40K: GW Teases Planetary Onslaught


GW has a new tease you need to see about their next upcoming rulebook!

Here you go, courtesy GW 11-6-2016


Ok so we have the big datapoints:

  • November 12th
  • Warhammer 40,000 Supplement
  • Planatary Onslaught

You wil recall the following news from the November White Dwarf:



It looks that is coming this upcoming weekend.  The list of fortifications in the book leaked this last week at this:

via Kanluwen

Here’s the list I’ve compiled as of now

1 Aegis Defense Line
2 Imperial Bastion
3 Imperial Strongpoint(Fortification Network)
4 Honoured Imperium
5 Wall of Martyrs Imperial Defense Line
6 Wall of Martyrs Imperial Defense Emplacement
7 Wall of Martyrs Imperial Bunker
8 Wall of Martyrs Firestorm Redoubt
9 Wall of Martyrs Vengeance Weapon Battery
10 Wall of Martyrs Imperial Defense Network(Fortification Network)
11 Promethium Relay Pipes
12 Void Shield Generator
13 Void Relay Network(Fortification Network)
14 Skyshield Landing Pad
15 Fortress of Redemption
16 Macro-Cannon Aquila Strongpoint
17 Vortex Missile Aquila Strongpoint
18 Munitorum Armoured Container Cache
19 Plasma Obliterator
20 Tidewall Shieldline
21 Tidewall Droneport
22 Tidewall Gunrig
23 Tidewall Gunfort(Fortification Network)
24 Tidewall Defense Network(Fortification Network)

24 of those are the items that are currently directly referenced as Fortifications. I included, in my initial counts as I think they will likely make an appearance, the Basilica Administratum, Manufactorum, Shrine of the Aquila, and the Sanctum Imperialis despite currently being labeled as “Battlefield Terrain” rather than Fortifications.

25 Basilica Administratum
26 Manufactorum
27 Shrine of the Aquila
28 Sanctum Imperialis

With the Haemothrope Reactors, we’re at 29…so most likely I think the Haemothrope Reactors will be rolled into an existing Fortification Network.


~Get ready people! Grimdark planetary invasions are imminent!

  • jeff white


  • uatu13

    Hopefully they simplify it so you can take fortifications in all the alternative army detachments out there now!

    • jeff white

      why not. that is cool.

  • Agent OfBolas

    oh look! A TAU book! So good because TAU codex realli need a boost to be competetive.

    Great Work = GW


    • Pocketfulofgeek

      Is this a joke or did you not read what’s in the book? It’s early and I can’t tell.

    • Guillermo Cordido

      Oh look another boost to Space Marines on psychic disciplines…
      Oh ,i cry because Tau are Tau…
      Come on… i have both marines and Tau, Space marines are way better than Tau, Tau must be at mid tier…
      Please stop crying at tau.
      Tyranids needs some love.

      • Painjunky

        Storm surge and trip-tide is better than muhreens.

        • Guillermo Cordido

          if i anchor an stormsurge you can kill it really easy even with a land speeder.
          use feeble on a riptide and you can have an instant death.
          Space marines have a lot of ways to kill both riptide and stormsurge.

          • Painjunky

            If he anchors with a vehicle within 12″ he is a very bad player. So no it is not easy.

            Not every army has easy access to psy.

            Good for SM.

          • John Burns

            Could u elaborate on that?

            It’s not like land speeders have the tank rule so they can’t tank shock so I’m curious what you do with it.

  • Simon Chatterley

    Will the void shield generator feature the FAQ points?

    Call me cynical as I’ve been caught out before (looking at you End Times) but there’s an edition change coming….why would I buy this now??

    • orionburn

      GW has been on a good roll. Yes they’ve bumbled things in the past but FFS are people so cynical these days to think they won’t have rules that will all ignore with the next edition? Have some faith that they’ve learned from their past mistakes.

      I’m happy as can be they are combining the books since I never purchased the an uh of the individual supplements. Just hoping the price isn’t too brutal.

      • Simon Chatterley

        Trust takes a lifetime build and seconds to lose (or words to that effect…)

        I have 5 end times books that were made useless by the changes they made so whilst current GW has taken some huge strides I think I’ll hang fire on this one for now.

      • Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation

        I won’t be buying this for the same reason. SA and the Superheavies book were only valid for a few months. Cynical money grabbing by GW to basically sell a few rules from the next edition a few weeks early so we pay for them twice.

        Fool me once etc…

        • orionburn

          I can’t fault you for being gun shy. I guess I’ve been lucky in my timing that I haven’t gotten burned like that. While I don’t think GW is sitting around plotting ways to screw over people on purpose they have made their fair share of mistakes. I’m simply being hopeful that they’ve learned from the past mistakes and that it won’t be a repeat event.

          • Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation

            I suspect that the culture of secrecy means the left hand often doesn’t know what the right hand is doing. Hence odd things like apparently no ruled for Haemotrope Generators in the new book, or products being invalidated soon after release. Hard to know if its incompetence or evil!

    • Bayne MacGregor

      Because you can keep playing the old edition? I still play warhammer sometimes and i still play 2nd ed D&D.
      If they stuff up the next edition then there will still be people playing this one for many years to come.

      • Simon Chatterley

        Really? Since end times I haven’t seen anyone play 8th edition in my area. Generically people don’t play unsupported rulesets.

        Everyone went to KoW in my area which is a great game but showed how little people think about games once gone.

        DnD is slightly different I feel and we played 3.5 long after 4 but that was more because the group I was in had it all and refused to buy new and a lot of people were still creating content for in it adventure books etc etc.

        • Muninwing

          we got a league started that uses 6th edition core rules and did some edition for current armybooks… or let people use past ones.

          but yeah, no AoS or 8th or 9th here. outside of that 6th league, it’s rare to see a game of anything GW that isn’t blood bowl or 40k

          • bobrunnicles

            My FLGS plays 8th Ed fantasy almost exclusively – at least eight of us still playing 🙂

      • crcovar

        That’s the big difference I think between people whose gaming group travel vs those who rely on the venue for their gaming group.

  • Mike X

    Sounds like a cash-grab from GW, considering “rumors” claim 8th edition is around the corner. They’ll put this book out, and a couple months later, before anyone’s played more than one game with it, it’ll already be outdated. That’s usually how their release cycles work.

    • orionburn
      • Joe

        Takes doll and points to wallet.

    • Heinz Fiction

      Yeah, sadly thats their usual modus operandi

    • Painjunky

      Yep, a final cash grab attempt for some obsolete rules that nobody paid for in the first place.

    • euansmith

      You need to be a sour old cynic to think like that. Join the club 😉

    • Red_Five_Standing_By

      it depends on how much they change 40k. If it is just like 6th to 7th, then this book will still be usable (as Stronghold Assault, seeing as how it came out right before the edition change).

  • petrow84

    Is that a re-vamped Planetstrike?

    • Horus84cmd

      Just collates: planet strike, cities of death and strong hold assault together. It is, as of yet, unclear whether it includes and revision or rules alteration.

  • Solaq

    Wow. Still going with that idiotic speculation on the contents. Good job.

  • Muninwing

    i want this to be good. even though i know it’s going to be 75% copy-paste.

    but i want it to be good because i want to see people actually use it this time.

    i love Cities of Death. i think that heavy-terrain urban combat is really one of the best ways to play 40k, and that it does wonders evening out certain advantages. but it’s way under-utilized.

  • Crablezworth

    5$ says this book will be hot garbage