HOBBY: Speed Sculpt Fur Cloaks W/ Green Stuff

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Here’s a video of how you can speed sculpt fur cloaks out of green stuff in a matter of minutes. Super clean and super easy!

If you follow this tutorial you can make any miniature look dope with a custom made fur cloak.


So we are going to start by mixing about 1 part yellow to 4 parts blue to make our green stuff and get it ready for the mold.

This fur mold is from Micro Art Studios.

2016-09-19_1024 2016-09-19_1028

Next we take the mold, and we put the green stuff on in a random fashion and lightly mash it down to make sure we get good detail in the green stuff.


After we are confident we have pushed enough to get all the detail we carefully pull the green stuff off the mold and place it gently onto our mini, making sure not to smash any detail with our fingers in the process.


Next take an X-Acto blade and gently press to cut the cloak off where you want it and peal away the excess.


Then take the blade and gently cut in some detail around any flat parts that need cleaned up a little.

Once you have it the way you want it to look then you’re done and you just have to let the green stuff dry. It’s that quick and that simple!

  • SupPupPup

    It doesn’t really look very good.

    It might have been worth letting it dry more before applying it.

    Cutting it directly on the model was definitely a mistake.

  • Ben_S

    And here I was thinking this might show us how to sculpt fur, rather than how to use a mold.

  • horrid74

    Oh, you said sculpt when you meant press mold. You are a really talented “sculptor”

    • Aezeal

      Results are what matters… good looking mold work >>>> ugly sculpting

      • NNextremNN

        Title is still incorrect.

        • Aezeal

          I think speed sculpt is a plenty fine description for what he does.. even though he uses a mold ­čśÇ

          • OldHat

            He does zero real sculpting… soooo…

          • Aezeal

            He cuts the cloak to size ­čśÇ

          • OldHat

            That isn’t really “sculpting”, imo.

        • horrid74

          “How to press mold hairy backs”

  • Morgrim

    That’s a very high blue to yellow ratio. I suspect it’s because the higher amount of blue makes it harder and maybe that’s good for the molding, but generally for organic surfaces like fur you’re better off with a stickier, softer mix with a proportion of yellow slightly above the blue.

  • Pirate_Prince_Navarion

    Sorry, but this isn’t a tutorial, it’s an advertisement for a mold…

  • OldHat

    “HOBBY: Speed MOLDING Fur Cloaks W/ Green Stuff”