wise, so im glad theyre bringing the option to buy older ones back.

    • DJ860

      Agreed, the Kasrkin models are awesome, they don’t look outdated at all.

      • Well, they’re not actually that old, they just got lost in the shuffle when GW ditched metal.

        • DDisforDangerous

          Yeah, they’re from the mid-2000s, during or right after the Eye of Terror campaign. Gorgeous models, the twelve I’ve got are some of the best-looking models in my IG collection.

    • Admiral Raptor

      I was a huge fan of the old metal cadians. The awfully proportioned plastic cadians of the current line are inexcusably terrible.

      • ZeeLobby

        Thats definitely the majority of it. Their shoulderpads are just massive. Makes them look goofy. Would have much preferred more realistic streamlined body armor. They def suffer in other areas as well. A redo of their line would be tight.

  • The classics are cute, but I’m not impressed until I see Praetorians and Necromunda.

    • I doubt we see any necro minis, they’re supposedly working on new necromunda stuff in the specialist department so they don’t want to step on that release

      • Probably. As much as I’m looking forward to new plastic Necromunda minis, though, I’d also really like to finish off my classic Escher collection without resorting to ebay’s extortionist prices. GW’s style has evolved considerably in the last 20 years and I’ll be very surprised if whatever new releases we get look anything at all like the classic minis.

        • TenDM

          I’d be surprised too but there’s always the possibility that they’ll bring in entirely new gangs done in their new style while doing a Made to Order run of the old styles a month after their main Necromunda release.
          I mean it’d make sense financially to sell the core game, get everyone excited, then cash in on a little nostalgia with some limited re-runs of the classics. There’s no need to commit to an ongoing modern House Escher line when they can just do a Made to Order run every few years. The only question is whether or not they think House Escher would generate enough interest to meet the minimum requirements for a Made to Order run.

        • Completely agree, I want to fill out my arbites with metal, but realistically that won’t be coming from GW

  • Sonic tooth

    macharius and sly are hideous minis but each to their own. tallarn and cadian are nice…another month another boring looking stormcast., thought we might get a female one but no…hope they reissue some fantasy minis

  • Billy Bundorxo


  • D. B.

    Stormcasts are nice models, but it’s getting boring… Lord Vexillor, Lord Heraldor, Lord Doubledildor, Lord Castellant, Lord Veritant, Lord Renitent… let’s have some new regular ol’ humans!

    • Lord Doubledildor’s special close combat weapon is breathtaking though

      • D. B.

        Given those names, I seriously wonder if one could sneak that in and nobody would notice.

    • Hawt Dawg

      Lord Doubledildor made me chuckle for a long time.

  • CthulhuDawg

    I’m very tempted to pick up a couple boxes of Kasrkins and run them as Tempestus. I don’t own any guard but I always loved those models, even the “hot shot” lasgun which is the most lame and awesome of weapon names.

    • There’s a scene in Peter Fehervari’s Genestealer Cults novel about “hot shot” lasguns:

      “‘I always wanted to try the heavier gear,’ Trujilo said beside Cross, tapping his carapace armour, ‘but this chafes like the Trenchrot. This on the other hand…’ he hefted his rifle, ‘this I like. They say hellguns pack twice the heat of a regular torch.’
      ‘The weapon is called a hot-shot lasgun,’ one of the soldiers opposite said, his voice sounding synthetic through his mask.
      ‘Always be a hellgun to me, brother,’ Trujilo growled.”

  • Hades

    Tallarn lascannons are beautiful, heavy weapon squads are going to have to be done!

  • Le_smee

    Well they can’t just throw all the left over metal in the bin, so it makes sense to do this.